Top 10 Amazon Alexa Skills Which You Should Try Today

So… you got yourself a shining, new and amazing speaker for your house? An Amazon Echo, right? Just for your living room. You surely are pretty excited about it. But the thing here is, How are you gonna use the thing?

Amazon Alexa Skills Which You Should Try Today

There are probably hundreds of skills that are available on Alexa, and you can pretty much make it do anything. There are so many options that it might get a bit confusing. But don’t worry, as we are here to help you.

10 Best Amazon Alexa Skills You Should Try Now!

Wanna know what you can do with your brand new Amazon Alexa? Well, read on to find out.

Here are the top 10 skills that you should definitely try on Alexa.


Book fan, are you? Well, have you ever thought how fantastic it would be to have an audiobook for your Amazon Alexa? After all, they are absolutely amazing for the audiobooks. But before that, you actually have to have an Audible account.

With the help of commands such as, ‘Restart a chapter’ and ‘Resume my book’, you can easily get your Amazon Alexa to work properly. Alexa is also efficient in playing several sections and chapter from a certain book.

Sounds amazing right?

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Another one of the best Alexa skills is that it has Skyscanner in it. A superb travel search engine site that makes it possible for you to make travel plans very easily. And it is great pleasure to know that your very own Alexa has a set of commands that are amazing for that.

Even better than any other web browser that you use. You actually have an opinion instead of just hearing robotic replies. All you have to do is ask Alexa to open Skyscanner and there you have it. Make travel plans and do your research from Alexa.

It is so easy that you will get addicted.

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Surely you have got the Amazon Prime music app. But then, we have a better option for you.

Spotify is an amazing alternative. Never heard of it? Well, it is an app that can be easily connected with Alexa to have some good show of music. Provided, you have a Spotify Premium account that you can connect with Alexa.

Some good commands and Alexa is all set to shower some great music of your choice. And even better, you can queue up your choices according to the artist, album, playlist and much more.

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Now you have your very own, amazing fitness tracker that is always strapped to your wrist.

The amazing Fitbit skill that is present in Alexa, can be considered as one of the best Amazon Alexa skills. You get a regular viewing of your health status and other reports as well.

Connect your Amazon Alexa with the Fitbit app and you are all set. Say, you want to know how you slept the other night. Just ask Alexa, and it gets you the sleeping status. Although, first of all, you have to add the Fitbit skill in Alexa.

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How about an amazing sports feature to go with your Alexa?

You know that are numerous options. All you need to do is get a specific selection of teams under the Sports Update in Alexa settings section and you are all set for a nifty update from your Alexa device.

You just have to ask for the sports update and you have it right in here. From fixtures to match scores of the teams, you have everything.

Alexa also notifies you the scores of certain particular matches. And that is certainly the best part. This one is probably one of the best Alexa skills for people.

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For all the foodies out there, Amazon Alexa can get you over 20,000+ restaurants and food joints available near you if you have the Just Eat app connected to it.

It doesn’t really take that long now, does it? Whatever be your preference, Chinese or Italian or Continental, just voice your demands to Alexa and you will have a selection of options provided.

Get some of the best dining options with the help of Alexa.

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You have your very own Netflix now and is due to Plex, which is available on the Amazon Alexa.

Add this one and you can ask Alexa to play any particular series or movie and Plex will be the guide. Anything you want from your selection, you will have it for sure.

It has also got suggestions if you want any. Unlimited entertainment, am I right?

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Google Calendar is one of the best skills that can be definitely tried for knowing about your schedules and meetings.

Voicing your demands to a certain smart speaker is a really good factor for getting the reminders about your tasks for the day, and Alexa can help you with that.

With the help of the Google Calendar skills, you can have reminders and updates about your activities.


Smart homes are the trend right now. And so is Alexa. So how about we mix these two and use Alexa to control that smart home of yours.

Nest is an amazing tool skill that Alexa has. Have a look at the amazing options provided there. With the assistance of this app, you can easily control your smart home features. All you have to do is shout out the instructions to Alexa and it will be done.

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Wikipedia is something that everyone needs, from kids to adults. And now, with Alexa, you have your own treasure for getting information about certain places, people, movies, music, events, current affairs and what not.

If you ask Alexa for Wikipedia and give a suitable entry, your Amazon Alexa can easily get the necessary information for you. This certainly saves a lot of clicking time.

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Amazon Alexa is an amazing invention, to be honest. And with the help of the numerous commands and skills, you can get it to do pretty much everything.

So why wait? Try out these Top Amazon Alexa skills right now.

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