Manage Your Hard Disk Partitions With AOMEI Partition Assistant 7.0

Everyone will need a Partition software once in while whether to manage their backup disks or laptop hard disk. Having one ready to go in your toolbox always help. If you are looking for a good software to manage your hard disk partitions, AOMEI Partition Assistant can handle that work.

It has a free version which can do the basic job for most of the users. If you need more advanced options, you can always upgrade to Pro version.

AOMEI Partition Assistant 7.0

AOMEI Partition Assistant has all the required feature to manage the partitions on any of your devices. It has features which can get the work done for a novice as well as a professional user.

It supports Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP as an operating system. They even have a version for Enterprise servers which can be used if you are planning to manage a server.

Now, any partition manager has to do the basic work of creating, deleting partitions. This software also can do that without any issues, so we will not go into much detail about that.

If you have a new disk and just want to create partitions on that disk, go ahead and grab a free version. It can handle both MBR or GPT tables on any size hard disk to create the partition easily.

Download Free Partition Manager

The Professional version can also convert to MBR / GPT without a data loss. With a normal partition solution, you need to erase the disk and recreate the partition with required format. With the Professional version, you don’t have to worry about that. Just click on the disk and select Convert to GPT (Convert To MBR) to change the partition table.

Convert Partition Table in AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition

Here are some other useful features of the software which can help you in doing things faster without a data loss.

Resize Partition

One of the major problems with partition size is when you realize that the size is small and you need to expand it. If you are on macOS, you can easily just alter the size but on Windows, it’s not that easy.

This software can easily do that for you while making sure no loss of data. You can just right click on the partition which you want to resize and select Resize Partition.

Resize Partition Without Data Loss

Now you can just drag and drop the partition size to increase or decrease it and software will take care of the rest.

You can also move the partitions in case you want them to rearrange in a different order.

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Migrate OS

Another good feature which will become handy while upgrading your hard disk. If you bought a new SSD or a bigger HDD, you can just create partitions and use this feature to move the OS automatically to the new disk.

You can connect the new disk over USB to create the partition and move the OS. Once connected, use the Wizard -> Move OS To SSD option to get a step by step instruction on the move.

After the OS is installed you can directly connect your new SSD or HDD as your primary drive and boot your computer. This way you don’t have to worry about all the settings and software to install and spend a lot of time doing it.

Copy Disk Partition

You can also copy the complete partition easily to a new disk or a new partition. This is a good method to move your data partition with much effort or copying data file by file.

Good thing is that it supports the quick copy and sector by sector data copy. There is a lot of history which resides in the hard disk. Whenever you delete any file, only the file reference is deleted while the content is still available on the disk. That’s how recovery software is able to recover deleted files.

Copy Partition To Another Disk

So, if your partition has a lot of important data and you feel you should save the history also along with the current files, sector by sector data copy is for you. A quick copy will only copy the currently accessible files and you will lose all the other information from the hard disk.

Split / Merge Partition

Like resize the partition, you can split your existing partition also. It usually happens that after we install the OS and other software, we realize that the OS partition is too large. You do not need that much space in that partition and it can be utilized somewhere else.

You can Split the partition and merge it with your data partition to use that space more efficiently. Just right click on any partition and select Split Partition to split that partition into two. You can also increase or decrease partition sizes to set the split partition size.

Merging the partition is also as easy as Splitting. You can just select the partition and click on Merge Partition from right click menu. It offers you to select other partitions which you want to merge and target partition. Once done, all your Partition will be merged. It also offers to copy the data before merging the partition, if you are worried about the data loss.


AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition can help you in managing your disk media more efficiently. It can also be a good tool while upgrading your hard disk as it can save a lot of time in setting up new SSD. As mentioned at the start, if you only need a basic tool to create or delete partitions, go ahead and try the free version.

For more professional users, you can buy the AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional version which gives you many more controls and optimization options.

Get Professional Edition

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