Get Withings Sleep Tracking Pad At $79 (21% Off)

Improve Sleep Quality With Withings Sleep Tracking Pad

One of the major drawbacks of this COVID-19 lockdown is an irregular sleep pattern. If you are worried about that and want to add a good sleep tracking device to your gadgets list, here is a good deal on Withings Sleep Tracking Pad.

Currently, Amazon is offering the Pad at the lowest price we have seen online. Usually, it retails for around $99 but you can buy it today at $79.

That is 21% off from the regular price and almost equal to the last lowest price we have seen for this sleep tracking pad.

Withings Sleep Tracking Pad Features

Withings Sleep Tracking Pad is one of the best solutions for tracking your sleep. It works with Apple Health Ecosystem and automatically uploads the data and sleep patterns.

You can view the detailed analysis of Sleep Cycle, Sleep Quality, Duration, Breathing disturbances, and snoring detection. With Apple Health system integration, you can keep all your health data in a single application.

You just need to add this sleeping tracking pad under your mattress and it will start tracking your sleep. It might take some time to find the optimal position at the start. If you feel the tracking is not up to mark, just try to change the location of the pad.

It also provides a smart integration with the IFTT app, so you can take action at the start of the sleep and while waking up. If you have some level of smart home automation setup, you can use this integration to close all the lights while you go to bed or open your curtains automatically while waking up.

Amazon is also offering a similar discount on the Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor also. You can get that also at $79 from Amazon.

So go ahead and take advantage of the lowest price deal to get yourself one of the best Sleep Tracking Pad for yourself.

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