9 Best Augmented Reality Photography Apps for iPhone 12

Well, there’s some great news for all of you out there who have got their hands on the brand new iPhone 12 or 12 Pro. This gem of a phone comes equipped with Apple’s very own augmented reality platform, ARKit.

This means that the new version will feature exciting new apps powered by the augmented reality platform ARKit 4.

What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality was once ultra-futuristic concept, but not anymore. Now there are many apps that are easily available and that features augmented reality games, photography, and other utilities.

You’ll know if you have bumped into someone looking for a Squirtle while strolling in a public park. Fear not, that’s just the game Pokémon Go, a wildly popular augmented reality game.

Augmented reality has become more polished and smooth over the years. It now provides astonishing ways to make computer-generated images that superimposes the user’s view of reality.

It creates a view that is a mix of both, the real world and the virtual world by tapping into the GPS and camera functionality of a smartphone to create an augmented reality interface.

ARKit- Augmented Reality Kit

It is a set of tools, which is a boon to the developers that facilitates creating augmented reality apps for iOS 14. Apple had been lagging in the augmented reality section so far, using the Cardboard platform from Google to perform low-end VR.

The latest iPhone 12 Pro version comes with LiDAR Scanner which can scan the environment and provide real time data to your iPhone. This means Augmented Reality works better with Pro version with more accurate data points.

One of the good application of augmented reality is photography apps which can create some amazing effects in your photos and videos.

Best Augmented Reality Photography Apps For iPhone X

Best Augmented Reality Photography Apps

Here are some of the best photography and video capturing apps that have been released using the ARKit, compatible with the iPhone X.

Vixeo – AR Movie Maker

Vixeo is an app which allows you to record videos with a baby dragon or Santa Claus. It comes with many characters including Santa Claus, dinosaurs, Zombies or knights. You can control or animate the characters in the video to create an awesome effect.

Use your imagination and place these characters on real-life screen to record a video and amuse your peers. It is still a new app in the App Store and has a few issues but if you get past those, you will have a fun creating videos with this app.

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Leo Augmented Reality Camera

This is the #1 Trending Photo and Video App in the AppStore right now. It allows make videos via augmenting the world around them, and lets you choose from hundreds of objects available for you to add them.

Add mirror effect to enhance the surroundings, build your own profile, share you content and also see the best ones in your feed. Your profile can be shared via the social media too.

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ARvid Augmented Reality Camera

This is one of the best Augmented Reality Video apps which comes with many different objects to interact with. The app is regularly updated with new objects so you can keep creating new videos.

The basic 3D text in Augmented reality and painting pack is free while you can purchase another packs to add new objects in the app. Bring some lions in your living room or play with Dinosaurs in the park, enjoy this app on your new iPhone 12.

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Augmented reality platform offers a way to bring in the dinosaurs to dine with you, quite literally. Jumping one step ahead from the cartoony and bizarre stickers of other apps, Holo brings ultra-realistic “holos” into your picture.

You can drag-and-drop these insanely entertaining stickers, which range from celebrities, superheroes, aliens, dinosaurs, octopuses, you name it!

It is simple to operate as well. All you got to do is stick a holo to a surface in the room you are in, walk around it, scale it as you go around, and voila! Your Holo is ready.

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Bemo Augmented Reality Photography App Screenshot

Bemo is an exciting app that lets you experiment with augmented reality and photography. It incorporates photographable modern characters, designs, and funny stickers.

Sign up and begin with your recording. You can photograph your augmented reality generated masterpieces and place AR figures on your frame to start with your clickings right away.

Bemo features a vast range of different AR characters to choose from like hilarious stickers (a butthole that poops on an unsuspecting AR victim, or a shaking cow’s udder). Head to the AppStore and find this quirky app to have fun with your friends.

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Giphy World

Giphy World AR Sticker App for iPhone X

Augmented reality takes an exciting new dimension with the Giphy World app. The options it offers are too vast, limited only by your imagination. Record a video of your creation and share it online. You can even share links to your scene for your friends to explore. You can leave a trail of GIFs for your friends to follow, fill the floor with GIFs and what not.

Giphy World offers a unique and simple way to have tremendous fun, use AR designs and characters on pictures or you can even have entire scenes of AR ridiculousness. It has also been featured in our Cool AR iPhone Apps to try.

Make your own memes and scenes with the features Giphy World offers to you, choose from the sticker packets like ‘Welcome to the Internet’ and ‘ You gave Got to be Kitten Me.’

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Blocker is an app designed by AfterNow, aiming at those who are seriously considering to aspire in the fields of filmography and cinematography. It collaborates with the power of augmented reality and with the creativity of a filmmaker, to create a powerful tool.

This tool provides a viewfinder and at the same time also provides a storyboard through the camera. However, it expands its scope far beyond the boundaries of mere recordings. Blocker app allows you to augment the scenes with 3D models which allows the filmmaker to actually see what the blocking of a given scene might look like. It helps you get down to the details while planning a scene.

This app lets you compose scenes using virtual editing of the set by adding AR objects, simulate the sun, shadows, and colors, in high-quality info-embedded photos which can be easily shared with your teammates.

The app includes 400 presets for cameras, which makes the end result as precise as possible. This tool is bound to help you fire your cinema dreams.

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PhotoStudio AR

This app works the best if you are always into deciding the pose and the background of your next photo or video shoot.

It allows you to create an avatar instantly from the given photo and you can place the model on different locations and adjust the lights, shades and the poses of the models. It’s a great visualizing app for your perfect projects.

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Lumyer AR App For iPhone X

This augmented reality app can be used to capture fun photos and videos, which are called lumys. This app lets you take selfies with animated characters around you, as well as make funny effects like the ‘Face-Kiss’ or the ‘Fire-Camp’ effect. One can also have a live stream along with AR graphics in it.

There are plenty of graphics and Fx packages which are available for download. There are holiday-themed packages, animations like raining dollar bills and fireworks to add to the fun element in your photo or video. This app lets your imagination run wild.

You can save your work on your iPhone X as a Live Photo or upload it to your social media account.

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Augmented Reality has changed the way we use technology, be it for entertainment or utilitarian purposes. Our passions have found new outlets through these apps.

Augmented reality photography apps are a new dimension in capturing the real life through pictures. And these apps are some of the best ones you need to look out for when going for AR apps on iOS 14.

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