15 Best Romantic Comedy (Rom-Coms) Movies of All Time

Movies form an essential basis of our lives in the 21st century. Be it de-stressing ourselves after a long day at work with a good movie and a bottle of wine near at hand, or be it the simple pastime of just mentally broadening our horizons.

There are many subjects touch by movies such as Nazism, the bravery, and courage as well as the sacrifices of the soldiers in WWII, the deplorable crimes which are still prevalent in many parts of the world such as drugs etc.

However, not all people appreciate movies which concern the above-mentioned subjects, as they prefer something lighter, something which lightens and unburdens their soul.

And indeed, when it comes to unburdening the soul, what better than a combination of romance as well as comedy, right?

Best Romantic Comedy Movies Of All Time

Romance to warm up the heart and bring a nice feeling of comfort and comedy to tickle our funny bones and, to loosen up the serious atmosphere (if and when such a scenario ever arises).

In today’s world, they are known as rom-coms (rom from romance and com from comedy).

Therefore, with this article, we shall endeavor to bring before you or place before you the 15 Best Romantic Comedy Movies ever produced.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) Screencast

A music composer gets dumped by his wife, who happens to be an actress. To counter or get over this depression, he takes off for a much-needed soul soothing trip to the charming island of Hawaii. And there, both to his great dismay and shock, he finds out that his wife (or, rather ex-wife) has been staying in the same hotel with a rock star.

Pretty much a clichéd scenario right? No, not really.

This movie deals with the familiar frustration that is poignant when one is confronted with an old thing or relationship as well as the breathless exhilaration that comes with the new.

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Notting Hill (1999)

Notting Hill 1997 Movie Screencaps

This movie might seem so very commonplace because of the kind of plot it has, which essentially is that a normal, everyday guy happens to fall in love with an actress.

Nothing very special or out of the ordinary right? No, that is where all of you would be wrong.

For the actress here does not live as happy a life as her red carpet smiles would suggest. So, this movie essentially is one where both the people involved in it try and find a balance between each other’s worlds as well as personalities; it is in the course or the path to finding this very balance that they encounter such hilarious situations.

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Kissing Jessica Stein (2002)

Kissing Jessica Stein 2001 Movie Screencaps

Lesbianism and lesbian love, some of the high rated taboo subjects prevalent in the earlier century; yet, this movie deals with just that. A copy editor responds to an advertisement placed by a bisexual woman which leads to the two of them entering a relationship with each other.

This movie promises quite a refreshing watch as it deals with certain social subjects without making it tedious. This movie uses humor in a clever manner and effectively displays the relationship between the two women as well as the effect it has on them.

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(500) Days of Summer (2009)

500 Days of Summer 2009 Movie Screencaps

Most romantic comedies are about the couples that ultimately make it till the very end, through all the hurdles and all the disappointments and situations that the movie throws at them. However, this movie isn’t that as it deals with what might have been if they had ended up together.

It deals with a couple whose journey ends in the middle because they could not continue their journey. It ends with a lingering promise that life ultimately does move on, regardless of the severity of the pain or the heartbreak. However, this being a rom-com, it does have traces of humor as well.

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As Good As It Gets (1997)

As Good As It Gets 1997 Movie Screencaps

OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a condition where the person afflicted with it has certain tendencies which he is obsessed about, such as say, for example, cleanliness etc. In this movie, the lead character is such a man.

He is quite a rude man too, besides being OCD affected. However, it is his neighbor, who works as a waitress, who helps him unbend (that is, change) and become a better person.

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Amelie (2001)

Best Romantic Comedy Movies - Amelie 2001 Movie Screencaps

Amelie is a French waitress who believes in making the world a better place through her selfless and caring actions. She is also a person with a quirky side as she loves noticing or spotting things which others miss.

Then, one day, in the very process of spreading happiness in the world, she comes across a photo album of a man who happens to visit her café. She later on falls in love with him and finds herself in various comic situations. You can watch it in French with the help of English Subtitles.

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My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

My Best Friend Wedding 1997 Movie Screencaps

In this movie, we find two very close best friends who have been with each other for a very long time. Do they know their true feeling about each other or its only the girl who has been in love with the guy?

However, when she gets to know that the guy she is in love with is about to marry someone else, she loses her cool and ultimately flies off to Chicago to ensure that she gets her man.

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Chasing Amy (1997)

Chasing Amy 1997 Movie Screencaps

Ever fell in love with a lesbian or been in a scenario where that actually happened? (No, we aren’t referring to David Schwimmer in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, where his first-wife Carol turned to be a lesbian later on) Well, Chasing Amy deals with precisely that.

A popular and successful comic book artist happens to fall in love with a woman who identifies herself as a lesbian, despite the repeated objections from his friends.

This movie is quite a frank movie which offers or promises a refreshing watch because of the iconic Jason Lee comedy as well as the good old or the trademark Jay and Silent variety of jokes.

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Punch-Drunk Love (2002)

Punch-Drunk Love 2002 Movie Screencaps

One might say that underdogs generally don’t have it easy in pretty much anything. And they would be right, except that this particular underdog is an underdog by choice and not his circumstances.

However, despite it sounding hopeless, this underdog does fall in love (it is a rom-com after all) and ultimately it is this very love that gives him the strength to go and gets his girl while being entangled in various humorous situations.

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Breakfast At Tiffanys (1961)

Breakfast At Tiffanys 1961 Movie Screencaps

It has often been said that opposites attract right? Well, nothing could be truer than this particular movie.

Tiffany is a New York woman for whom gangsters and obscenely rich men are a way of life until a struggling writer happens to move in next to her. Her life then takes an about turn as she finds him to be just the perfect man.

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Better Off Dead (1985)

Better Off Dead 1985 Movie Screencaps

If you claim to be a teen who hasn’t suffered a heartbreak, then sorry pal, but you were never really a teen at all. When Lane gets dumped by the girl who he believed was the love of his life, he prepares for suicide.

However, his suicidal intentions are cut short when he meets Monique, the French girl who has been living next door with his neighbors who ultimately teaches him how to ski and thus helps him live in a much more positive manner.

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You’ve Got Mail (1998)

Youve Got Mail 1998 Movie Screencaps

Whenever a movie involves Tom Hanks, one can uninhibitedly assume that it’s a classic. You’ve Got Mail is just that; it revolves around the lives of Hank and Ryan.

Hank is a wealthy bookstore owner and Ryan is a small corner bookshop owner. They start a relationship online without being aware of each other’s identities, which does, of course, lead to certain comical situations.

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The African Queen (1951)

The African Queen 1951 Movie Screencaps

Dating back to World War I, this movie involves a lazy and inept Canadian Boat Captain and an over proper, and prudent maid. Both of whom are polar opposites in every way and therefore need each other all the more to change for the better.

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Love Actually (2003)

Love Actually 2003 Movie Screencaps

This movie is quite a charming one as it deals with love and how it is manifested in a variety of circumstances and in an ensemble of characters.

It has a refreshing take on love since it shows what love looks at different scenarios with different people in different settings.

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Say Anything (1989)

Say Anything 1989 Movie Screencaps

This is yet again a teenage movie dealing with the idea of two completely opposite teens who fall in love with each other. Thet have to go through certain situations which prevent being together and ultimately end up being very happy with each other.

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Therefore, we hope that you do go ahead and watch all of these movies, which are, quite undoubtedly, the 15 Best Romantic Comedy Movies ever produced.

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