Edit PDF’s With Able2Extract Professional 12 PDF Editor for Mac

PDS’s has become a key part of an online file system. Currently, Most of the people interact with a PDF file at least once in a day.

The only thing with the PDF is that they are hard to create. Surely, you can create a word document and export it as a PDF file on any system but it doesn’t give advanced PDF features like Forms, Fields etc. The similar problem is there if you receive a PDF file, you can’t make changes and save it easily. So having a PDF Editor for Mac can save you from this headache.

Mac comes with some basic editing capabilities for PDF’s. You can use Preview app to make some changes like deleting a page, merging two PDF’s, combining multiple images in a single PDF or removing password but it’s not capable of doing more advanced PDF editing.

You can always subscribe to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for PDF editing needs but Adobe DC plans start with $14.99 per month which can become costly in a long run. It also needs an annual commitment to lock this price otherwise you will end up paying more.

Able2Extract Professional 12 As a PDF Editor for Mac

Able2Extract Professional 12 PDF Editor for Mac can be a good tool to edit or extract PDF’s and you can get it with a one-time license fee rather than monthly subscription. They also give 30 days subscription but its little costly than Adobe DC so that’s only advisable if you have a very specific need.

Let’s check Able2Extract Professional Edition to see how you can edit or extract PDF files.

Get Able2Extract Professional 12

Create a PDF

Able2Extract allows you to create a PDF file from almost any kind of image files. Just click on create and select the file you want to create a PDF.

Abe2Extract PDF Editor For Mac - Create a PDF

Once you select the file and open it in Able2Extract, you can continue editing it like any other PDF file.

Edit PDF

The real power of the software is in Edit and extract section. You can open any PDF file and edit the text in it.

Adding A Text To PDF

Adding a text is very easy, just insert a block and add a text to it. You can align the block with existing text and you won’t feel a difference with newly added text and existing text. It also has all the basic edit functions like font selection and size etc. It allows you to add a blank page if you want to draft from the start.

Add A Text To Existing Pages In A PDF

Deleting A Text From PDF

Able2Extract works with blocks so you can just click and delete any block of text. Each like will be like a block so you can delete any line in the PDF but remember it won’t pull other lines up. So it will create an empty space for the line you are deleting. Good for replacing the complete lines or paragraphs with different text.

If you want to edit the line and only replace few words, try editing the existing text.

Editing Existing Text In PDF

You can just click on any existing text and edit it. The editing will also be done under the block boundaries, so if your replacement text is smaller or bigger than the original text, you will have to make some arrangements. The other approach can be to delete the complete paragraph and rewrite it to remove unwanted spaces.

I tried to edit a line and it gave me a notification that my current font selection does not match the existing line. It asked me to match it so that the text will look similar to existing text.

This is a good way to save users from cosmetic errors. Though I would have loved the software to set the font automatically but still getting a notification is good.

Editing Form Fields

You can also edit or create forms in your PDF with the help of Able2Extract Professional 12 PDF Editor for Mac. It allows you to add text, drop-down boxes, radio boxes, check boxes and buttons. Just format and create a proper form which your users can fill. It can be a good tool if you are collecting a feedback or customer information.

Creating or Editing a Form Fields In a PDF

You can insert a blank page to create a new form from scratch.


If there is certain information which you want to hide, you can use the redaction function. Just select the function and draw a rectangle over the information which you want to hide. You can select the pattern and color to fill that box and hide the information accordingly.

Redact Information Which You Dont Want To Show


You can easily add a watermark to the PDF files which is an easy way to create a branded PDF files. You can even create a template and apply that to PDF files. You can define the place and opacity of the watermark to place it correctly.

Extract PDF

This is another good feature of Able2Extract. It can extract the PDF files in another format so you can edit it in the native interface. You can extract the PDF or the portion of the PDF as Excel, CSV, Word, HTML, Powerpoint, and image format.

I had an old PDF with a presentation which I tried to convert with it. The app was able to create a powerpoint presentation file and generated slides with good detail information.

Export Your PDF as a Powerpoint With Able2Extract Professional 12

After conversion, I was able to see text and images correctly in the powerpoint app and edit them. The only small issues I had was with the alignment of texts and multiple bullet points stuffed into a single text box. I think that’s because of the block structure, it depends on the block being identified in the app but all of them were minor issues.

You don’t have to convert a complete PDF, you can select the portion and click on convert to only get that portion in the new format. It is useful if you have some tables and want to edit them Excel. You can check how the fields are identified and edit the custom column structure in case there are some issues.

Batch Conversion

You can also use the batch conversion to convert multiple files together. Just enter the folder where all the PDF files are stored and it will scan and convert all the files.

Get Able2Extract Professional 12

Able2Extract is not for people who need PDF editing capabilities once in a while. For that once in a while activity, you can use Preview app which allows you to do the basic PDF editing.

So If you are looking for a good PDF editor for Mac, you can go ahead and buy Able2Extract Professional 12.

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