13 Best Mac Apps For Students And Young Professionals

Apple puts an immense focus on Education for students and it reflects on the apps they create and provide for Students.

It is important for a student to keep up with the pace of the changing world of education in order to get good grades as well as proper adequate knowledge. With more and more things in the world becoming associated with the computer it is absolutely essential to have an idea of the role of computers in the education segment.

Best Mac Apps For Students

Best Mac Apps For Student Or Young Professionals

Sometimes students face difficulty in looking for good study apps on Mac. This is primarily true when changing from windows or ChromeOS to MacOS. It can also be a dilemma on how many bucks to spend in order to get a good study app that suits the needs of the student.

Here is a list of best Mac apps for students that are highly rated by the users and can prove to be helpful to satisfy certain aspects of knowledge.

Scrivener 3

Scrivener 3 Mac App Screenshot

This is a really simple tool with a simple but immensely helpful function that helps you write your essay or article and simultaneously do the research for the same in the same window.

Using this app it is possible to get the webpage and the content page on the same window which spares the time requires in minimizing or switching windows frequently. Though the app is made for writers but functions to help keep your storyline organized will be helpful for students. They can organize their homework and related research under a single window.

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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Home Subscription

Though many universities offer Microsoft 365 account as part of their enrolment process, if you do not have one, you should get it. The Microsoft 365 membership comes with a complete suite of productivity apps including collaboration software Teams.

You get office apps like Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel along with Cloud Storage on OneDrive. Most of the plans give 1TB of Cloud Storage which is one of the cheapest in the market.

If you select a plan which include Microsoft Teams, you will have a complete video conferencing solution or collaboration solution for group projects.


Pages Mac App From App Store

Most of the students face difficulty in writing stuff in Mac when they switch from MS Word in Windows. Pages are the solution to this problem.

It is almost equivalent to MS Word with some extra features available. You don’t need to spend any money in order to download Pages. In fact, nowadays it’s free and comes pre-installed with MacBook.


Best Mac Apps for Students - LYX Document Editor

This is one of the best Mac apps for students to create professional documents with a formal look without many complications.

TeX is a typesetting system that processes the document and changes the layout accordingly. All it needs is a click of a button.

It renders mathematical equations very well and comes with an advanced equation editor that is particularly useful for someone dealing with a lot of math. The Mac product must have a TeX system pre-installed for processing the document viz. MacTeX. The app is free.

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Keynote App on Mac App Store

Like the Pages app, Keynote is the Mac version of MS PowerPoint. So, you can do anything in Keynote that you could do with the MS PowerPoint.

But it takes time to settle in with this app as the functions are and tools are available on different menus and different locations. Don’t be impatient it has extra features too once you get used to it.

Like Pages, Keynote comes pre-installed with recent Mac products and is also available for free download for old products from Mac App Store.


PostBox Mac App As Email Client

It is a useful paid app that is useful not only for students but for anyone who has to deal with a lot of e-mails.

Postbox is particularly helpful to organize the various e-mails that one receives in an orderly fashion and folder-wise as one wishes. It comes with a lot of features to accomplish the task at a satisfactory level.

It works well with almost all mail protocols and integrates well with Facebook as well as Address Book. The cost is $40 which is quite worthy considering the utility of the app in the student life.

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iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro Mac App From App Store

This is a much-needed app for students who regularly forget the deadlines of their assignments or projects or class schedules in general.

Using this app, one can keep track of these important dates and highlight them. The interface has been reviewed to be incredible and it can be considered as the best Mac app for students among other apps meant for the same purpose.

It can also sync with iPhone or iPad. The price is $9.99 which is quite reasonable.


Evernote Mac App From App Store

This is a must for every student if he or she owns a Mac device as without notes life of a student is dark.

Evernote eases this job by providing a cloud-based note-making feature that syncs across all platforms. Web pages, voice notes, and iSight notes can also be clipped using Evernote.

The app is free but it is mostly ad-supported. It is allowed to upload 60MB of data per month which is usually more than enough for most students.

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Numbers Mac App on App Store

This is the Mac version of MS Excel. It comes with the same features but takes time to get used to the tools and functions and extra features that are provided with the app.

You can do calculations, graphs and budget sheets with ease using this app. It comes pre-installed on the recent Mac products and is also available for free download for old products from Mac App Store.


OmniFocus 2 Mac App From App Store

OmniFocus the task management tool which is a must-have for every Student. With so many assignment, projects, and subject, you need something which can prioritize and expedite your work.

If you are doing a project with your peers, all can join the same project and share the workload. OmniFocus can remind each one of you regarding your deadlines and tasks.

So, buy this one of the best mac apps for students and manage your projects and assignments effectively.

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MindNode 7

MindNode 5 Mac App on App Store

The app is needed by research scholars or final year students to think about their thesis and brainstorm ideas. It basically provides a platform to organize the various ideas of a research project using nodes.

There are many kinds of nodes that you can create like tasks, images, text, etc. It also can sync with OmniFocus, so you can send the task reminders to OmniFocus. Proper integration with other useful apps and clean interface makes it one of the best Mac apps for students.

The app is available as a free version on the Mac App Store but it only allows you to view your documents. For the complete functionality, you need to buy the in-app purchase.


Dropbox Mac App

It is a cloud-based storage solution that allows you to upload data and access it from any part of the world. Internet connection is needed to access the storage but this can be solved by downloading clients for Mac.

The app gives 2GB storage space for free and extra storage can be accessed from $8.25 per month.

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Skype App For Mac

It is a video calling app that can be used for a conference with other colleagues and for the purpose of online tutorials.

The Mac version has all the features as the Windows version but navigation is a little bit awkward. This is particularly good for students who remain out of station for a long time for various academic purposes.

It is a free app but landline and mobile calls are chargeable per minute basis.

There are many more apps for students available in macOS. The ones listed have the most utility in student life and are the best Mac apps for students.

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