UtechSmart Docking Station For Connecting Triple Display To Your Laptop

If you are using iPads or Laptops for your day to day work and would miss having a proper keyboard or big size monitors, there are ways you can get it. If you want to take benefit of such options, you need to know the devices that offer multiple services. You should consider a docking station as an interface device.

Through docking station, it is very easy to connect all kinds of peripherals to a portable computer. In other words, you can transform your mobile devices into a desktop computer when you are using them in the office.

Your portable laptop is handy on the road. But when you are at the office, you want to attach a computer, office printer, and speakers to your laptop. This is where the docking station comes into the picture. It is a single device that can offer multiple services in terms of connectivity, power supply, and other roles.

UtechSmart Docking Station (USB-C)

UtechSmart Docking Station Triple Display and USB-C

Even though there are plenty of docking stations available on the market, you need to look into the features carefully when buying one.

UtechSmart docking station is one of few which offers a triple display connection, and it serves all your needs. The company is one of the pioneers in the industry, and it comes with a worldwide patent.


UtechSmart USB C Dock Size Comparison

UtechSmart docking station is the first device provided with Triple display USB C hub across the market. This UtechSmart USB-C hub is made from perfectly rolled aluminium. Hence the docking station is lightweight and yet durable. You will be amazed to see how light it feels on the palm of the hand.

The size of the device is less than a person palm which makes it very compact and easy to carry device. If you are planning to use this docking station with iPad Pro, you can easily carry it with your iPad.

If you are in search of a portable and lightweight docking station, it is the right choice.

Connectivity Options

There are plenty of companies struggling with multi-display challenge in docking stations. But UtechSmart docking station has crossed this barrier, and it is offering more interface options for expanding to your monitors. 

The UtechSmart docking station offers dual HDMI and single VGA displays, and you can expect up to 3840×2160@30Hz in a single display. When you use triple-display, you can expect up to 1920×1080@60Hz.

UtechSmart Triple Display Docking Station Connection Ports

It offers three display modes, and they are video wall mode, extend mode, and mirror mode. In these, extend mode is not supported by Chrome OS and Mac OS. When you use a VGA port, you can mirror just one HDMI port’s display. 

The slim design easily provides Thunderbolt 3 port, two 4K capable HDMI ports, Gigabit RJ45 port, 2x USB 3. 0 Ports, VGA port, TF/SD card slot, and 2x USB 2. 0 Ports.

You can consider this docking station as ultra-portable as well as a powerful discreet workstation. The UtechSmart USB C hub is designed to be slim and compact. But, there is no compromise on accessibility. You can quickly lighten your load and meantime ditch the extra cable adapters. You can comfortably consolidate everything with this USB C hub.

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Power Delivery

UtechSmart USB-C Docking Station Connection Ports

You can do everything with a simple plug and play connectivity. You can turn any USB C capable PC or a MacBook into a mobile workstation.

The UtechSmart docking station also offers smart safety and PD 3.0 technology. It comes with a USB-C connection option which can pass the power to your device. You can expect a significant reduction in charging times when you compare to other non-pad chargers. Unfortunately, it is only a Power delivery port and can not connect any additional USB-C accessories.

The USB C hub is also equipped with a next-generation intelligent microchip. hence you can expect a slew of safety features like over-volt protection, internal overload protection, voltage regulation, short circuit protection, over-current protection, and temperature protection

Since it comes with these comprehensive protection strategies, you can feel safe when you connect your devices to the UtechSmart USB-C hub.

Extra Features

Apart from these, UtechSmart USB C docking station offers advanced networking and blazing-fast data transfers. The docking station is perfectly suitable for gamers since it is highly recommended for plug and play instant access. The Ethernet port comes with a blazing fast speed of 1000Mb.

You can download movies quickly and transfer faster, along with reducing latency in games. The docking station offers 5Gbps speed for 2x USB 3. 0 Ports, ONE TF card slot, and one SD port.

You can expect the good data transfer rates at extra 2x USB 2. 0 Ports for keyboards, charging devices, and mouse. The only drawback is it becomes little hot when you connect multiple display and power input. But nothing to be worried about the quality of the product. It comes with 12 month warranty and you will get a replacement in case of any issues.

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Even though there are plenty of docking stations available on the market, UtechSmart USB C docking station creates its own space in the market. The main reason is it offers the necessary speed for all possible work, whether it is file transfer or game.

More than that, since it comes in a slim and extremely lightweight design, you can easily carry UtechSmart USB C docking station anywhere you want. You can convert any laptop or MacBook into a workstation, by using this docking station from UtechSmart.

It is a good device for anyone looking to run multiple displays from a single device and combine all the peripherals under one connection. It is easy to carry and use and offers PD 3.0 technologies. You need to think about the safety of connected devices since the docking station takes care of it.

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