Best Tech Gift Ideas To Help You On This Mother’s Day

It is always too confusing to decide what gift to present your mother on Mother’s Day. Obviously, it’s nothing but just a mere symbol of gratitude in return for the unconditional love, warmth, and affection that we get from her throughout the year. But it is good to choose the gift such that it helps her in her day to day activities.

The gift should be unique and helpful to your mother so that it reduces her work stress even if it’s by a fraction.

Best Tech Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Best Tech Gift Ideas For Mothers On This Mothers Day

Now you don’t have to be worried about the choosing part. If you have a mother with a fondness for tech gadgets, here are some of the best tech gift ideas for this Mother’s Day.

The list is versatile and all gifts that may come in handy for your mother to pursue her hobby or to help her in her daily life are included and of course, the prices have also been considered.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle For Reading Books

This is your choice in case your mother is a bookworm or reads a lot of books. Amazon Kindle is one of the best companions for anyone who enjoys reading and you don’t have to worry about taking care of physical books.

It is perfect for reading articles, papers, or books and includes cloud sync with your other Kindle devices.

The features for reading available include font, brightness, and highlighting options to provide the perfect reading experience. The screen is different than other tablets which does not put much pressure on your eyes.

The battery life is amazing and can last for weeks on a single charge. You can also get a Kindle unlimited membership to get access to over a million free books including thousand of Audiobooks.

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M WAY Wireless Key Finder

M WAY Wireless Key Finder

If your mother is an office worker, she may have trouble finding the car keys and door keys every morning. To relieve her of these everyday troubles this gadget is the compact and wise solution.

It comes with a wireless transmitter and an alarm device. The alarm device in which just a disc is attached to the keychain. Now when the button on the transmitter is pressed an alarm is set off which you can use to locate the key.

The range is around 131ft and the price of this immensely helpful gadget is just around $30. You can track up to 6 keys with a single remote which makes it one of the best tech gift ideas for your mother.

Bond Smart Home Automation

Bond Smart Home Automation Device

This one is actually both for you and your mother. With this device in your mom’s hand, you don’t have to get pissed every time she asks you to switch off the ceiling fan when going to bed.

Just attach the Bond Home to the remote-controlled ceiling fan and the fan can be switched on or off using an app on the cell phone. It can be a small step towards starting your home automation efforts.

You can connect up to 6 fans to this device to control and they can be within 2500 sqft of space. All this comes for $99. But always try to do these small favors yourself instead of taking the help of technology.

If you do not have remote control enabled fans, you have to buy an extra device to enable that. Currently, Bond supports fans and fireplaces but many other devices can be added with software updates. It also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home so you can add voice control also.

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iPhone XR

iPhone XR as a Mothers Day Gift

Though Apple has just launched iPhone SE 2020 as a good budget handset, iPhone XR still holds on its own with a bigger screen and Face ID.

The processor is still very much capable and has the longest battery life within Apple handsets. Your mother will not have any issues while using it for daily social media needs or streaming Netflix.

The 12MP camera can click some good pictures, though it doesn’t have the Night Vision of iPhone 11 Pro. Still, you can rely on the camera to click excellent day photos.

If you are planning to exchange your mother’s phone this can be a good handset to introduce her to the latest technology within budget.

Nest Hello

This is for security purposes in case you stay out of station for a large part of the year and the mother stays alone at home or with people who are equally helpless.

It is a smart doorbell camera that comes with a facial recognition feature and also incredible interfacing capabilities. Apart from what all doorbell cameras can usually do, Nest Hello comes with the feature of transferring or streaming the video from the security cam to a synced display device with the help of Alexa or Google Assistant.

The price is around $230 but considering the safety services provided the price is justified.

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Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo 3rd Gen Smart Speaker

It’s often that you see your mother humming a tune or singing in the kitchen. For the mothers who are into music and want a touch of music in the daily routine of their lives, Amazon Echo is a good choice.

It is better than its previous version and has a good finishing that can fit into any backdrop. The features are attractive and smart home controls are available. You can also pair it with Bond or Nest Hello to provide smart controls.

The sound quality is superb and is better than the earlier versions. The price is justified because of the improved sound quality, extra features, and also the user-friendly smooth interface.

Roku Streaming Stick+

Roku Streaming Stick+ As A Gift

This is one of the most interesting gadgets in the recent techs launched by Roku brand. If your mother loves movies and spends her leisure time watching TV shows or movies this must be your choice.

Not only is the brand name the most popular in streaming devices but the price is nominal of around $60. With the addition of Apple TV and Disney+, it has all streaming options for your TV.

The design is compatible with 4K and HDR picture quality and almost all the major streaming channels like Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO Go, and even more minor channels are available for streaming using the Streaming Stick Plus.

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Nikon D5600

Your mom may be a fan of photography and occasionally also likes to go out in search of a good theme to be put in frames. But sometimes it is not possible for her maybe because she doesn’t always have the time, or you are too selfish to share your own camera.

The Nikon D5600 is compact for an SLR camera. It meant for general purpose photography and comes with lens for a fair price in between $800-900. It should boost her interest or encourage her to explore more with some stunning photos.

The Nikon D5600 comes with some smart features like Snapbridge which can transfer your images instantly to your smartphone.

Lenovo Miix 630

Lenovo Miix 520 2-in-1 Laptop

Let us now take a step forward and talk about expensive tech gift ideas – laptops and tablets. Well, Lenovo Miix is a tablet PC and is particularly helpful for working mothers due to its efficient performance, compact design, and lightweight.

Lenovo is one of the best brand names in the laptop sector and the price is just under $500 which is unbelievably low compared to other tablet PCs with the same features.

It also supports Lenovo Active pen so you can directly write on the screen or annotate your notes. It’s a 12-inch tablet or PC can run up to 8 hours on a single charge. So get this one of the best laptops for your mother.

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Kena Kai Computer Sleeve

Kena Kai Dri Waterproof Computer Sleeve

If your mom has a notebook it is better to have one of these computer sleeves as it is not always convenient to carry the notebook in a laptop bag everywhere.

This computer sleeve is waterproof, the rollover top creates a perfect seal to keep the water out, so you can use it in a rainy weather without worries. It comes in varied sizes and can carry a notebook from 13.3 inches to 15.4 inches.

Kena Kai comes with removable inner padding which helps to protect the computer. It is compact and made from recycled PET bottles. The finish is trendy and the price is around $35.

SanDisk Clip Jam Music Player

SanDisk Clip Jam Music Player

If your mother hits the gym regularly this MP3 player will let her cast aside the use of mobile phones during the gym hours.

It is not required to sync the device with iTunes so you can drag and drop the music files and listen to them while exercising. It is compatible with both PC and Mac. The price is really low – $30.

It comes in 3 different sizes – 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB which should be sufficient to store up to 1000-1500 songs.

They also come in different skins and you can get some good fluorescent colors including the different screen sizes.

These are some of the best tech gift ideas for this Mother’s Day. Put a smile on the face of the most incredible woman in your life.

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