11 Best Apple Watch Bands For Men To Carry It With Style

For ease of watching time or tracking fitness, a fitness watch can be the best option. If one gets it from the known brand Apple then there can be nothing better than it. Apple Watch is the most successful watch in this category.

One can have quality experience of a watch, desired fitness, and a matter of pride with an Apple watch. You can style your apple watch in different ways by choosing the right watch bands. In this way, you can use the same watch on different occasions.

Best Apple Watch Bands For Men

Best Apple Watch Bands For Men

Apple’s original watch bands are costly and if you are planning to keep shuffling the bands, buying multiple original bands can be a costly hobby. There are multiple third-party watch bands that can solve this problem. You can get them in cost-effective ways and keep changing it according to your clothing.

The watch bands come in different materials, and each one can give a new look to your apple watch. Right from the best sports bands to complete leather bands and rubber bands, you can get anything you want in this category.

Let us take a look at some of the best Apple Watch bands for men in this article.

Marge Plus Compatible Watch Band

Merge Plus Apple Watch Band

This is one of the best options when it comes to choosing bands for apple watch as it is made from genuine leather. You get the stylish look of a formal watch with this band, which is usually not found with the regular band of Apple watch.

The wrist sizes suitable for this band are 160mm and 200mm. This is good enough for most people, and you will not have any problems in finding the best fitting band in this category. The good thing about the band is that it is available in as many as 13 colors.

When it comes to price, it is not so expensive, and you can easily choose a few colors as per your personal choice. This is the best way to style your Apple watch with attractive bands.

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Apple Milanese Loop

Apple Watch Milanese Band

This is one of the best Apple Watch bands for men as it comes with stainless steel mesh that provides the perfect shine. It has magnetic loop closure, which keeps the band fit into your wrist without any inconvenience.

It is available in Gold, Silver, and Space black colors, and you can comfortably use it for formal occasions. Most office goers and business people prefer such bands for work. You can get the best silky smooth feel with this amazing watch band.

However, it is slightly expensive when compared to other watch bands available in the market. You can go for it if you are a fan of metal watch bands. It can give your Apple watch a stunning outlook. It can be adjusted to any wrist size without problems.

IYOU Sports Band

IYOU Sports Watch Band

If you love sports watch bands, you can easily go with this option. It looks very stylish and compliments the look of your Apple watch.

It secures perfectly into the watch as it has lugs on both ends. In this way, you can even use it during rigorous workout sessions and sports activities.

The tuck closure design gives it a unique appeal, and it looks very sleek. This gives good fitting for various wrist sizes, and it can be comfortably used with 38/40 mm and 42/44 mm watch models.

As the band is made from silicone material, it can be used in any weather condition without any hassles. It can comfortably withstand sweat and small splashes of water. It is also durable and easily lasts for many years.

The best part about this watch band is that it is very affordable compared to various other options available in the market. You can choose from as many as 30 different colors and style your Apple watch in different ways.

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Heyday Apple Watch Band

Heyday Apple Watch Bands For Men

If you are looking to buy multiple watch bands at inexpensive rates, you can go for this option. It is very inexpensive, and you can save a lot of money when you buy it in packs of six or twelve according to your convenience.

It fits 38/40 mm and 42/44 mm watch sizes perfectly without any hassles. The good thing about the watch band is that you can easily choose the length according to your wrist size. The pin and tuck closure is best suited for sports enthusiasts.

You can comfortably use this for all sports activities without worrying about the watch band falling out. It stays firm on your wrist as it is made from silicone material. In this way, it can be used even in beaches and other places. It is one of the lightweight and good looking Apple Watch Bands for men.

Wearlizer Apple Watch Band

Wearlizer Apple Watch Metal Bands

When you are looking for an expensive and stylish band for your Apple Watch, you can easily go with this option. It is high on fashion and suited for formal attire. It has a stainless steel and diamond rhinestone finish that gives it an elegant outlook.

It has a traditional watch kind of appeal that will be liked by many men. It is compatible with 42/44 mm watch models, and it can easily fit into wrist size between 140 mm and 206 mm.

The bling factor is what separates the watch band from other bands. However, this may not look very good for casual wear, and you have to consider this factor while choosing this watch band. 

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WFEAGL Apple Watch Band

WFEAGL Leather Band With Buckle

If you want something in the real leather category, you can give this band a try as it is made of genuine leather. However, it does not cost too much like other leather watch bands, and you can get the feel of wearing a traditional watch.

It is made from top-grain leather, which lasts for many years without any hassles. You get a lot of color options, and this makes it easy to style the band according to your dress code. You can even get different colors for hardware, which is usually not found with other watch bands.

The watch band easily fits wrists in the range of 5.3 to 7.7 inches, and it is compatible with all the models of Apple watch. In this way, you can conveniently use this for any Apple watch.

The best part about the watchband is that it comes with a TPU screen protector, and this can prevent a lot of scratches and other damage to the watch. You can easily go for this if you prefer leather watch bands.

YC YANCH Breathable Sport Band

YC YANCH Silicone Sports Bands

This is undoubtedly one of the best options for Apple Watch bands for men. It is designed to last for many years, and you can conveniently use it for all sorts of sports activities.

The good thing about the band is that it has breathable holes which will pass air and make it lightweight. The band is made with a fluoroelastomer material that fits tightly on the wrist needed during sports activities.

YC YANCH Apple Watch Band is available in multiple colors that will be fit with any clothing. It is compatible with Apple watch models 40mm and 44mm. It can easily fit wrist size in the range of 130-200 mm and 140-210mm.

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Fitlink Stainless Steel Apple Watch band 

Fitlink Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band

If you love the Milanese Loop design and do not want to pay that much to buy a metallic watch band, you can go with this option.

It comes in as many as 8 different colors, and you can easily get the best option that suits your outlook.

The best part about the band is that it is a loop and perfectly fits the wrist without any hassles. You can even use it on beaches as it can withstand small splashes of water.

It is best suited for a professional outlook, and you can team it up nicely with your formal attire. It is very inexpensive compared to similar metallic bands available in the market.

Nomad Sport Strap

Nomad Silicone Sports Band

If you want the best quality silicone Apple Watch bands for men, you can choose the Nomad Sport strap. It is durable and also looks elegant, like a genuine sports watch. It is also comfortable to wear, and you will not find it inconvenient to use for long hours.

It has a gray and back finish that gives it a unique sports watch appeal. You can choose this if you are willing to spend some money on a decent silicone watch band. You may feel that it is slightly expensive compared to other silicone watch bands, but the quality is worth the price.

Nomad is known for its mobile accessories and this band is no different. A rugged design with a buckle makes sure that the watch will stay on your wrist without feeling too tight.

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JL-Band Double Wrap Watch Band

JL Band Double Wrap Leather band

This is one of the most popular watch bands for Apple watches, and it can be used for 40 mm or 44mm models. It can fit a wrist size of 130-155 mm without any hassles. You have to be careful about the size while choosing this option.

The double wrap around the wrist is something that is not found with other watch bands in the market. It is made of good quality leather and looks very elegant. You can use it for both casual as well as formal outings.

The band comes in many different double tone colors and will look good with crossbar style buckle. You can get this band for all the Apple Watch sizes.

Epuly Business Metal Watch Band

Epuly Stainless Steel Wristband For Apple Watch

The elegant stainless steel band is best suited for men who prefer to wear formal attire. You can use this to watch models 38/40mm and 42/44mm. It can fit wrist sizes in the range of 158-200mm and 180-230 mm.

It is available in colors like Silver, black, and bronze. The good thing about the watch is that the length can be customized to get the perfect fit as you can remove the extra links from the watch band.

You can get different colors Watch bands and easily shuffle them to match the watch face. It is also available in dual-tone colors to enhance the look of the watch.

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Buyer’s Guide for Apple Watch Bands For Men

If you are planning to get the best Apple Watch bands for men, make sure to check the below-mentioned factors thoroughly before buying them.

You can order the best apple watch bands for men from the links given in this article.

Brand of the Apple Watch Band

The watch bands are available from many brands, and you can choose them based on this factor. If you are into sports activities, there are certain brands like Nike that manufacture premium watch bands.

In the same way, you can go with leather or metal watchbands when you want to use it for formal occasions.

Wrist Size

The watch bands have to be chosen based on the wrist size it is compatible with. This will be clearly mentioned in the description, and you have to take care of this factor so that you don’t end up choosing the wrong sized wrist band.

Compatibility With Apple Models

Remember that not all watch bands are compatible with all models of Apple watches. You can check this with the manufacturer before choosing the suitable compatible band for your model of Apple watch.

The Material of the Watch Band

The bands are made in different materials like silicone, leather, metal, etc. You can choose anything according to your dressing style. You can even get them in different colors so that you can style your watch differently depending on your attire. 

Screen Protector

You will be glad to know that you can even get Apple Watch bands for men that come with screen protectors. In this way, you will be able to prevent minor scratches on the watch. This is good value for money as you get additional protection for the watch.

Sports or Formal Outlook

The watch bands can broadly be divided into two categories. The sports style watch bands are suited when you want to use them for casual occasions or sports activities.

On the other hand, you can choose metallic watch bands when you are using it for a formal occasion. In this way, your Apple watch can be used for different occasions by changing the watch band.


You can get them in different price ranges in the market. If you do not want to spend too much money on premium brands, you can get similar designs from lesser-known companies at lesser rates.

However, if the quality is your concern, make sure to go with well-known brands. You can also save some money when you choose them in multiple packs.

These are some of the best Apple Watch bands for men available in the market. You can choose them based on the material of the band and its color. Choosing multiple colors can give you the flexibility to use the watch for different occasions. It is also easy to match the watch with your dress in this manner.

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