Latest Rumor Suggest No Physical Sim Slot for iPhone 15 Pro Models

Latest rumor suggests that Apple is moving towards the removal of physical SIM slot from the iPhone 15 Pro models. The dual sim functionality will still be available for those models but can only be used with eSIM.

iPhone 15 Pro Might Remove Physical SIM tray

If you are using iPhone 13 series smartphone you might be aware that iPhone 13 can support dual eSIMs. You can install two eSIM profiles on your iPhone 13 and still can use dual SIM functionality. You should not have any physical SIM installed on the phone. So dual Sim can be used with either two eSIMs or one eSIM with one physical SIM.

Apple is moving towards providing people options for multiple eSIMs on their iPhones. But removing the physical SIM slot means that all over the world they have to have a support for eSIMs, which might be tough.

There are countries like India where eSIMs are available but still it’s hard to move the eSIM from device to device due to regulations where physical SIM will provide you that functionality. So though it is still available many people prefer to use the physical SIM for the primary connection.

The rumors mentioned that they might still keep the physical SIM slot on the countries where eSIMs are not supported but Apple has been reluctant to manufacture multiple different models based on small variations. So I would not pin much hopes on this rumor at this time.

Though iPhone 15 launch is far away and it should be launched some somewhere around September 2023. Rumor mills are already trying to guess the direction of iPhone development. This latest news is shared by Blog Do iPhone.

What we know at this time is Apple is exploring options to remove open ports for iPhone like lightning connector, SIM Tray which can help them achieve better dirt and water protection for the device. But this does not mean that the port removal will happen as soon as 2023.

At this time the most of the focus is about iPhone 14 which is supposed to be launch coming this year. The iPhone 14 should have a punch-hole display, 48 megapixel back camera which should be marquee features for the phone. The design should also be refreshed and should have more prominent square corners while finally the notch might go away.

What do you think about the physical SIM slot removal? How do you use your physical SIM slot or have you moved to only using eSIMs on your iPhone?

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