11 Best Innovative Tech Gadgets for 2018

Gadgets are cool! And damn, they are addictive. They are the best technology you can flaunt especially if they are innovative. 2018 has been a good year in terms of innovation and some of the Gadgets released this year has changed the way we live.

Gadgets have started to become an essential part of our life by touching almost all parts of our day to day activities. IOT and Robotics are taking it to next level by integrating into our homes and office like never before.

Best Innovative Tech Gadgets Of 2018

Best Innovative Tech Gadgets For 2018

We know that it’s tough to find the perfect gadget as per your needs which are also innovative. Hence, we have compiled a list of some of the best innovative gadgets which were released this year itself.

Go ahead, and be thankful for the technology ahead! Here are the Best Innovative Tech Gadgets for 2018 which you can buy right now.

Vector Robot by Anki

Vector is going to be your new best friend. A robot powered by AI and other robotics, Vector is a revolutionary robot companion who can hear, see, feel, communicate and self-charge itself.

This cute little robot has a cute little voice and is always ready to follow your commands and answer your questions. It can set timers for your, answer math, culture, sports questions, click photographs for you, play with you, can show the weather, and also reminds you to do your day to activity list.

Vector starts functioning as soon as you say Hey Vector! Followed by I have a question, and you wish will be his command. It has smart sensors due to which he can avoid obstacles while traveling around.

You wouldn’t have to worry about its charge and it has the function to self- charge. The language which it adapts to is English. You can connect it via a compatible iOS or Android phone. The robot is always updated to new skills and features as it is connected to cloud via Wi-Fi.

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Apple Watch Series 4


There are many smartwatches which have dominated the market in the last few years. Apple Watch Series 4 take it to the next level by introducing the ECG functionality to your wrist.

Apple Watch Series 4 joins the best innovative tech gadgets list by improving accessibilities to health care services and making it reachable to every one. There are already some news that people have detected health issues while trying to test the ECG functionalities on their new Apple Watch Series 4.

Also, initial reports have praised the accuracy of the ECG reports. It also comes with an intuitive interface which allows you to watch your heart activities while taking ECG. There are many other health benefits which include tracking your daily activities or monitor your vitals among other things. You can also get alerts for important health information or abnormalities.

So go ahead and buy an Apple Watch and keep an eye on your day to day health activities.

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Travis Touch

If you’re a traveler or someone who is always on the go for business or impromptu trips around the globe, Travis Touch will be the companion you will not regret investing. Travis Touch is basically a smart assistant who can be used independently to translate conversations on the go.

Travis Touch powered by AI can translate over 100+ languages for you! And as it is powered by AI, Travis is constantly learning and updating itself as you speak. It comes with the high-performance Quad Core Processor which is as powerful as the device itself.

The translation process is also quite simple, instant touch. It’s time to be free from the language hassle while you travel. And besides, it saves you the cost of an official translator.

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Philips SmartSleep

The all new Philips SmartSleep is the best solution for all the insomniacs and people who have difficulty to get the most out of their sleep. It isn’t for sleeping more but for sleep better and monitoring it for positive results.

You have to wear the headband and connect it to the application downloaded on your mobile phone which will give you the night’s report the next morning you wake up.

Developed under the expert guidance of doctors and researchers, this tool emits a tone which enhances your slow wave sleep when you’re sleeping at your best at night. It helps in boosting alertness and reduces the daytime sleepiness.

This is for people who sleep for less than 7 hours due to the complicated lifestyle and other reasons. It also increases energy and improves the quality of deep sleep.

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It’s time to upgrade your kitchen and cook all the recipes which you crave right in your own home! KitchBot connects with your existing kitchen appliances like microwave, rice cookers, toaster ovens, deep fryers, slow cookers etc and cooks the desired recipe perfectly and avoids over-cooking.

Just connect the Bot to your mobile device, choose the recipe and allow the KitchBot to cook it in time with the right temperature, step by step as the KitchBot guides you how to prepare it.

You can also pre-schedule the cooking timings and cook your meals when you’re sleeping. You can also prepare your meal at home when you’re at home with just one touch.

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Lenovo Mirage Solo & Mirage Camera With Daydream

Lenovo has launched their Mirage Solo standalone VR headset with a Mirage camera for VR ready recording. For the Solo headset, you do not need any additional accessories, just wear and start enjoying the VR content. It also comes with Worldsense Body tracking which allows you to experience the Worldsense VR library.

Mirage Camera is a small form factor with dual wide lens camera which allows you to capture your VR moment with ease. It uses your mobile phone as a viewfinder to capture the moment you want. You can also live stream the event with the help of YouTube integration.

Both the devices are built on the Qualcomm platform and have close integration with Google’s daydream. This will make it easy to create, share or consume the VR content. So go ahead and enjoy the VR movies or games like never before.

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HPB Wave 11

We know how difficult it gets to communicate while you’re driving. HBP Wave 11 is just the right tech device you need to make your phone work smooth and sound.

Now, operating your phone is as easy as making soft hand gestures to attend calls, play music, carry out some functions etc. It also comes with a flexible mobile phone charging cradle which can secure all the devices. If you’re an Android user, you will need to download the HBP Wave application while iOS users don’t require any application.

The device comes equipped with a gesture response LED and volume indicator, a gesture sensor, micro USB, car air vent clip, while car cigarette lighter, Dashboard clip mount, and 360 degrees swivel lighter socket mount are the options to choose.

The hand gestures can control the volume, calls, and music. It also supports other applications such as Messenger, WeChat, Skype, Support Line etc.

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Skully Fenix AR

This is the world’s first augmented reality helmet which is the perfect dream escape for riders. It has a plethora of features which you can miss out on and is the best companion on the road.

Skully Fenix AR has an integrated rearview camera and heads-up display with a smartphone integration. This combination of AR and the helmet is something that is being witnessed for the first time.

It also has head turn by turn navigation built inside a premium carbon fiber shell with Pinlock Visor and Anti-Fog Pinlock Lens. In addition, it houses hands-free smart voice controls and music playback as well.

Also, it has supplementary modular comfort padding with removable chin skirt. This helmet is trendy, fashionable and technology equipped to hit the tracks. It is available in various sizes and multiple color options. Happy ridding!

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Smacircle S1 – eBike


This eBike is the world’s most compact, sleek and stylish eBike which can fit in your bag easily. Weighing only 15.4 lbs, it also makes it the most lightweight bike as compared to the others in the market today.

The folding procedure includes just 5 simple steps and you can carry it wherever you go in your backpack or like a bag in your hands itself. It also comes with a smart lock and Bluetooth connectivity.

The body is made up of carbon fiber frame with brushless DC motor and it comes with electronic brakes with adjustable hand bar and saddles. Also, if you’re driving at night, the installed safety lights will guide you home.

It also has a mobile phone holder and can be elevated to smart features once you connect it to the mobile application. The charging can be done with the help of the USB cable which will be provided along with the eBike. You can cover up to 20KMs with a single charge time of 2.5 hours.

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Mopic 3D Smart Glass

This is one of the most innovative and flaunty yet useful gadgets made in 2018. This glass by Mopic is designed to perfection to showcase 3D on your mobile screen when placed at the front and acts as a protective case when you place it at the back of your phone and are on the go. The 3D video is possible once the glass is paired with your Smartphone.

The best part is that you do not require any 3D glasses to witness the power of 3D in your cell phone. Also, the glass stabilizes and adjusts itself as per the placement and stability of the screen and the position of the viewer.

It is made with a thing PC, TPU material which makes it a compatible and smooth touchscreen as well as shockproof. Also, the case comes with a UV coating which makes it scratch resistant. Ready to view videos on the next level?

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TOTO ZERO Dimension Floatation Tub

Had a slogging and tiring day? Come back home to the bathtub that will take yours in space. I’m not even kidding when I’m saying that this bathtub WITH ACTUALLY MAKE your feel as if you’re in space.

Toto has invented the world’s first Zero gravity bathtub in which you can experience total weightlessness. It also has a capacitive keypad. The water is filled precisely and is set at the correct temperate as per the surroundings to set the perfect bathing experience.

It has a slip resistant surface and hydro hands massaging water jets. The model is also stain resistant and retains heat thus minimizing the maintenance. The bathtub is cozy with an adjustable headset and a shoulder warmer.

Don’t worry about setting the right mood as the LED lightening will take proper care of it. Draining the water from the bathtub is as easy as touching your toe at the drain sensor and the water will be out within seconds.

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So these are some of the best tech gadgets which are pushing the boundaries of innovation in different areas of our life. Which one do you like the most or looking to get one for yourself?

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