Top 15 Apple TV Games To Play With Game Controller

An Apple TV is not just your regular TV, right? It is definitely superior to some ‘hobby’. Apple TV is a vision, a full-fledged TV system that has got its own selection of apps, and even better, amazing games that you can play with the help of controllers.

Best Apple TV Games To Play With Controller

It can surely be a bit tempting to consider Apple TV as a certain device that can be used for the entertainment of the traditional and more casual gamer. And why not, there are numerous Apple TV games you can play in here. Let’s list a few.

Best Apple TV Games To Play With Game Controller

Though Apple TV comes with a remote which can play all the games available on tvOS, sometimes old-fashioned game controller is what we want.

Here we are with a list of top games of Apple TV that you can definitely play with the help of a Bluetooth game controller.


A futuristic and amazing game of driving is one of the best multiplayer Apple TV games on the list. Just the right kind of boost that you need.

Ever heard of the very popular game, Wipeout? Well, AG Drive resembles the format of that particular game and features some adrenaline-rushing driving and pacing along the unpredictable, windy tracks in the cities that have a great backdrop. And not to forget the best part about the game, there are no in-app purchases here.

Every player is on an equal level of playing in this game. All you have to do is win races and go ahead.

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NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition

If you are a sports fan, you will love to play this NBA 2K21 version on your Apple TV. The game is available as part of Apple Arcade service which provides access to over 180 games in monthly subscription fee. You can subscribe to the gaming service or subscribe to Apple One plans to get the bundle services.

The game has good graphics with decent gameplay. Your can connect your Xbox or Playstation controllers to get the precise controls. This game provides career mode along with online gameplay with your friends using iCloud sync. Choose the mode and enjoy the sports play on your Apple TV, iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Alto’S Adventure

One of the popular favourites of people, Alto’s Adventure is available on Apple TV. A superb skinning adventure, this amazing game has features that are similar to that of the iOS adventure game, Tiny Wings.

You can absolutely play the game with the help of a controller and all you have to do is navigate yourself down the path of the mountain by dodging all the obstacles like the cliffs, rocks and much more. Albeit, the graphics could improve a bit, but nonetheless, it is a wonderful game for playing on an Apple TV.

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Asphalt 8

Did you know that the Siri Remote controller came with a Gyroscopic and Accelerometer functionality? No? Well, now you do and it is an amazing thing because now you can play Asphalt 8 on the Apple TV. Surely, you have heard about that.

The ‘God’ of racing games, Asphalt 8 can be a fantastic choice for playing. Known to be one of the most amazing games, this one is a popular choice for racing game lovers.

Just rotate your controller and simulate the steering wheel and if you want more granular control or console feeling, use a Bluetooth game controller.

Beat Sports

With the new addition of the remote controller in the Apple TV, you can have the exact same feeling as if you are playing from a full-on gaming console. The added accelerometer is another major invention to the game. And what better way to use the remote than to play dome Beat Sports in it.

An amazing mix of music and cartoon sports, this one certainly steals the show with its amazing graphics and cool format. The game is so interesting that it can be an Apple TV family game option as well.

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The Afterpulse

Another popular name in the iOS games section is The Afterpulse. You will definitely need bluetooth controller to play this game.

If you are looking for first-person shooter games, there is nothing better than this online multiplayer shooting game on your Apple TV. Join the other online players in an 8-player team death-matches and kill as many people as you can.

Personalise yourself with headgear, bodysuits or armor, pick up some guns and jump into real-time action.

Rush Rally 3

One of the best and most loved games that people of all ages love is Rush Rally. It has excellent and real-looking graphics. You should look no further than the last rally title: Rush Rally 3, if you want to see what graphics Apple TV can drive.

Rush Rally 3 is not only a fun rally simulation game, it can also be played online with friends or other people from all over the world. Weekly activities keep you coming back to your car garage for more when you are building and tuning.

For those who are in love with rallies, this one is the best option to get going with. Just install the game, connect your controller and invite your friends to be a part of the same. Crack levels and win points. Defeat your friends and rejuvenate your senses with a quick relaxation along with this game. So stop thinking and get going with this game.

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Chameleon Run

Chameleon Run is one of the best Apple TV games with a controller. You can easily swap the colors and use it to fly. And all of that with just a simple tap of the button. A simple and efficient game that has easy control methods. All you have to do is jump and change color.

The challenges are pretty simple and all you can do in here is create a fantastic gaming opportunity. But don’t be fooled by the simple rules as it can get pretty devious in here. Rapid movement and reflexes are important.

Pixel Cup Soccer 16

With all these racing and shooting games, how about a bit of sport. Relive your fun moments from childhood with this retro style soccer game. It is one of the best Apple TV games for sports and you can use the Bluetooth controller to menubar the ball with control.

Go around the world with 18 different stadiums and play different cups to regain the world of soccer. You can play in multiplayer mode to have one on one completion with your siblings or have fun with family.

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Space Marshal 2

If you like to play some good first person shooter mix with strategy kind of games, Space Marshal should be your pick. It is a game where raw power might not be sufficient to complete the mission, you need to be discreet while making sure you capture all the criminals across galaxies.

The game is simple and gives access to one storyline with the purchase, you can unlock the additional storyline from the in-app purchase. That’s the only money you need to spend on this game while you can unlock hours of entertainment.

With each level giving unique benefits depending on how perfectly you are able to complete it, you can expand your arms inventory. Use them to provide stealth or fire-power in your attacks. The game is a lot of fun to play with the controller and work smoothly with PlayStation game controller connected to Apple TV.

Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing is not exactly the newest of the Apple TV games, but that doesn’t mean that it is not as awesome as the other ones.

Bring a new freshness to your Apple TV by getting this amazing game. It goes extremely well with the controller and gives you the feel of a game played in the console. Sounds amazing, right? Well, it most certainly is.

Almost similar to Mario Kart, only a lot better. You get special power-ups and abilities during the game to keep the interest alive.

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Infinite Tanks

It is all about the strategy and resilient in the war times. And when you have unlimited Tanks and never-ending territory to cover, what can be better than that. Infinite Tanks is a war game which takes the graphics to next level and allows you to do complete destruction with your custom tanks.

Perform upgrades to your tank or get new powerful tanks to go into the online war with your enemies. You can have 60 different level of progressions or unlimited online fun with this game.

Sky Gamblers

All you need to do is to get into your fighter jets and take over the enemies. Aim, fire, and win over them. This is one of the best games that youngsters love to play. If you are in love with games that need strategies, this one is a great option.

Take the heavens and remove Sky Gamblers’ enemies—Endless Jets. With the maker’s latest installation, the classic iOS game series makes its way to Apple TV, giving you the comfort of your sofa to take part in intensive aerial dogfights. Step into a world where treason lurks in single-player mode around the corner or hop online in PVP and PVE combat.

Sky Gamblers provides an immersive, action-based game and a customizable one with over 100 airplanes for each fighter. The game supports the game controllers for easy access to the control and smooth guiding of the planes.

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Galaxy On Fire

It is time for the champion. Galaxy on fire is another one of those highly impressive games that can be played on the iPad and iPhone and now, on the Apple TV as well.

With spectacular graphics and amazing controls, this games remains one of the most popular choices for gamers.

Evoland 2

If you like Indie games and looking for a good game to play on your Apple TV with controller, you will love Evoland 2. It combines many elements of Indie games and give you a good game play for hours on your Apple TV.

The game takes you to a journey across time where you need to play many different games. Enjoy each time line and complete the journey with the help of winning every short campaign.

So, these are some of the best games that you should definitely try out with your Apply TV and controller. What are you waiting for? Go get one now.

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