Best Photo Editing App for iOS To Create Perfect Photos

Millennials love to edit and enhance their photographs before they put up anything on the social media. Be it anything- food, fashion, group picture, heritage photo, or maybe just a selfie everyone wants to look good.

Especially if you have an iPhone there are a lot of options which you can use to edit the photographs. To make the best out of the beast you’re using, you should make sure that you have the correct application.

Best Photo Editing Apps For iOS

There are many photo editing apps available on iOS but which one to choose from? You can try different apps and make up your mind on which one you like most.

Here is a list of Best Photo Editing Applications for iOS which you can download and use right away. This should make it easy for you to decide on the app you want to use for photo editing.


Best Photo Editor Apps for iOS - Snapseed App Screenshot

Be it Android or Apple, Snapseed is undoubtedly the best editing application which you can have on your phone. It works for professional as well as casual platforms and uses as well.

Snapseed has a plethora of tools which are 29 in number to be precise. Some of them include the following- Raw Develop, Perspective, Healing, Glamour Glow, Grunge, Grainy film, Retrolux, Noir, Face Enhance, Face Pose, Frames, Double Exposure and much more.

The apps comes bundled with amazing features including the following:

  • 29 Effective tools.
  • It helps you open Raw and JPG files as well.
  • The edited picture is saved as a copy photo which is different from the original.
  • It includes a selective filter brush.
  • Different styles can be tweaked using precise control over the tools.
  • There a section called ‘Insights’ dedicated to inspiration from other Snapseed users from around the world.
  • Allows you to share them on social media.

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Adobe Lightroom CC

Best Photo Editor Apps for iOS - Adobe Lightroom CC App Screenshot

This is one of the easiest applications one can have to edit photographs.  Adobe has some amazing software when it comes to editing and this software does the same. It gives you simple and easy solutions to retouch and enhance your photographs with the help of its tools.

The interface is also intuitive in nature which allows you to work hassle-free for a longer period of time. It can be used on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac as well.

The features are Adobe Lightroom CC include the following:

  • Provides constant suggestions for quick editing.
  • Varieties of tools which can be used to crop, enhance, saturate, balance and does much more to your images.
  • Easy option to organize your images which helps you locates them better.
  • Edits the replica image instead of the original one.
  • It includes non-destructive editing.
  • Powerful Raw editor and easy cropping options.
  • You can flaunt them on social media.

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Best Photo Editor Apps for iOS - VSCO App Screenshot

This is a popular application amongst the youth as they find it to be their photo editor on the go. The main reason for this attraction is the inbuilt connectivity option with the community which gives them a lot of feed in the application itself every day.

The application is free to use and you can also upgrade to the premium version to access some other features as well.  However, the free features are more in number and if you’ve got the perfect editing skills, you don’t need to upgrade to the paid version.

The features of VSCo application include the following:

  • The application comes with easy navigation options.
  • The main features include- tint, fade, X-skew, shadow tint, highlight tint, clarity, and Y-skew.
  • It includes a plethora of filters which can be used even while taking a picture.
  • Easy tutorial videos which help you learn constantly.
  • Faster editing and even faster-sharing options on social media. 
  • Easy saving and editing options. 

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Afterlight 2

Best Photo Editor Apps for iOS - Afterlight 2 App Screenshot

This application is not just an editing application but it comes along with some creative options as well. You can edit and literally give a new dimension to your photograph. The most used editing tools are the usual ones as they suffice to glorify your picture.

You also have some creative options and filters which can be used if you want to step up your game. It is easy to use for college kids as well and no special knowledge is required to use this application.

The features of Afterlight 2 include the following:

  • Powerful touch and advanced editing tools.
  • It includes dust and light leak overlay options.
  • Creative frames, artwork, text and emoticon options.
  • Along with filters, you also have the option the edit the filters as well.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • It includes error and pixel free HD quality zooming.
  • The best part is that no subscription is required to use the application.

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Lens Distortions

Best Photo Editor Apps for iOS - Lens Distortions App Screenshot

This application helps your photographs to look as natural as possible auto-saves and its main aim is to only play around with the perfect light to get the perfect picture. Overall speaking, it is an all-in-one editing suite which can, for work, college and casual purposes.

It also works strongly in terms of overlaying multiple effects as compared to other applications which tend to make your picture look over edited; this one makes it look more natural in nature. You can use the free version or upgrade the premium one. 

The features of Lens Distortions application include the following:

  • Plethora of natural filters and tips.
  • The application is extremely easy to use with easy navigation.
  • The overlays are performed using real world captured effects.
  • Includes elegant glass textures.
  • It allows you to add lens and light effects to your photos.
  • Easy sharing of the photographs on social media. 

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Best Photo Editor Apps for iOS - Enlight App Screenshot

This application has drawn the attention of almost every artist in town. It has the best photo editing application in the year 2017. It works amazingly well on the iPhone interface and lets you edit multiple images hassle free.

The application is available for free on the iTunes store and allows easy integration of social media sharing as well. The images can be edited in the normal way or in the artistic style as preferred by you.

The features of Enlight application include the following:

  • The best tool is the Mats tool which allows you to apply a black and white filter on the entire photo and allows you to color the specific part you wish to be highlighted.
  • It includes creative fonts, frames, and effects as well.
  • Allows smooth editing of videos as well.
  • Precise image editing and perfection tools.
  • Includes decorative touches. 
  • It has an innovative workflow which auto-saves your sessions without extra effort.

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Touch Retouch

Apple Touch Retouch Photo Editing App For iPhone

Touch Retouch is one the best application to remove unwanted things from your images. This is the sole purpose of the application yet it is powerful enough to create blemish-free portraits and the picture you desire by eliminating the objects you wish to omit from the background.

One may see this to be a bit cynical, but the features would prove you just wrong as this application is easy and highly effective.

The features of Touch ReTouch include the following:

  • Allows you to remove telephone wires, posts, cables, etc from your pictures. 
  • The Blemish tool removes and smoothens out the blemishes and the wrinkles from the portrait images. 
  • Clone tool allows you to duplicate the objects. 
  • Also helps you remove the photo-bombers.
  • You can select the objects with the help of Brush and Lasso Tools.

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So here are some of the apps which you can use to edit your photos on iPhone or iPad. Which ones are you using on your smartphone?

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