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Why guest post

The guest posting comes with its own benefit. You can present your ideas in front of a different audience and create a reach.

It also allows you to create a networking and connection with other bloggers and always have that old backlinking benefit attached to it.

Guest Post Guidelines

Though we accept guest post, we do ask you to follow certain guidelines:

Author Information – We need an email id (Gravatar enabled), name, and a short bio of the author. We will include the author bio at the end of the post, you can also include one external link in the author bio.

External Link – We do not accept articles with the external links inside the body of the articles. You can use the author’s bio for your external link.

Guest Post Enquiry
Guest Post Enquiry

Images – If you want to include specific images at your post, please send it along with the post. Please make sure that the image is not infringing any copyright and mention any attribution required for it.

Article Length – Though we focus more on quality, not quantity, so we do not impose any strict guidelines on the content length. You can use as many words as needed to communicate your idea clearly. Sometimes it’s hard to justify a small article without clear message, so please make sure you are focusing on the idea not the number of words.

Editing – We do reserve the right to edit the post if needed. Though we try not to edit it extensively and keep the author’s voice. There may be small edits to include some internal links for related content and grammar correction etc.

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We usually take 2-3 days to respond for any Guest post inquiry but we suggest you wait for 1 week before moving on.

If you decide to publish the guest post at another site, we would need advance notice. If it’s published on Techkle than it’s bound by the copyright law and an IP to Techkle.