10 Perfect Tech Gift Ideas For Smart Homeowners

Going digital is the trend now and a lot of people love to carry it with style on their homes. The best part is that there are amazing tech inventions that can be used at home to make your living simplified with technology.

There are tons of them available in the market which cater to different sectors of a household. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best you can highlight, or which are healthy gift options.

Best Tech Gift Ideas For Smart Homeowners

Best Tech Gift Ideas For Smart Home Owners

If you are looking to buy a gift for friends and family who have already set up a smart home, here are some of the perfect tech gift ideas that can be used.

You can also give these as a gift to the friends who have not started their Home Automation journey and forced them to set up a smart home.

August Smart Pro

August Smart Lock Pro Door Lock as Tech Gift

We know the number of efforts one must take to find the missing keys be it a man or a woman’s bag. The search is simply never-ending! An intelligent home wouldn’t have that because it would have an intelligent lock.

August Smart Pro is the perfect digital device that will lock and unlock the door automatically when you’re at home, leaving the home or are sipping coffee in a coffee shop.

The intelligent August lock can be operated via a smartphone from anywhere. It has DoorSense so that you can always use your existing keys whenever you want if the door is safely closed and locked. Imagine you leave the house and hear the door locked behind you automatically or come home and see it open.

It allows Simple access for you to watch who is coming from your home or going outside on your mobile. Lock and unlock your door. Alexa will also include notices when the battery runs low so that they can be replaced proactively. Set up clever reorders by refilling the dash to ensure that substitute battery is still available if you need them.

The device has Bluetooth connectivity. It also supports Alexa and easy to use. The product is economical and is rated with five stars from the previous users. If you are looking for an excellent quality security system, this one is the best option for you to try.

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Petnet Smart Feeder (2 Generation)

Petnet Smart Feeder As Tech Gift Ideas

Feed your pets hassle-free when you’re away from home. Petnet offers a smart solution with the help of its smart pet feeder which feeds your pet as per your inputs and time.

If you’re in a doubt, you can enter the details of your pet in the application and it recommends you the right number of the portion and right time to feed your pet. The container and the machine are easy to clean.

It comes with a self-rechargeable backup battery that has a battery life of 2 days. The application sends you a notification after your pet is fed and when the machine is running out of battery life.

Also, it is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant so, you can ask them to feed your pet. In addition, it also has NestCam which can send screenshots of your pet eating its food.

Philips SmartSleep Wake Up Light

Philips Smartsleep and Wakeup Light

This is one of the best alarm clocks which allows and stimulates your body to wake up more naturally and in a positive and good mood.

This wake-up light starts working 30 minutes before the set time to wake up and gradually increases the light to fill up the room with bright yellow light resembling the sunlight which ends with a small beep which means it’s time for you to wake up.

You can set up the intensity of the light you wish to fill up your room with. This can also be used as a bedside lamp which can be turned on and off with a single touch.

This wake-up light is the best gift for someone who hates getting up in the morning even after keeping multiple alarms. Wind down routines will help you fall asleep easily by setting the required lighting shade.

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Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon Smart Plug

This is the most affordable and the best thing to gift someone as it saves tons of energy bills and does the smart work for your home.

You can turn any device into a smart one just by attaching the plug of the device into the smart switch. Devices such as microwaves, coffee machines, mixers, night lamps will switch on and off automatically with a single command.

You can control and schedule the device timings with the help of Alexa which is available for download on your iOS or Android devices.

You can also operate the switch commands with the help of Alexa. The best part is you can operate the appliances with the help of its application anytime and anywhere.

Ecobee Smart Light Switch

ecobee Switch+ Smart Light Switch

If you want to go one step forward and gift something more than just a smart switch, this gift is for you. You can control this device with Alexa and manage the lights of the house from anywhere with the help of the application.

We know how much extra we have to shell out from our pockets every month just because we forgot to switch off the lights while leaving the house. This smart device turns the lights on when you enter the room and switches them off when you leave the room.

You can command Alexa to turn off the lights which are on downstairs and so on. The application also gives you smart options like vacation mode which keeps a bit of ambiance to your home when you’re out for a safety to avoid any mishaps, no disturb mode, etc.

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Ring WiFi Video Doorbell

Ring WiFi Video Doorbell System

There are times when we are not close to the door and want to see who has come to the house or have a small casual talk before opening the door. Ring Video Doorbell works with Alexa and allows you to answer the door from almost anywhere in the world.

It also rings all the Echo devices in your home and allows you to answer the door from there. If you have the Echo Show, you can even have a video chat with the person at the door.

Add the ability to check the status and video from anywhere including at night with the included night vision. It also has a motion sensor-based alarm system so you can get all the activity report.

It also comes with a lifetime theft warranty, which means in case of theft of the doorbell, you will get a replacement free of cost.

The Purple Blanket

The Purple Blanket

This blanket has a two-way design which helps you cover yourself irrespective of the weather, time, mood, and place.

One side is warmer which lets you cuddle up during winters while watching a movie while the other side is cooler which can be used during summers to sleep peacefully.

The installed EiderTechie takes care of the breathability, temperature, and the insulating features of the blanket. It is one of the coziest blankets which you can buy and use it according to increase your comfort.

Both sides are made of the plush micro link which gives ultra-durability. It is also machine washable and stain resistant to keep it clean. Enjoy your movies or TV shows while snuggling in this cozy blanket.

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Philips Hue LED Smart Bulb

Philips Hue LED Smart Bulb

You know what else a cool gift would be then a light bulb that your voice can handle. It’s like you see characters in movies talking to robotic assistants who do all for them. This can be achieved with the clever Philips Hue lights. By adjusting light colors talking to your favorite voice assistant, you can create the perfect mood for any occasion from your phone or tablet. You can also create pre-set settings so you can wake up in the morning to soft light and have a comfortable afternoon atmosphere.

They are easy to buy, easily available, and look great. The best thing about these lights is that they are pocket friendly. They do not prove to be heavy on your budget. The best thing is that they look classy when installed.

This intelligent light will continue to function with your Hue Hub and can be easily incorporated into the current Hue Ecosystem through Bluetooth is compatible. Up to 50 smart lights can be operated all over the house with the Hue Hub (also outdoors). Build time and schedules to automate your entire intelligent home lighting configuration. Control your lights away from home or complement your accessories, such as motion sensors and intelligent switches.

ecobee Smart Thermostat

Ecobee Smart Thermostat for smart home owners

Fluctuating room temperatures can turn into an annoyance easily. This is a problem that can be solved with ease with the use of a smart thermostat. What that does is that it adjusts the temperature of a room in accordance with the room temperature and occupancy.

It has an energy-saving mode that allows you to save about 23% of your electricity bills. There are separate apps and voice commands with which you can adjust the room temperature as well.

The ecobee smart thermostat also compatible with Alexa smart devices or Apple Home Kit. So, you can easily use the voice commands or smartphone to control the temperature of your home.

eufy BoostIQ RoboVac

Dufy BoostIO RoboVac Vacuum Cleaner

Everyone needs some help with cleaning up. One way in which you can get some stellar help is with a robot vacuum. eufy RoboVac is a tremendous treat for home-lovers. It’s famous, and everyone knows what it is, so let’s quickly go over the key features.

Eufy Robovac is a slim device that can easily vacuum your home for about 100 minutes at a stretch. Its design allows it to reach all the small crevices that are usually overlooked.

When you are tired of cleaning your home, this robot will offer you the comfort it needs. It cleans all the corners of your home without the need to move your furniture from one place to another. The robot is of small size and looks compact. It keeps your home clean from the dry and wet trash. It cleans every corner and does not leave any place untouched.

It has a large suction force and makes exceptionally low noise as well. Additionally, this robot vacuum comes with an app that allows you to locate it in case it goes missing. With the integration of smart assistants, you can easily control the eufy to clean your house.

So here are some of the gadgets which you can give any homeowner who is looking for smart gadgets. Some of them will help their automation efforts or help them do their day-to-day tasks efficiently.

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