Best Bluetooth Enabled Soundbars Which You Can Buy

Imagine a cozy afternoon on a bean bag watching a pleasant movie or playing your favorite game with your friends, sipping on some coke or beer and having the time of your life? As good as it sounds it’s better when you experience it.

Now, what counts in making this experience pleasant? The sound quality and effects of the system you’re connected with. Let’s accept the fact, entertainment is all you need and a good quality soundbar is a solution to step up your game!

Best Bluetooth Enabled SoundBars

Best Bluetooth Enabled Soundbars

If you are a heavy user of smartphones or mobile devices, Bluetooth has some amazing features and to experience it to the fullest would be to pair it up with an amazing soundbar. You can directly play music from your iPhone or iPad, send movies sound through the soundbar etc.

It’s tedious to choose the right one but this is what the article is all about. We have picked some of the best Bluetooth compatible soundbars which you can buy right away.

Sonos Beam

Sonos Beam Airplay Enabled Soundbars

Sonos Beam is one of the best Soundbars in the market right now. You can listen to good music, watch movies, play games etc. The sound quality is superb and rich enough to fill the entire room. You can mount it close to your TV or place it around your media center.

The Sonos beam soundbar has in-built Alexa which makes your task easier. It allows you to play the music or read your audiobooks with just your voice commands. You can use the Amazon Music Unlimited or Audible accounts for the services.

You can connect the model wirelessly or through the included Ethernet port in case there is any glitch. It supports Apple Airplay and allows you to give commands through Siri. Transfer the sound of your Apple device with ease and play your favorite songs on Sonos Beam Soundbar.

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Samsung Sound+ Premium Curved Soundbar

Samsung Sound+ Premium Curved Soundbar

This soundbar is stylish and one of the best Bluetooth enabled Soundbars from the Samsung range. The curve shape carries more tweeters which helps you to hear the sound more precisely giving a sharp quality at any corner of the room. As a result, it has a great frequency range. This also outputs a powerful sound with excellent bass and sound power.

The look adds to the beauty of your home theater design is also perfect to flaunt at parties. You can connect the bar with the help of Wifi or Bluetooth. The pairing is fast, easy, and secure. It is clutter free in nature and it also delivers rich sound all over the house very easily.

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Samsung Panoramic SoundBar

Airplay Enabled Samsung Panormic Soundbar

This soundbar is not only compatible with Bluetooth but it has an amazing effect and sound quality when it is paired with your gaming console as well. It comes with a dedicated Game mode. The music streaming from almost any device is very easy with the help of Bluetooth. 

It comes with 5.1 channeling and 360W power. You can also get an additional speaker which can be placed at any desired place for the enhanced sound effect. The Bluetooth once paired will have its own justice with this soundbar which is easy to use and delivers a good sound quality.

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LG SoundBar with Dolby Atmos

LG Hi-Res Audio Soundbar

This soundbar by LG comes with Dolby Atmos and has an affordable rate along with HD quality sound which is rare to find in the market right now. It also comes equipped with advanced signaling audio which helps to extend and widen the sound field functioning of the device. This mean, that once you pair it with Bluetooth, your house will definitely turn into a party.

It is also compatible with Chrome Cast and has an easy connect with music applications like Google Play, Pandora etc as well. It works perfectly in synchronization along with Google Assistant and Siri. Overall, the model is also sleek and compact and comes along with a speaker which can be used to widen the sound effect.

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Polk Audio with Command SoundBar

Polk Audio Command Airplay Enabled Soundbar

This model is affordable and surprisingly offers much more than its price. It comes with installed Dolby Atmos and also DTS surround sound technology for an upgraded sound effect. It is compatible with Airplay, Google Play, Pandora, Amazon music and much more and the playback is with enhanced sound effects.

This soundbar comes with compatible Alexa and Multi-room music option which allows you to stream music in any room. You have to ‘Just Ask’ Alexa and the job shall be done. It also comes equipped with patented voice technology that modifies the original sound to give a crisp and an HD quality sound effect. You can place it on the table or mount it over the wall, The choice is yours.

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Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar

Yamaha YAS-207BL Soundbar for TV

This is one of the best Bluetooth enabled Soundbars in the market right now with super-impressive features. Undoubtedly Yamaha is one of the oldest manufacturing companies, so it is natural to expect something amazing from them. And, this combination of soundbar + subwoofer does justice to the brand.

The sound quality is impeccable while the wireless subwoofer does the job of enhancing the bass of the sound. One may find the design to be quite simple, but it is the perfect size which fits beneath your LED TV.

The external port includes the HDMI port which allows you to connect your smartphone and other devices easily. It has easy controls and also an application which allows you to control the soundbar, sound quality, and other functions.

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Philips B5 Fidelio

Philips B5/37 Fidelio Airplay Enabled Soundbars

Last but not the least, Philips also makes it to the list because of its powerful sound delivery and detachable wirelesses surround speakers which gives a super quality sound effect all over the room. It comes with a compact soundbar which can be paired with Airplay and other systems to enjoy a relaxed time with family and friends. 

The technology used here is Dolby Atmos and Pro Logic II and it also comes along with a free wireless subwoofer for a clutter-free placement. Also, it is a durable product with minimum maintenance. You are free to carry the smaller speakers to any other room and enjoy.

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So here are some of the best Bluetooth enabled soundbars which you can buy from the market. Which one are you planning to buy?

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