TNBT001 – Apple WWDC, Microsoft Retail Store Closing, and Google Verified Caller

Hey everyone, this is Sanjeev from Techkle. In this episode of TNBT, let’s cover some of the latest technology news from the big companies.

TNBT001 Apple WWDC Updates

Episode Summary

Apple has just concluded its yearly development conference (Apple WWDC). First time ever they have executed this conference in a virtual mode and all sessions are live-streamed across the world.

Apple WWDC Updates

Apple has given a glimpse of the latest changes coming to all their products this fall. So let’s check what you can expect to come your way on iPhones, iPad, and MacBooks.

iOS 14

iOS 14 will bring many changes which will make it more user friendly. We will discuss some of those changes mentioned below in this episode.

  • Home Screen Widgets – Provide easy access to information.
    • Widget Stacking
    • Smart Widget Stack
  • App Clips
  • Nonintrusive Call and Facetime Notifications
  • Privacy Notifications on Data Access
  • Third-Party Apps as Default Apps
  • Apple Translate App
  • Picture in Picture

iPadOS 14

We are getting most of the updates mentioned in the iOS update but also some iPad specific updates. These updates will make it easy to use apps with Apple Pencil.

Here are some of the updates covered in this episode:

  • Sidebar access in Applications
  • Scribbles

macOS Big Sur

macOS is heading towards one of the biggest overhauls in recent years. From the design of each element to Safari Privacy updates, a big changes coming to our ways.

Here are the items discussed in this episode.

  • System-Wide Redesign
  • Safari Updates
    • Start Page Customisations
    • Extensions Portability and App Store Section
    • Privacy Report
  • Messages Updates
    • Pin Conversations
    • Inline Replies
    • People Mentions
    • Memoji’s on Mac
  • Control Center
  • Widgets In Notifications

watchOS 7 & tvOS 14

There are a lot of big updates coming to watchOS and tvOS. Many of the changes coming towards integrating more health functionality to Apple TV and Apple Watch.

Here are the updates discussed in this episode.

  • watchOS 7
    • Shareable Watch Faces
    • Sleep Tracking
    • Wind Down and Wake Up Routine
    • Dancing as a workout
    • hand Wash Countdown
  • tvOS 14
    • Integration with Apple Watch For health activities
    • Home Kit enhancement for viewing security cam feeds
    • addition game controller compatibility to enjoy games with controllers on Apple TV

AirPods Updates

There is a big update coming to AirPods and AirPods Pro which will make them one of the best Bluetooth headphones for iPhones.

  • Spatial Audio (AirPods Pro)
  • Automatic Audio Switching

So these are some of the updates from Apple WWDC which we can expect to receive in this fall.

Microsoft Retail Store Closing

In a surprise announcement, Microsoft announced that they are closing all of their stores worldwide. They are planning to only four store from 85 store worldwide and convert they into experience zones.

Luckily they are not planning to layoff any of their workforces which would have been troublesome in these times. Most of those employees will move to Microsoft office and will start attending product support calls.

Google Product Updates

Google has also announced some of the updates for their products in the past week. They are also enhancing their tools like Google Meet to include

Google Verified Calls

Verified calls will show helpful information on the screen to tell you why a business is trying to reach you. Business needs to send some information to Google’s Server and once it’s verified it will show up on your screen.

It can be a good way to differentiate between spam call and important calls from business.

Google Photo Update

Google Photo is also getting some new interface changes including new icon, clear layout and new Maps view to show your photo across the maps. Should be a good view for people who likes to travel.

Automatic Data Deletion Settings

Now you can set an automatic data deletion request in your Google account which will help you manage how long you want Google to keep the data.


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So this brings us to closure of this episode. Hopefully, you will get an good idea about all the updates from Apple WWDC and Google Product updates.

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