Top 11 Best Cases For iPhone XS To Buy From Market

It is the dream of almost every gadget geek to own an iPhone not just because of the features and looks but because of its class that sets it apart from other smartphones. With the announcement 3 iPhones – iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max every such person around the world has become excited.

It is just not enough to buy an iPhone you need to get a case for its protection. This is why the renowned case manufacturers have also come up with some cool cases for iPhone XS.

Best Cases for iPhone XS

Buy These Best Cases for iPhone XS

To make sure your dream phone lasts longer it is best to invest some money in the best case possible. To make your life easy, we have selected some of the best iPhone XS Cases which you can buy. These cases are from different categories like Thin TPU, Leather Wallet, Rugged cases. So, you should be able to find the best case for your phone.

Here is a list of most recommendable cases for iPhone XS cases.

TORRAS Clear Case For iPhone XS

TORRAS Clear Case For iPhone XS

Cases should compliment the design of the phone and show them in its full glory. TORRAS Clear TPU case for iPhone XS is like that. So it doesn’t matter which color iPhone you have, you can still use this case.

It’s made of soft TPU with a thin design which doesn’t add bulk to your phone. Though if you don’t like the transparent bumper, you can get the case with red and black bumper also to add a unique personality to your case.

The material is high-grade non-yellow one which will protect the case for getting yellow for a long time. It adds a long life to your TPU case.

It comes with a 6-month warranty against any manufacturing defects. So if you are a fan of thin cases and want to show the design of iPhone XS, this case is for you.

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Speck Presidio Pro for iPhone XS

Speck Presidio Pro Case For iPhone XS

These cases should be your choice if you are looking for something that gives a wholesome and overall protection to your iPhone. It is extremely effective, functional and well-designed that makes it one of the top preferences.

The case covers the phone entirely and has raised edges to protect the all-important touchscreen from any sort of damage. It has tested with over 10 foot of drop to make sure it provides a good protection to your phone.

The case is textured and has diagonal ridges to enhance the grip of the phone so that it doesn’t slip out of hand. It is one of the best rugged cases for iPhone XS Max or XS which you can buy from the market.

You can buy this dual layer case in 7 different colors to match with your style.

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Mous Limitless 2.0

Mous Limitless 2.0 Durable Case for iPhone XS and XS Max

Mous has released a whole range of cases named Limitless 2.0 that includes cases for iPhone XS and XS Max.

Not only are these cases durable and well designed to give an overall protection to your iPhone, but they also have an aesthetic look.

The finish of these phones is nature inspired, the back cover having a walnut, wood, bamboo finish. The case has tiny air pockets and is made up of cross-linked polymer chains that absorb most of the impact from an average fall.

To prove the durability of their cases, they have allowed people waiting in the Apple Store queue’s to throw the phone and recorded their reactions. One of the unique way to do the promotion and an incredible trust in their own brand.

It also has 4 magnets which can be used to attach some add-ons like the wallet. You can even buy wall mounts or flip wallet as an add-on to go with the case.

The cases are expensive but if you have slippery hands, this case is for you. It will protect your iPhone XS or XS Max with most of the drops.

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DTTO Silicon Case for iPhone XS

DTTO Silicone Case for iPhone XS

If you are fascinated by the new colors of iPhone XR and functionalities of iPhone XS, this case is for you. It will change the iPhone XS to the vibrant colors of iPhone XR.

You can go wrong with it and their price makes it easy to replace them when they go off color. The case comes in 7 different colors which will give a unique look to your new phone.

They are easy to remove and apply, so you can have more than one color which can match your other accessories. Raised bezels and lips protect the camera and screen.

It is compatible with wireless charging, so you can easily use it with any wireless chargers for iPhone.

DTTO gives a lifetime limited warranty for this case which will be some peace of mind. Just buy the metal edges which complements the color of your iPhone XS and enjoy.

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Zover Leather Wallet Case for iPhone XS

Zover iPhone XS Leather Wallet Case

If you are looking for a leather wallet case, this is one of the best cases for iPhone XS. One of the major problems with leather wallet cases is the bulk added to the phone.

Though they protect the phone perfectly, for a day-to-day use they feel little heavy. This detachable leather wallet case from Zover is a good mix as you can easily convert it into a normal thin case.

It comes with a metal plate in the thin case to use the magnetic attachment for conversion to wallet case. You can use that metal plate to attach it to magnetic car mount also.

One of the drawbacks for this case is wireless charging. It is wireless charging compatible, but you need to take is out of the leather case and make sure the metal plate is out. It is a lot of work for daily use. So, I would only recommend this case if you are not planning to use with Wireless Charging.

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PITAKA Magcase Fiber Case for iPhone XS

PITAKA Magcase Fiber Case for iPhone XS

This is a case for the people who are looking for a hard body thin case for iPhone XS. The case is available for iPhone XS, XR, and XS Max. So irrespective of which iPhone you have, you can buy this case.

This case if build with armor grade fiber which will protect the back and sides of your phone. It is very thin so will not add any bulk to your new iPhone XS.

The case comes with built-in metal plates which allows you to use the PITAKA Megnatic Car Mount easily without adding any other thing on the case. The metal plates are lined up in such a way that they don’t interfere with Wireless Charging function of iPhone XS.

This is one of the best durable thin cases for iPhone XS which provides non-slippery soft grip to your phone. Go ahead and buy the case and car mount combo to best utilize the case.

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Moshi Stealth Cover

Moshi StealthCover Case For iPhone XS

If you are looking for something that is sturdy and elegant at the same time, then the Stealth Cover may prove to be an excellent choice.

It gives “military grade protection” and has a magnetic flap to cover the screen and prevent any damage to it.

The case has a folio-style with a translucent cover that allows you to view your notifications without flipping the cover. It is also possible to make Facetime calls in this way so that your screen remains protected.

This comes in solid colors and gives an elegant look to the iPhone. It also does not interfere with wireless charging function of iPhone XS.

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Spigen Tough Armor Case

Spigen Tough Armor Case for iPhone XS

Spigen has always been one of the top preferences when it comes to cases with superior protective capabilities. It has released its line of iPhone XS cases.

The Slim Tough Armor lives up to its name. The case has a polycarbonate layer that makes it sturdy and durable and a shock absorbing TPU layer.

The case has a slim appearance that does not add much weight to the device and makes it more convenient to carry around in the pocket.

You get a thin rugged profile with a kickstand to enjoy your media at any place. The case comes in 4 different colors to compliment the colors of iPhone XS.

You can also enhance the functionalities with the additional elements like belt clip holster for the case.

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ANOLE Hard Clear & Glitter Case

ANOLE Apple iPhone XS Case

This is the best of two world – Naked and Glitter Cases. It’s made of soft TPU which provides a soft air cushion technology to provide shock absorption.

The case is clear case with hardback and TPU bumper to provide full protection to your phone. It also comes with 4 different glitter back slip cards which can be added to the case. You can use this to make it a glitter case and match it with our accessories.

It comes with a raised corner to provide extra protection in case of a fall. This case is compatible with Wireless Charging. You can use it as a naked case to show your phone design or add the glitter cards to create different looks.

If you like to change the look of your cases frequently and like glitter cases, you will love this case.

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Silk iPhone XS Wallet Case

Silk iPhone XS Wallet Case

If you are looking for wallet case but doesn’t want the bulk of leather cases, this case is for you. It comes in slim design which can carry small cash and few cards.

It comes in 4 different pre-made color combination and you can also customize it to your taste. The back has a leather textured wallet which can carry 3 cards and some cash.

It has a unique way to include a kickstand. Just use any card and place it in the slot provided, it will act as a kickstand. The case also includes a free screen protector to provide a 360-degree protection.

High textured sides and air gap corners provide a good protection to your new phone. The case is made of hard shell in different colors with the leather wallet at the back.

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UAG Feather Lite Cases

UAG Feather Lite Cases for iPhone XS

These cases are known for their hardcore protection. Most of these are made of carbon fiber that gives these cases extra durability and the ability to withstand even high falls.

It is ideal if you are carrying your iPhone to distant and rugged places. The protection is efficient and wholesome also the weight of the device is not significantly raised. These cases

The UAG cases can protect your new iPhone XS from almost any sort of accident. These are Apple Pay and wireless charging compatible, so you can use it without any issues.

You can get the case in 14 different colors and textures. Just select the design and color to protect your phone with style.

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A case is always necessary for a new phone, no matter how much it costs. The given cases are the latest release of cases for iPhone XS by some of the well-known companies. So go ahead and take your pick to which best cases for iPhone XS you are going to buy.

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