Sony’s Take on the Smart Contact Lens – Blink and Record

Sony Smart Contact Lens Patent
Source: U.S. Patent and trademark office

We all know that Sony is a company which deals mostly with Televisions and home cinemas, audio systems like headphones and Bluetooth speakers, cameras, mobile and its accessories, video cameras and PlayStation. They also have professional products for security systems, medical systems, and broadcasting systems.

Recently, they have expanded their innovations into something extremely unbelievable. They are innovating contact lens that records whatever the person sees and the person will be able to view it later.

Sounds extremely bizarre, doesn’t it?

Sony is a Japanese company and we all know that Japan is on the leading countries known for their innovations especially in technology. So very recently they have decided to make a contact lens that records whatever the wearer sees.

Google and Samsung were also trying to experiment with smart lenses. Google is trying with smart lenses which can check the blood sugar levels from the tear film. Last year Samsung also had patented smart contact lenses which has a camera, antenna, and sensors that detect movement. They would be controlled by blinking.

Sony was recently granted the patent for contact lenses which records videos. For people who watch Black Mirror, they would know how totally bizarre this is. We could hardly imagine something coming up like this.

This is something extremely incredible and Sony plans on making this a reality. The patent talks about controlling the lens with a blink or series of blinks. The lens will differentiate between the regular blink vs deliberate blink. Users can initiate actions based on deliberate blinking.

They want to store the video data in a processor which would be on the lens which would lie on the iris. They want all the features of a video camera to be incorporated on the lens like zooming in or out, take pictures and store it and play the recorded video from the lens while the lens is still being worn.

This sounds extremely fun and scary at the same time. Who would have thought that technology could progress so much right?

Google has a tough time selling Google Glasses with the privacy concern and this patent goes one step beyond. It will be tough for the people to recognize if someone is wearing these lenses.

Though the lens sounds impractical Sony is working on making it a reality. So let’s see how far Sony can take this effort.

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