11 Best Health Apps On Apple TV Which Can Help You Get Fit

Apple TV has become synonymous with the household name these days. Also, since the world is advancing, we are constantly looking out for smart devices to help us and make our life simpler. Thus, a lot of people use Apple TV for their convenience.

What else, the Siri Remote of the TV also comes with an accelerometer and gyroscope for the body. You may be wondering why?

This is because taking care of health has become the number one priority to the citizens worldwide. Hence, Apple is doing the best it can to help people.

Best Health Apps On Apple TV

Best Health Apps For Apple TV

So, do you think Apple helps by developing a smart remote? No. It aids us in a lot more different ways. We can actually have apps on the Apple TV downloaded from the App Store to help people of all ages. You can integrate with other Apple devices or you can simply run on your TV.

We come to your rescue by putting together a list of Best Health Apps for your Apple TV. Here they are:

Daily Burn

Being one of the top health apps, this has many types and forms of workout. You can do Yoga, Pilates, or just some regular exercise. It has different sessions and the exercises can be customized. You also have workouts based on your level.

Daily Burn also provides tips to the users for their betterment. You can unlock their full tips and tricks for a monthly fee of $13/month after a free 30-day trial. So, this is one such health app you can try.

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Streaks Workout

Another great app for your Apple TV, this makes your television a personal trainer the moment you launch it. You get to design and customize your own fitness program and also get to choose your equipment too.

Moreover, there are other nice features like an illustration of how to do each and every exercise. You can avail their features with a monthly fee of $2.99.

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Yoga Studio

The yoga studio is for people who believe in maintaining themselves by doing yoga regularly. This app provides 65 readymade classes for its users and is considered one of the best apps when it comes to practicing Yoga.

You can also plan your yoga schedules and keep a tab on how much you have progressed. You can learn throughout the month for a subscription fee of $3.99 per month.

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For those who are worried about their mental health and want to maintain their mental calm and peace, there is an app for you guys. Calm is all about meditation and attaining a bit of calm for a few minutes.

You can meditate on a series of 5,10,30,40 minute bursts. This app lets you connect your mind, heart, and soul. It can also help you drastically decrease stress and other anxiety issues starting with a subscription fee of $9.99 per month.

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Peloton – At Home Workout

Peloton is an industry leader in providing health workout at home. They not only provide software but also ships the hardware to do complete health training at home.

The Peloton app not only provides guided workout through the Apple TV app but can also record your activities with the help of Apple Watch. It also integrates it with Apple Health data so that you can see all your activities at a single place.

It has a paid plan with a $12.99 subscription per month to provide unlimited workout and expert instructors for your guidance. They also support many different kinds of workouts like Yoga, Treadmill, Indoor Cycling, meditation, etc. You can get the 30 days free subscription for one of the best health apps on Apple TV.

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Kitchen Stories

Well, when you think of maintaining that body, you need to also eat nutritious food that makes your body healthy and stronger. Thus, the App Store has come up with a new app called Kitchen Stories.

This app helps you get over your craving for sugary and processed foods by helping you with healthy-food recipes. Step by step instructions and auto-generating your shopping list are two of the notable features of this app.

Always remember, you are what you eat so make sure you make the right choices. Start by downloading this app which is absolutely FREE.

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Zova Fitness App On Apple TV

Zova is another health/fitness app which has a lot of free content. It helps you exercise, plus the videos are short and easy to learn. The premium workouts are for $8 a month which is quite worth it if you want better results.

One of the most attracting features of Zova is that you can integrate this app with your Apple Watch and keep track of your heart rate while working out.

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Beachbody on Demand

This is another popular app on the App Store. The best part of it is – it’s compatible with almost all of the Apple devices. It has a mix of everything.

For example, you can do the hard and intense workouts for getting that chiseled body. The best part? It has famous personalities like Shaun T guiding you throughout the workouts.

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Grokker is a fantastic yoga practicing app which is compatible with Apple TV. Comes with nutritional plans and cooking videos along with some no-brainer pilates workout videos. The app showcases a mix of Yoga with other strength training exercises.

You can access the free videos or take the premium account of $120 per year which has a lot more to offer.

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Alo Moves – Yoga Classes

This has the most unique way of pricing because you need to pay per fitness plan. It is one of the most pricey apps but it is worth every penny you spend on it.

Also, you get access to inspirational videos too to get the fuel running. The plan is personalized and it fits according to your choices.

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The last but not the least – this app has some really impressive workout plans and other health-maintaining stuff. You can literally work out from home when you have access to this wonderful app.

Comes with a 30-day stress-free plan. Get your hands on it before they come back into senses and change their policy.

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So these are some of the best health apps which you can use on Apple TV. Go ahead, take your pick and start creating a momentum towards your fitness.

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