9 Best Accessories To Buy For Your New Surface Pro 6

Surface Pro 6 is one of the best versions of Surface range so far. It’s versatile, ultra-light, stylish and packed with a plethora of specifications which will trigger your impulse to buy it right away. It is built with the latest 8th Gen Intel Core Processor and Windows 10.

Available in Platinum and Black, it comes with a battery life of 13.5 hours. With more power also comes great speed and Pro 6 instantly adapts to the same.

Best Accessories For Surface Pro 6

Best Accessories For Microsoft Surface Pro 6

While all of this sounds pretty exciting, you can also personalize you all new Surface machine with the help of accessories for Surface Pro 6. The kickstand can be personalized into tablet, studio or laptop mode as per your requirements. The surface pen promises you excellence and you can draw and write freely with the help of its intelligent mechanism.

As amusing as it sounds, you need to buy the list of accessories to experience it. Here’s a list of Best Accessories to buy with Surface Pro 6.

Microsoft Surface Pen

Microsoft Pen for Surface Pro 6This is an absolute must-have accessory for Surface Pro 6. Surface Pen is the perfect tool to bring your thoughts, doodles, and sketches on the Surface Pro 6 in a smooth and seamless manner.

The ink flows precisely without any interruption from the pen to the screen. It is available in four colors- Black, Cobalt Blue, Burgundy, and Platinum.

The body has a tip on one end and the eraser on the other. This pen supports the tilt feature which also means that you can rest or lean your hand and then write or draw thanks to its Palm block feature.

It can also be paired with Surface Dial for creative experience. This pen can be used with Surface Pen applications such as OneNote, MS Office, Adobe Suite, and Sketchable.

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UAG Surface Pro 6 Rugged Case

UAG Feather Lite Case for Surface Pro 6 copyOne of the first few accessories to buy for any gadgets is always a good case. If the gadget costs somewhere around $1000-$2000, you need a complete protection.

If you are not a fan of flip-covers and want only a good back case for your Surface Pro 6, UAG feather lite case is for you. The case comes in two different styles which differ based on shoulder strap and color. You can get the Metropolis style which is more traditional style with a kickstand or Plasma which is while color with shoulder strap.

There are three colors available for the case and it can protect your Surface Pro 6 from accidental drops. Shoulder straps make it easy to carry the case. Additional kickstand means that you don’t have to rely on Surface kickstand which also provides additional protection to the tablet.

The only drawback on this case is cost, Plasma version is expensive and only useful if you think you need the shoulder strap. Metropolis version should be good enough for most of the people.

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Microsoft Surface Pro Signature Type Cover

Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover KeyboardWhen it comes to customization of your favorite product which happens to be as versatile as Surface Pro 6, this luxurious Type cover by Alcantara does the desired justice to the product.

It is available in four colors- Burgundy, Platinum, and Cobalt. It is sophisticated yet comfortable. The fabric is soft to touch and rich in feel. It resists dust, stains and is easy to clean.

The strong magnetic holder clicks perfectly and easily to your surface and forms into a laptop. It is built as a large glass trackpad for meticulous control and smooth navigation.

The keyboard supports fast typing and comes with a LED backlighting. Don’t forget it’s ultra slim construction and high-quality usage. The UAG case mentioned above is compatible with the Type cover, so you can still use this keyboard with the case on your new Surface Pro 6.

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MEGOO Surface Pro 6 Screen Protector

MEGOO Surface Pro 6 Screen ProtectorScreen Protector is extremely important to save your device from damage, dust and unwanted stains and scratches. So one of the first few accessories you should be looking for is a good screen protector for your tablet.

MEGOO screen protector is ultra-thin and sleek which means you will barely feel its thickness. The installation is easy and forms no bubbles and has rounded edges which attach to the screen smoothly.

The glass is anti-scratch, transparent and comes with an oleophobic coating which reduces the smudges and fingerprints.

It has a smooth functioning which easily allows the Surface pen to work and is finger friendly. The glass is strong enough to resist unexpected falls.

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Microsoft Surface Dock

Microsoft Surface DockOne of the major difference between a laptop and tablet is the availability of accessories. Microsoft Surface Dock is made to remove that difference.

This is one of the handiest and important accessories for which you’re going to thank us later. This dock is the connecting link between Surface Pro 6 and your favorite devices.

It has USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, 3.5mm display and mini DisplayPort slots which clearly indicates that you can charge your devices along with turning your Surface to a PC like a pro!

Connect external displays, hard disks, or cameras with the help of this dock to your Surface Pro 6. This is an old generation model which might be refreshed with newer specs soon. So if you want to drive a heavy workload, I would suggest waiting for the refresh model.

It will still be good for normal day to day work and you will save some money as the new model will be a little expensive.

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Car Charger For Surface Pro 6

KSW KINGDO Car ChargerOne of the other important accessories which you need to buy is a Car Charger. Considering that Surface Pro 6 uses a specific port to charge the device, you can use your existing car chargers.

KSW KINGDO car charger can not only charge your Surface device, but it can also charge another device at the same time through an extra USB port.

The charger comes with a surface charging cord and a carrying pouch. It has a small footprint which makes it easy to carry along with you.

You get a 1-year worry-free warranty for this car charger. So go ahead and carry your Surface or Android phones, this can charge all of your devices on the go.

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ProCase Surface Pro 6 Laptop Bag

Procase Leather Case for Surface Pro 6Maximum protection is needed while you’re on-the-go and this laptop sleeve by ProCase does its job in style. It is also compatible with Microsoft keyboards.

ProCase Leather Bag is made up of leather and secures the locks with the help of strong magnets. It is light in weight, sleek and is available in three colors namely black, brown and red. The microfiber in the leather makes it scratch resistant.

How aesthetically pleasing this Surface Pro 6 case is? Along with an aesthetic treat, it also offers a number of features.

It comes with a built-in pen holder which holds your Surface Pen while on the go. It has an extra back pocket which is ideal to store USB chord or small items such as cards, minutes etc.

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Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller

Microsoft Xbox Wireless ControllerThis is perfect for all the gamers out there!

We already know how fun Xbox is, and Surface Pro 6, almost a mini-computer has Xbox by default in its system. To experience gaming while traveling or at home, the Xbox game controller is a great choice.

It comes in various colors such as- Black, Blue, Minecraft green, Minecraft pig, grey and gree, and white.

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller comes with custom button mapping and a 3.5mm stereo headset jack. It comes with D-pads and thumb sticks for quick movements.

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Microsoft Surface Dial

Microsoft Surface Dial for Surface ProThis is not a must-have accessory for your new Surface Pro 6 but it can definitely make it stand out from the pack. One of the best way to interact and work on your Surface Pro 6.

You can’t put it on the Surface Pro screen for on-screen gestures as those are only reserved for Surface Studio. But it can still do a lot of other functions like zoom, tools picking, Undo / Redo, Media Controls from the Dial.

The design of the Dial is futuristic yet trendy and classy. The Dial has the ability to scroll horizontally as well as vertically. It connects to the device via the Bluetooth.

The Dial is ideal for traveling as it is compact and fits in your bag easily without any hassle as we find in a wired mouse.

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All of the above-mentioned accessories are next to must have and are excellent investments in the long run. They are also budget-friendly and helpful at the same time.

You can use them at the workplace, home or while you’re on the go. After all, even the beast needs companions. So which one are you planning to buy?

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