8 Best 13-inch MacBook Pro Sleeves To Protect It From Scratches

MacBook Pro Sleeves are a nice way to protect them from scratches and accidental damages. They not only protect your machine but also adds a new style to your MacBook.

Though MacBook comes in many different models, we are going to look at specifically a 13-inch version. If you are looking for a different variant, you can still go ahead and check as many of them comes for other variants also.

Best 13-inch Macbook Pro Sleeves

Best 13-inch Macbook Pro Sleeves To Protect The Device

MacBook Pro Sleeves are thin cases that can act as a wrap-around for your machines. You can use them to protect your laptop from scratches while easily carrying them around. Since they are thin cases, there is not much space to store anything additional in these cases other than a laptop and some essentials.

Here are the best 6 MacBook Pro Sleeves which you can buy to protect your new and shiny 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Inateck MacBook Pro Sleeves

Inateck MacBook Pro Sleeves

This is one of the best sleeves available for MacBook Pro models. This one is well built and available at a very affordable cost.

It has been rated by almost 3000 customers on Amazon and still has over 4.5-star average rating.

This case has one main compartment for laptop and second compartment for magazines, books, tablets, etc. It also has two back pockets lined with flannel for cellphones, earphones, wallets, etc.

You will also get an additional small bag that can provide space for your small things like your mouse, cellphone, chargers, SSD, power bank, etc.

The only drawback is that you do not have a handle to carry the bag. The outer feel is very good and non-slippery, so it will be easy to carry your MacBook in it. They do sale another model which has a hand strap if it’s a must-have for you.

The case is available for almost all variants of MacBook and comes in two different colors.

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ProCase 13 Inch MacBook Pro Sleeves

ProCase MacBook Pro Sleeve Case

ProCase 13 inch MacBook Pro Sleeve is built like a laptop bag with the sleekness of sleeves. It has a minimal but useful design with an extra pocket in front, enough space to keep pens, mobile phones, cables, chargers, power banks, etc.

The sleeve is made of soft and environmentally friendly materials and can protect your MacBook against dust, dirt, scratches, and bump/shock.

It is made of very lightweight material and comes with a 180o zipper to open it completely for easy access to the machine. The other benefit is a Hand strap, which makes it very easy to carry it around. It can act as a carry on bag or can very easily be slipped inside other bags.

Amazon has over 6000 review for this sleeve and almost 83% of the user have given 5 star.

You can get this sleeve in 5 different dual combination colors and each comes with soft lining and padding to offer great protection for your MacBook Pro.

Tophome Briefcase Bag Sleeve

TopHome Laptop Briefcase Bag Sleeve

Tophome Briefcase Bag sleeve is made of wool felt material and gives you a very stylish look.

It has 2 pockets along with the space for MacBook, where you can store your iPhone, charges, or notepads. The case is made of recyclable environmentally friendly materials and provides proper protection for your MacBook Pro.

This case does not have hand strap but because its made of wool felt material, it’s easy to hold and gives a nice feeling. In case corners lose their shape, you can use an iron to get the sturdy feeling back.

The quality of the materials, construction, appearance, and stitching are perfect all the way around. The only thing is piping which will show wear and tear with regular use.

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DOMISO Waterproof MacBook Sleeve

DOMISO Waterproof Laptop Sleeve for MacBook Pro

This MacBook Pro Sleeve comes with two front pockets to carry some essentials like a laptop charger, power bank, or smartphone. You can also use the included USB charger point to charge your devices while keeping the power bank safe inside the sleeve.

You can get this sleeve for three different colors with many different laptop size variations. It has a handle on the vertical axis which makes it easy to carry the bag.

You also get a detachable strap handle which can be attached at two different ways to either carry it over the shoulder or on your back.

The external headphone jack makes it easy to connect your wired headphone in case you are not using wireless headphones for the iPhone. The waterproof case protects all your devices and allows you to easily carry them with you.

Valkit 13-inch MacBook Pro Sleeve

Valkit MacBook Pro Sleeves

Now if you are not a fan of wool or soft materials but wanted to have a leather sleeve for your MacBook Pro, this one is perfect for you. Valkit makes some amazing looking handmade premium PU leather MacBook Pro sleeves.

This sleeve is very light and elegant which shows the leather very well. You can carry it like this or slip it in any carry bag easily.

It has a magnetic closure with the envelope design so that you can easily slide your MacBook in the sleeve.

It also has a cutout which allows you to charge your MacBook while it’s in the sleeve. There is an extra pocket to carry business cards and a pen slot to carry a pen along with the laptop.

You can get this in 3 different colors – Black, Blue, and Brown. Brown is my personal favorite as it shows the leather finish very well.

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Tomtoc MacBook Pro Sleeves

Tomtoc macBook Sleeves

This sleeve has a clean, synthetic finish with very minimal branding. It also a lightweight design while providing maximum protection for the MacBook.

A unique internal foam cushioning system consisting of raised circular components affords maximum impact and shock absorption for your device. It also has extra padding at the corners and bottom to make sure it can absorb any shocks in case of a drop.

There is a large pocket outside that can carry up to a 10.5 inch iPad and chargers. Pocket is protected by a top-loading zipper to prevent accidental slippage of your stuff.

You can get this sleeve in 6 different shades and for all variants of MacBook. It also has a thin profile so you can easily carry it inside your cabin baggage.

MOSISO Book Like Sleeve

MOSISO Book Look Like Laptop Sleeve

If you are looking for a unique looking Macbook Pro Sleeves, here is MOSISO Sleeve which looks like a Book from outside.

The case is built with PU leather and gives a look of an elegant book from outside. You can carry the MacBook along with using it inside the case while on the go.

The case comes in 5 different colors which can add to the style of your MacBook. The only drawback is that there is no strap inside the case due to which your laptop might move while carrying. Also, there is no space for carrying any additional accessories along with the MacBook.

If you are looking for an eye-catching carrying sleeve, this is guaranteed to get people’s attention while on the road.

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AmazonBasics 13.3-Inch Laptop Sleeve

Amazon Basics 13 Inch MacBook Pro Sleeve

Amazon Basics product line has started to catch up very fast as they offer some very good products at very reasonable prices.

This laptop sleeve is also like that, made of high-quality felt exterior and soft suede interior. It provides good protection against scratching on your MacBook.

It comes in two colors – Light Grey and Charcoal. There are 2 small back pockets and one larger pocket which can carry a tablet up to 8 inches.

A fold-over flap with a Velcro fastener ensures that your MacBook stays in place and also covers the additional large pocket. The other two small pockets do not have that protection so you can use them for pen and notepads.

These are 6 best sleeves which you can get for your MackBook in case you are looking to provide extra protection. So which MacBook Pro Sleeves are you buying?

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