5 Gadgets Which You Should Gift Your iPhone X This Thanksgiving

If you are planning to get an iPhone X, this holiday season is a good time as you will get a good discount on iPhone X. But the holiday season is not only about the smartphones, there are many gadgets which you can gift to your loved ones.

Nowadays, smartphones are not a single device. You can enjoy them more when you start building a network of devices and use these smartphones as a center controlling devices. iPhone X is no exception, you will enjoy it more with smart gadgets attached to it.

5 Gadgets To Gift Your iPhone X This Thanksgiving

5 Gadgets to gift your iPhone X

Here are some of the gadgets which can be a great gift to go along with your latest iPhone X.

Sphero BB-9E

Sphero Black BB-9EFor the StarWars Fan, nothing better than having their own R2-D2, BB-8 or the latest BB-9E. Sphero does a good job in providing that. Their app-enabled droids are the closest you can get to your Star Wars assistants.

This droid not only works alone but it can also interact with other Sphero droids. You can download the Star Wars Droid App from AppStore and make multiple droids interact with each other.

App also supports augmented reality and you can use it to see your droid performing certain actions. It also comes with a Force Band which can allow you to control BB-9E from your wrist movements.

You can also watch a Star Wars movie with your droids and watch him react to the movie. Sphero also offers R2-D2 or BB-8 droids also which all can work together.

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Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone

Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone for iPhone XHow about getting a drone buddy to your iPhone X. Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone can be a perfect pair for your phone.

It comes with a 720p HD first person view camera to take arial shots with your iPhone X. You can use the Altitude hold feature to keep the drone floating at a particular hight. This will help in taking a study shot or video.

Install the app and you can control the drone from your iPhone X. You can enable the gravity control which means you can control the drone with the movement of your phone.

Drone comes with a one button return home functionality, which means you it will not get lost. It also has one click flight and landing mode. It uses 2.4GHz channel to transfer the real time video feed to your phone.

So get this drone and create some arial videos to share it over social media networks.

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MagicLight Pro Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb

MagicLight Pro Bluetooth Smart LED Light BulbHomeKit is one of the essential feature in iOS 11 and there are many accessories which are available in the market. But before you start buying smart home accessories, you may want to get a feel on how it works.

This is not a HomeKit enabled light bulb but will still give you an idea about smart accessories.

This bulb comes with a capability of emitting around 16 million colors. You can personalise it with the mobile app which can connect to the bulb over bluetooth.

You can also sync your music to create a disco effect with this light bulb or set a timer for sunrise and sunset. Timer allows you to schedule your on and off timings for the bulb. So enjoy and see how a smart accessory can change the way you interact with home appliances.

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Honeywell Smart WiFi Touch Thermostat

Honeywell Smart Wi-Fi Touch ThermostatIf you are looking for smart device for home, Honeywell Smart WiFi Touch Thermostat is one of the best in its category.

It allows you to match the screen color to your home decor and control the temperature from any phone, PC or tablet.

You can password protect the screen for any unintential changes. You can also choose a programmable mode to set the temperature correctly.

It can also work with Amazon Alexa, just install the skill and control it with a voice command.

Because it is connected with WiFi, you can control it remotely by using the phone app or PC. Just set the temperature on the way and find a perfect atmosphere at home.

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QardioBase 2 Wireless Smart Scale

QardioBase 2 Wireless Smart ScaleIf you prefer to use Apple HealthKit and want to track your health improvements, QardioBase 2 can be a good companion.

This scale comes in two shades – Black and White. It can work with multiple person and keep a track of indiviual progress. You can sync the data with your Apple Health app also. It is Apple HealthKit enabled device so you can sync the data with iPhone or Apple Watch.

This scale also has a pregnancy mode and can keep track of your growth through each semester. Create a photo diary and charts of your growth.

Along with the individual tracking, this scale will greet each person with a personalised messages or smilies to provide feedback on their achievements.

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These are some of the gadgets which you can buy this Thanksgiving as a gift to go with your iPhone X. So what are your plans? Are you planning to get any of the gadgets on this Thanksgiving weekend?

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