13 Best Wireless Chargers for your iPhone 13 / 13 Pro

With the launch of the iPhone 13 Series that comes with some superior technology advancement, Apple has again shown the world, why many people around the world wait eagerly for its products.

Apple is offering the wireless charging capabilities for some time now and new phones are no exceptions. You can easily charge your iPhone 13 / 13 Pro with the help of Wireless Chargers.

Like all the other previous iPhones, Apple has made sure that the latest products support​ Qi-standard wireless charging. As a result, owners of pre-existing chargers can use their new iPhone right away. Along with that iPhone 13 also supports MagSafe standard which can attach the accessories to the back of your iPhone with the help of magnets.

Best Wireless Chargers For iPhone 13

Currently, all the iPhone model supports fast wireless charging. So, it does make sense to look for wireless chargers capable of fast charging at 15w, which can be used with your latest iPhones. Though 15w charging speed is reserved for MagSafe chargers, other Qi-enabled charger will use 7.5w charging.

Best Wireless Charging Pad For iPhone 13 / 13 Pro

Though Apple has initially taken a stance of launching a new wireless charging mat called AirPower. But we all know what happened to it and it will not see the light. There are some good alternatives in the market that can help you enjoy the wireless charging benefit for your iPhone’s.

Here is a list of a few wireless charging pads that you can use to charge your iPhone 13 Series.

These chargers can also be used with the last year iPhone 12 or older generation iPhone’s capable of wireless charging.

Apple MagSafe Wireless Charger

Apple Magsafe Wireless Charger

Apple has launched a new line of accessories with the new MagSafe standards. These accessories will snap on the iPhone and stay attached while providing additional functionalities.

MagSafe wireless charger is one of those new accessories. The charger will also charge the iPhone 13 / 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max at 15w charging speed while iPhone 13 Mini will be limited to 12w charging speed.

New MagSafe Charger is compatible with Qi-Wireless standard which means it can charge any wireless charging capable device but attaches easily with your new iPhone 13 Pro. Though you can use it with older generation iPhones also but the snap to the back functionalities will not be there.

The charger will automatically align on the back of your iPhone 13 and start charging with the help of magnets. This way you don’t have to worry about keeping your phone properly aligned on the wireless chargers. Though it sounds like a small benefit, in day-to-day use it will make it comfortable to use your charger.

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Spigen ArcField MagSafe Charger

Spigen ArcField Magsafe Charger For iPhone 13

Spigen is one of the pioneers of wireless charging pads and its latest model is designed especially for the iPhone 13 or 13 Pro. This is their adoption to Apple’s MagSafe standards with the fast charging capabilities of Qi wireless charging.

Its Qi wireless charger supports QC 2.0 and 3.0 standards and provides up to one and a half times faster charging in comparison to regular wireless chargers. Spigen’s fast charging is also well-suited to a wide variety of Qi devices and boasts a sleek, ultra-slim and subtle design.

You can easily snap the charger back to your iPhone 13 or MagSafe supported case to easily charge the phone. So this charger gives you best of both the worlds without putting too much burden on your pocket.

Spigen has limited the charging speed to 7.5w which is like any other wireless charger in the market for iPhone. You can pair it with 20w charging brick to enable the fast charging for other smartphones. If you have some other device like new iPad Air 4th Generation at home, you would be able to use its adaptor.

Belkin 3-in-1 Charging Station

Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

Belkin also came out with their new 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station for Apple’s latest iPhone 13 series. It worked together with Apple to develop the wireless charger to guarantee iPhone users get a hassle-free 15w wireless charging experience. This is one of the rare third party wireless charger who provides 15w charging for iPhone 13.

Belkin has promised that the users will just have to keep their iPhone on the charging pad. Subsequently, the device will automatically get connected without the users having to make any adjustments. You can use it as a charging pad or stand to charge your phone in any position – vertical or horizontal. It is compatible with all the MagSafe cases available for iPhone 13 series.

The 3-in-1 charging station can charge your AirPods and Apple Watch along iPhone. It also comes with modern design. The pad is specifically tuned for iPhone 13 / 12 which have MagSafe capabilities and has a 15w coil with a fanless design for quiet and fast processing.

You can buy this charger in 2-in-1 design in case you do not want an Apple Watch Charger. The wireless charger is available in two colors (Black and White) to match the style at your home.

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ESR HoloLock Wireless Charger

ESR MagSafe Wireless Charger With Kickstand

ESR has taken the wireless charging capability to next level with a unique design. They have integrated a kickstand with the MagSafe charger which means it can serve the dual purpose.

This means that this charger can be used as a desk kickstand when you are not charging your phone. With the removable USB-C wire, you can easily use the kickstand alone with your phone. The kickstand can be placed in three different angles to place phone in viewable position.

The charger comes with 5ft of USB-C removable cable and you can buy it in two different colors – Black and White. The longer charging cable means you can easily move the charger on your desk to place your phone comfortably. It provides fast charging to iPhone when paired with 20w power adaptor.

QiCharge Magnetic Wireless Charger Stand

Qi Charge Magnetic Wireless Charger

QiCharge is creating a mix of stand and MagSafe Wireless charging for iPhone 13 series. The charger comes with Aluminum charging stand which can hold the phone in vertical or horizontal position.

You can easily detach the Wireless charger and use it as a standalone charger or put it in the stand to use it as a stationary charger. As a stand, you can use your phone for media consumption or FaceTime calls.

The charger comes with 5ft cable and 20w power adaptor to give you a complete set in a single price. Most of the other wireless charger doesn’t have power adaptor along with the charger. This will provide 7.5w wireless charging to the iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 phones.

The chip makes sure to intelligent charge your phone and will protect it from overheating. Aluminum build makes sure that the heat is dissipating efficiently. You can use it to charge other Qi certified devices when you are using it as a charging pad.

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UUTO Car Wireless Charger

UUTO Car Wireless Charger For iPhone 13

Though we are talking about wireless charger, many people who travels would need the charging option in their cars. UUTO provides a wireless charger which you can use while traveling.

It is tailored for the iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro. It is built to comply with Qi standard wireless charging. The charging pad collaborates seamlessly with the iPhone. It is optimized for all the latest iPhone devices to deliver fast and safe charging with up to 7.5w power.

You can easily hold the iPhone in place with the help of this magnetic attachment. You can use it in horizontal or vertical position to use navigation while still charging the phone. It also comes with QC 3.0 car charger attachment to easily charge your iPhone.

It is designed with minimal style and consists of a rubberized surface that shields your iPhone and keeps it properly aligned during charging. It comes with vacuum cup or vent holder so that you can place it according to your liking in your car.

Mophie Snap+ Battery Pack

Mophie Snap Plus MagSafe Wireless Charger

One of the best feature of Apple MagSafe standard is that there can be many different type of accessories can interact with the phone easily. Mophie 5000mAH MagSafe battery case is one of those accessories.

You can easily carry it in your pocket due to its compact sizing and charge your iPhone with MagSafe attachment. It can charger iPhone 13 Pro Max for one additional time which can easily let your phone run for a day without any power issues.

Since it’s a Qi standard Wireless charger, you can even use it to charge AirPods Pro while using it as a pad. This can be one of the good accessories for people who are constantly on the move. They can keep their devices charged with ease.

The only problem with this battery pack is it doesn’t fit properly to iPhone 13 Pro model due to bigger camera bump. You can use this battery pack with iPhone 12, iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro Max without any issues.

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KKM Wireless Charger Pack

KKM Wireless Charger Pack

For users who would not like to spend a lot on wireless chargers, the KKM Qi Fast Wireless Charger Pack is an ideal option. It comes in a pack of two chargers which can be used at multiple places in your home.

This wireless charging pad offers dual charging mode with the standard 5w power output and 7.5w for fast charging. The LED light on the charging pad keeps you updated with the charging status. Build-in over-heating and over-charging mechanism make sure that your device are safe.

The device has a dual coil for wireless charging so you can place your phone in any orientation. Since there is no AC adapter with the package, you will have to buy the adaptor separately.

However, with a price tag of just around $25, the wireless charger is certainly value for money. It comes with two 3ft USB-C cable and 18 month standard warranty.

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Anker Wireless Charging Bundle

Anker Wireless Charging Bundle

This is one of the best wireless charging bundle which comes with a stand and pad for iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro because of non-slippery surface and 7.5w charging. You can easily place this pad on any flat surface, and it will take care of your phone.

The charger is compatible with most of the thin cases for iPhone which is available in the market. You don’t need to remove the phone from the case for using this wireless charger. You will get the usual device protection features like over-heating, over-charging etc.

It comes with a 3-feet Micro USB cable to provide the complete charging solution. So, if you are planning to use with last year iPhone models like iPhone 12 or iPhone 11, you will get the fast charging with this charger.

YooTech Wireless Charging Pad

YooTech Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone

This charging pad is convenient to use as it does not require you to remove the phone case while charging your phone. It comes with a 3.3ft USB-C cable with 18-month warranty period to cover the damages, if any. The wireless charging pad can charge iPhone 13 series with 7.5w which is the max you will get in any non-MagSafe charger.

YooTech wireless charger is compatible on your iPhone as well as other phones which support wireless charging. If your phone is connected successfully, it will display a green LED light and takes around 3-4 hours to charge itself fully.

It has a smart night mode which will turn off the LED while you sleep. It is sleek, ultra slim and light in weight which makes it easy for you to carry it everywhere. Also, it is Qi certified for safe charging. The wireless charging area is good enough to be used with AirPods Pro also, so you can charge them while not using the pad with iPhone.

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SCOSCHE BaseLynx Modular Wireless Chargers

scosche baselynx moduler wireless charger

With so many wireless chargers available in the market right now, the user finds it exceedingly difficult to make the right choice. However, if you were disappointed by the cancellation of AirPower, this one will be for you.

SCOSCHE BaseLynx is not the most adaptable charging solution but one of the best customizable solutions in the market. You can buy the modules according to the charging devices you own, and it can charge all of them together.

With the SCOSCHE BaseLynx wireless charger, you can add a charging module to the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or any other USB charging devices. For the devices which do not support wireless charging, you can add a Power Delivery module which provides charging point for wired devices.

The wireless charger module provides up to 10W power to compatible devices. The Power delivery module comes with 18W USB-C and two 12W USB-A power solutions. You can define the charging pad layout according to your need.

NANAMI 5-in-1 Qi Wireless Charging Station

NANAMI Qi Wireless Charging Stand

One of the common issues is having multiple devices which need charging and keep adding multiple chargers or wires to support them. Here is another good quality, multi-purpose wireless charger which can provide up to 7.5w charging for your new iPhone 13 or 13 Pro. You can charge other wireless charging device at 10w charging.

The charging station can simultaneously charge up to 5 devices including AirPods, Apple Watch, iPhone 13 or any other wired charging needs. It can be a good addition to your home if you have multiple devices which needs charging.

The design is nice and sleek which can fit in any ambiance. The soft LED lights will tell you which station are in use and which are available. It comes with 36w power adaptor which can take care of all your charging needs. Charge all your devices with this wireless charging stand while keeping them in style.

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U-Good 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand

U Good 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand

If you are looking for a compact charging stand which can charge your iPhone 13 with its accessories like AirPods and Apple Watch, this is the stand for you. Aluminum build with a compact design which can charge 3 devices at a time, also provides MagSafe attachment for iPhones.

The charging stand comes with 20w power adaptor which can charge all three devices simultaneously. It comes with a premium and compact build which looks good in any ambiance.

The auto indicator let you know phone is charging and will auto turn off to not disturb your night sleep. The Magsafe slot will keep your phone in place while charging and can be used vertical or horizontal position to enjoy FaceTime calls.

If you are looking for a good usable charging stand to go with iPhone 13, this stand can do it for you. Use it on your office desk or home setup to easily charge all the iPhone accessories.

There are many other wireless chargers, but the list above covers the details of the most useful among the numerous others available in the market. Which one are you planning to get for your iPhone 13 / 13 Pro?

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