10 Best Home Automation Ideas for Beginners

After all the stressful day, who doesn’t want to go home and chill! Comforting and beautifully decorated. Wouldn’t it perfect if your abode is technically packed and gives a hand in taking care of yourself and the household. One should be thankful for the advanced technology, enabling one to automate their sweet home to a smart one.

In today’s new trend of DIY and automation project ideas, home automation ideas is not a biggie. These are very simple and affordable.

The only thing which you should keep in mind is the Eco-system which you are planning to use. The purpose of home automation to make your life simple rather than complicate it with the addition of many new devices.

Best Home Automation Ideas

Best Home Automation Ideas for Beginners

Let’s go about some of the home automation ideas that instantly make you feel like a genius and make you say why not already!


Being one of the simplest home automation projects, one should take up lighting as their first assignment to automate their home. All one has to do is replace the conventional lighting bulbs with the wireless LED bulbs and follow the simple instructions.

Usually, you can control these light bulbs via Bluetooth from your phone. While some lighting systems require a main smart home hub to connect to your home network.

If you want to take lighting a step further, it is advised to replace traditional switches with smart dimmers and wireless switches which can be controlled with your smartphone that is always by your side.

Philips Hue White Starter Kit

Philips Hue Smart Bulb Starter KitPhilips Hue White Starter Kit gives you everything which you need to start on your home automation. It comes with 2 dimmable white bulbs and a Hue Bridge to control those bulbs.

Connect the Hue Bridge to your home network and you can control the lights with the Philips Hue Mobile App. You can use these bulbs in the normal socket so no need to change anything in your home setup.

The Hue Bridge can control up to 50 smart bulbs which should be enough for many houses. If you like the setup just buy more bulbs and replace your traditional lights with them.

It is also compatible with Alexa, Apple Homekit and Google Assistant which means you can control the lights with your voice also.

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Quirky Smart Power Outlet

If you want to just start with a capability to turn on and off switches from remote, Quirky Smart Power Outlet is for you.

It comes with a capability of remote on and off for a pair of switches with the help of an app. You can also schedule the turn on and off time according to your liking.

It can also be paired with Amazon Alexa to control it with your voice.

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Try some of the above-mentioned lighting products to start you home automation ideas and enjoy the correct lightning across your home.

Mood setting

We are all aware that human’s mind is never stable and moods fluctuate, wouldn’t it be excellent if you can custom your sweet home’s ambiance accordingly?

Home automation systems let you take control over the ambiance of your house. With simple commands, you can completely change the room’s look. Also, you can create custom scenes that involuntarily change the lighting and music that suits your mood.

Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub

If your home automation ideas include multiple devices than its always advisable to look for a smart hub. It helps in making sure that you can easily control all the devices. Samsung comes with a solution which can be used for iPhone and Android.

Samsung SmartThings Hub can be plugged into your home network and in turn, it will control many of your devices. Connect some lights, thermostat, and speakers to create scenes according to your mood.

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Nexlux LED Strip Color Changing Light

Nexlux Smart LED Light StripNexlux gives you a LED strip which can be used as a mood lighting at many different places at your home. You can place it at the back of your TV to create a lighting effect which can match the shows running on the TV.

You can also try these lights under your bed or at the kitchen sit-out area. It comes with a smart control which can be used on Android or iOS. You can also control it through voice with the help of Amazon Alexa.

The strip itself is a waterproof LED light which can be set to display any color from 16M Color, so it can easily match your home furnishing. It can also sync with your music and create a party scene based on the music. Pair it with your smart 4K TV’s and enjoy the home theatre in a totally new lighting.

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Home Security

Samsung SmartThings Motion SensorYour sweet home is reckoned to be the safe place to curb. Taking another step to make it more secure for yourself and your loved ones are extremely easy with this home automation project.

Adding door and window sensors with any smart home hub is a cake walk. The system immediately alerts you if any suspicious activity with the doors or windows is detected.

Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor

If you are planning to use SmartThings network, you can use this motion sensor. It allows you to set it up for multiple things like turning lights on and off based on your movement, sending alerts based on suspicious activities etc.

Samsung SmartThings Smart Hub is needed to connect this motion sensor to your home network.

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Disaster Prevention

An early warning regarding fire, water leaks or a lethal carbon monoxide leak can save our home and lives.

A smart home system can aid one in getting the warning prior to such disasters and required measures can be taken to avoid such disasters.

Nest Smart Smoke Alarm

Nest Samrt Smoke AlarmNest creates some of the best smart products in the industry and this smoke alarm is the same. It can connect to your home network and communicates with other smart devices like lights or washing machine.

It has small self-routine checks which can alert you in case it is running out of juice (if you are worried about the battery, it has a wired model also). So it will never miss any emergency situation because of battery problems.

Also, it can intelligently point to the problem are by bringing the smart lights on, so you can reach it easily and take action. Same way it can work with smart washing machines and control the load based on power consumption in the house. Just connect it to your smartphone and you will receive notifications even if you are away from home.

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Child or pet Monitor

Parenting becomes so much easier with a wireless security camera. Just with one of them in your kid’s room, you can track down what your kid is up to.

If you are a dog lover or have an anxious pet, these security cameras will come handy and aid in monitoring your pet too.

360 Home Security Camera

360 home security Camera can be a good addition to your home security network. It comes with a wide-angle lens to cover more area and you can choose between 1080p and 720p resolution.

It has 2-way talk feature to interact with the other parties and also can generate motion based alerts. Check the stream from anywhere on your phone and record video in case you need it.

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Arlo Pro By Netgear Systems

Arlo Pro by Netgear Security SystemsIf you want bit more sophisticated camera system for your home, you can try Arlo Pro by Netgear. It comes with wire-free HD camera which can be used indoor or outdoor.

This camera is compatible with Samsung SmartThings and Amazon Alexa, so you can easily integrate it into your home network. You also get 7 days worth of cloud storage for your video and audio. Connect it to your smartphones and view the live feed from anywhere. Once you set up the hub, you can expand the security by adding additional cameras into the system.

Currently, some users are complaining about a recording delay where the recording will not kick on by the movement. If that is something you absolutely want, wait till Netgear fixes this issue.

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Smart Thermostat

Nest Smart Learning ThermostatOne of the other good implementations is to control the temperature of your home. Once you set it up correctly, you will be able to control it from anywhere and save some electricity bill with the smart features.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest has one of the best smart thermostats in the market which can save your energy bills by learning your schedule. You can connect it with Alexa to control it with voice or use Apple’s HomeKit to control it from your phone.

Like the other Nest Devices, it can also connect with your smart lights and other appliances to provide a more inclusive network.

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Ecobee 4 Alexa-Enabled Thermostat

Ecobee 4 smart device cools the room you are in accordingly. One of the perks of this major system is its flexibility to program as per our convenience. Having one of these in your upstairs or downstairs hallway would be perfect!

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Smart Wireless Speaker System

Sonos One Smart Speaker SystemIf you love music then this news you are going to know is literally music to your ears. Just imagine playing any favorite album of yours anywhere and anytime. Now, that is a music lover’s dream indeed. This home automation project must be taken up by every music loyalist.

Sonos One Smart Speaker

This wireless speaker system has made the dream into reality. With these speakers, you can listen to music anywhere including the rooftop deck. Just connect it to your wireless network and it can start acting on your voice commands.

Because it includes Amazon Alexa, you can install new skills or play music from almost any source. This is one of the best speakers for a clear and crisp audio playback.

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Apple HomePod

Apple is also coming up with their own smart speaker – HomePod. They have also given a lot of emphasis on the sound quality of the speaker. It is also integrated with Apple services like Siri, Apple Music etc. So you can listen to your music or stream it with Apple Music Subscription.

The main attraction of the speaker is its setup process, it will try to check the size of the room and tailor the audio according to your layout. So enjoy a beautiful sound and all other smart feature in this wireless speaker.

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Google Home Mini

If you want to try the wireless setup but doesn’t want to spend much, you can try with Google Home Mini. The sound quality is not extraordinary but it still has all the smart features. You can connect it to your phone or stream music from your preferred music source.

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Fitness band

Apple Watch With HomeKit SupportThese days you can spot one of these on everyone’s wrists, trying to keep up with their calories. Just to add more weight to this amazing product, I say that you can operate your house with this one wristband. Yes, it is absolutely true. Want to start your day with a cup of coffee? It turns on the lights and starts brewing coffee as soon as you wake up.

Apple Watch

If you are setting up your home automation using Apple HomeKit ecosystem, Apple Watch can be a great addition to your network. Just control all your home devices from your wrist with the help of Apple HomeKit. Most of the other smart apps also have a support for Apple Watch which means you have your home attached to your wrist.

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Smart Locks

Kwikset SmartCode UL DeadBoltBid goodbye to the days where you had to worry about losing your keys or have a spare one under the garden pot. With one touch you can lock or unlock the doors as you wish. Also, this system is much safer than the traditional lock system and has low chances for an intruder to access your doors.

Kwikset Z-Wave Deadbolt

Kwikset SmartCode Lock allows you to create up to 30 codes for unlocking the house, so each member can have their own code for operating it. It can connect to a smart hub like Samsung SmartThings and allows remote locking and unlocking.

This lock can be installed like any other normal lock with metal build providing extra strength. Use one-click lock or integrate with Alexa for voice commands. Currently, voice unlocking is not supported but you can still include it in your home network with a hub.

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Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain Smart Garage HubHave you ever wondered how your sweet car is doing while you are in the other part of the country or anywhere in the world? With a single touch, you can safeguard your garage and be ensured about the whereabouts of your car.

Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub

This hub can be attached to any garage door opener to bring it into your smart network. It is compatible with Nest line of products, so you can integrate it with your thermostat or motion sensors.

You can also set up alerts so you will get real-time notifications about your garage door activities. Integrate it with the Google Assistant with their monthly subscription option.

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If you are thinking of beginning an automation project and were skeptical, I bet this article has changed your opinion and made you feel like home automation a cake walk.

With these 10 super easy home automation ideas, anyone can automate their sweet home.

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