6 Best Electric Mountain Bikes Or E-bicycle To Buy From The Market

The mountains have always been a source of both recreational pleasure and exhilarating adventure that gives you peace of mind and refreshes the body. For this reason, the mountains have been the destination of a large section of travelers and adventure seekers for a long time.

Riding through the mountains in a mountain bike gives a pleasure that cannot be expressed in words. Recently, the number of adventurers going to the mountains for a bike ride has spiked up and for this reason, the concerned companies also have had to increase their production rate parallelly. This is especially true for mountain e-bikes.

Best Electric Mountain Bikes or E-bicycle

Best Electric Mountain Bikes

These bikes are not meant for extra speed but for safety in the rough terrains of the mountains and a comfortable journey. But with the huge number of options that are now present in the market, it is hard to choose what you desire.

Here is a list of best electric mountain bikes that will let you set out on a trail for thousands of miles.

Nakto 26-inch Electric Bicycle

Nakto Electric Mountain Bicycle

This one definitely needs to top the list of the best electric mountain bicycle. Launched recently in the year 2018 by Nakto, the company has made a versatile e-bike with a slack design.

A Samsung Water Bottle style removable and waterproof battery is used in the bicycle. It comes with 6-speed gears and multifunction LED panel which can display speed, PAS level etc.

The battery can sustain up to 1000 recycles which means you can easily use it for 2-3 years before looking at the replacements. The replacement battery can be bought for around $350.

It has 3 driving mode including padel assist which can make it easy to increase speed by paddling. You can cruise at around 30-35 MPH at this bicycle and can drive up to 60 miles with a single charge. With the big flat tires, it’s one of the good bicycles to use on snow and dirt.

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Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

This e-bike may not have all the extravagant features of the Nakto e-bikes but nonetheless, this one has made it to the list of best electric mountain bikes because of the price that it comes for.

It comes with easily replaceable battery and around 30 miles of run on a single charge. Good solid frame to run for a long time and 3 level paddle assist to increase the driving ran.

It also has 21 – speed gears to make your ride easier and comfortable. You may find all these on some other bike, but to find this at this price range is nearly impossible.

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Haibike SDURO FullSeven 6.0 eMTB

Haibike 2017 SDURO HardSeven 6.0 eMTB

LT or long travel-time is one of the most successful lines of mountain bikes built by Haibike. Although the features not as wholesome and aggressive as the ALLMNT series but nonetheless it gives an excellent experience to the rider.

The best thing about this e-bike is that it comes with the same cost as the standard FullSeven line. A Yamaha PW-SE motor powers this bike.

An SRAM NX 11-speed drivetrain provides solid shifting capability. Tektro hydraulic disc brakes provide enough stopping power for most intermediate mountain bikers.

For your comfort, a Suntour Aion LO-R suspension fork with the lockout is added to absorb jerks and shocks and make your trail as smooth as possible.

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Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bikes

Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bikes

This is one of the more powerful bikes which can carry up to 300lb’s over a mountain ridge. Addmotor MOTAN has brought about a change in a way e-bikes are imagined and with each version, something new and innovative has been added. Hence this series has a range of some of the best mountain e-bikes. Till now this has been an all-in excellent piece of work by Addmotor.

The comfort during the trail comes from the 48V – 500W rear mounted Brushless motor. This is then followed by a 7-speed drivetrain by Shimano TX55. If you want a more powerful motor, you can get the 1000-watt version from here.

An exclusive feature in the Addmotor MOTAN is 5 inch LCD display and USB charging port. This will make sure that you can charge your mobile devices easily while riding on the bike. You can drive up to 55 miles on a single charge with pedal assist. Disk brakes on each tire provide enough support for any terrain.

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Onway 750W Snow & Mountain Bike

Onway Snow and Mountain Electric Bikes

Although this is not even remotely close to the e-bikes mentioned till now it still gives a good experience camping, short trails, and fire roads.

The main reason, apparently that this bike makes the list is thanks to its 750-watt battery potential with a 12-month warranty. Onway also provides only top-of-the-line components.

The most prominent features that you will get include the Shimano 7-speed drivetrain, TEKTRO mechanical disk brakes, and 40 miles of travel with a single charge. These may be the reasons, actually why this bike may be considered as one of the best mountain e-bikes.

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Cyrusher Snow & Mountain Electric Bikes

Cyrusher Mountain Electric Bike

If you are looking for a badass rough design for your e-bike this can give you what you desire and you may also get one of the best electric mountain bikes.

You will get XF660 Electric Motor which can generate 500-Watt of power. A solid build frame which can take a lot of workload along with dual disk brake with full suspension. This makes sure you have a comfortable ride across different terrain.

It comes with Shimano 7 speed freewheel TX50 gear which can help you go up to 25 mph. You can drive up to 35-40 miles with a single charge.

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Bear in mind, that although these e-bikes are the amongst the best there are limitations and you need to stay within limits when riding in the mountains.

Have a good adventure on your next visit to the mountains.

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