6 Best Third-Party Leather Bands For The Apple Watch

One of the best thing about Apple Watch is the selection of Watch bands available in the market. Apple himself offers quite a few Watch Bands but they come with a hefty price tag.

I like to keep changing the bands based on my clothing which means I need to keep a collection. But this can be an expensive hobby, so here are some of the third-party leather bands for Apple Watch which you can buy in less than $30.

Leather Bands For Apple Watch

Best Leather Bands For Apple Watch

I have tried to list down bands which are available for both 42mm and 44mm version, so you can get them irrespective of your watch size. They are gender neutral, so they will work well for both men and women.

Mkeke Premium Vintage Leather Bands

Mkeke Leather Bands Apple Watch

This is the watch band made with Crazy Horse leather and give your wrist a comfortable feeling of genuine leather. The leather used is anti-slip and sweat absorbent to provide you a comfortable feeling for wearing it a long time.

This watch band has gathered 4.4-star ratings from over 2000 customers, which itself speaks about the quality. It is available in Brown and Black color for both Apple Watch sizes.

Mkeke leather watch bands come with a 1-year unconditional warranty for replacement or refund. This is a nice assurance in case you are worried about the quality.

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Marge Plus Genuine Leather Bands

Merge Plus Leather Bands For Apple Watch

This is another good quality leather band with a decent price tag. The band size is 6.3″-7.9″ (160mm-200mm) which should fit any wrist.

They have just released an updated version with an upgraded connector to provide it more strength. This will make sure that the connector will run well for a long time.

This band is currently rated by over 1000 customer with an average of 4.5-stars on Amazon. The genuine leather for the band provides a comfortable grip on your wrist and it is available in 3 different colors – Black, Brown and Rose Gold.

Merge Plus bands come with 18 months unconditional refund or replacement warranty, which is by far the longest given by any brand.

Fullmosa Mosa Calf Leather Bands

Fullmosa Mosa Leather Bands Apple Watch

Fullmosa offers 15 different color leather bands for Apple Watch which can be used for all kind of clothing. Their bands are Certified for RoHS compliant – free of hazardous and toxic substances.

The bands are made of genuine leather which should provide a soft and comfortable wrap on your wrist. They have a 4.3-star rating from over 4500 customers on Amazon and most of them have appreciated the colors of the band.

They have used the white color thread for the stitching on all the bands, I would have loved some mix thread as it doesn’t look good on some of the colors. So check the color combination before deciding on the band.

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Kartice Genuine Leather Apple Watch Bands

Kartice Leather Bands For Apple Watch

If you are looking for a stitched leather bands than Kartice watch bands will be a good choice. They provide a different color combination in terms of band and stitching, so take a look and choose the combination.

They offer 18 month warranty on the Apple Watch band while providing a good customer support. The band is thick and will be stiff at the start It should get loosen up after few days and become more comfortable on your wrist. Kartice have received a 4-star rating from over 800 customers on Amazon.

This band provides a unique sports look to your Apple Watch and should go with most of the watch colors. Go ahead and take a pick and yo won’t regret it.

Ouluoqi Leather Apple Watch Band

Ouluoqi Leather Apple Watch Band

Ouluoqi offers leather bands with alligator texture and 18 months warranty for the quality. Their warranty covers refund or replacement without any questions for any quality issues in the band.

Their bands support the wrist size of 6.3(160mm) to 7.9(200mm) inch. Alligator texture provides a nice grain on the leather and looks stylish with any clothing. The buckle is made of stainless steel to provide extra safety and stability to the band.

These leather bands come in 25+ different colors including Black, White, Dark Brown, Rose Gold with white string stitches. Those stitches don’t look as prominent on white color as on the other colors.

The only issue is that they only offer silver adaptor so if you have Space Gray or Black case, you will not be able to change it to Black Adaptor. So make sure you are fine with getting a silver adaptor for those colors.

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Falandi Double Tour Leather Band

Falandi Double Tour Leather Band

If you are looking for double tour leather band for your Apple Watch, Falandi Leather band is a good choice for you. The watch band comes in four different colors including black, pink, brown, and white.

The band uses a genuine thin leather to create a beautiful double wrap on your wrist. The band will be more suited to women due to its width. It has a small width and will look good for girls and women.

Though it comes with decent wrist size support and can be used up to 7.5 (190mm) inch. The quality is good and it will give you double tour experience in a fraction of the cost of Apple’s band.

These are some of the good leather bands available for the Apple Watch Series 5 or Series 4. Let us know if there are other good leather bands which you are using.

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