MakePad: The Revolutionary Way to Build and Learn Coding For Kids

MakePad Tablet - New Way To Learn Code

Coding is a very useful and powerful skill to have in this day and age. In this digital era where everything and anything works on computers and software, knowing how to build and tweak codes can prove to be an indispensable skill one could possess.

Unfortunately most institutions nowadays days do not have programs and facilities available to allow junior students pursue coding. This technical skill is not present in most curriculums and interested students must find their own avenues of learning how to code.

To make life easier for these young coding enthusiasts and builders, here is a revolutionary product- The MakePad. This kickstarter project is both intriguing as well as simple to use making it the perfect tool for little ones to learn coding.

So this is the story of MakePad, an inspired technology with a simple focused aim: To make coding an accessible skill for all. Irrespective of age or background, it is the perfect way for children to get their hands dirty building code and programming machines.

It not just allows kids or enthusiastic adults to code applets, digital games, and music but also lets them build this tablet itself from scratch from the components provided, effectively making it a true Do It Yourself (DIY) Kit. The charm of it being a DIY paired with its simplistic and instructive user interface makes it a perfect learning tool.

One of the best perks of using this DIY tablet is its independence. No internet connection is required to be able to use this device to its fullest potential. One can sit anywhere, anytime and offline and, begin coding and building on the MakePad. That is how versatile and robust this MakePad is.

Providing a wide range of support options in its lineup, there is something for everyone and every budget. This child friendly, visually appealing, simplistic touch screen based learning device is the way for your child to begin his or her journey to coding.

MakePad is driven by three goals; being affordable, accessible and easy to use. That is what the MakePad envisions coding to be. And such a drive by a start up should be respected, celebrated and made known to the world all over.

Where most companies are blind towards the upliftment of society, and a new fledgling comes along with a vision so great, it only is natural that we appreciate the effort.

It has already reached 40% of it goal of $50,000 and if you want to support it, head over to Kickstarter and pledge your support.

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