Combine Multiple Images Into A Single PDF File On Mac

There are many times when you want to combine multiple images into a single PDF. If you are looking for an PDF which shows one image per page, Mac can do it for you.

Mac comes preinstalled with a very handy and under-rated tool called Preview. It can do multiple things for you and one of them is to convert images to PDF.

Convert Multiple Images to PDF With Preview

Here are the step by step guide to combine multiple images into a single PDF.

1. Open all the images which you want to combine.

2. Start with the first one which you want as a first page in your PDF. Open the thumbnails panel by clicking on the top left corner View Menu button.

3. Now do the same for all other images. Once done, you can drag and drop the images into a single thumbnail panel.

Preview Combine Multiple Images To PDF

4. Make sure you are fine with the order of the images, as they will be appended in the order shown in the thumbnail panel.

5. After this select all the images in thumbnail panel and select Print from the file menu. Check the print preview and make sure that’s how you want your PDF to look.

Preview Print Images As PDF

6. Select “Save as PDF” at the bottom left corner in the print panel. It will open a new window and ask for title and file name to save the images as PDF.

This is a very good way to create documents copies, if you have scanned them page by page.

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How to Combine Multiple Images to PDF with Automator

If the above steps looks too many to you and you want some easy way, there is another tool called Automator.

Automator is a very useful tool which is used to automate repeated tasks on Mac. Apple has decided to hide in Others folder in Launcher but it can do some powerful stuff for you.

Now lets see how can we can combine multiple images to PDF with a single click.

Simple Automator Service

If you just want to combine multiple images to PDF, use the below mention simple automator service.

1. Open Automator, you can find it in Other launcher group or use spotlight search to open to app.

2. Select Service from the new menu. After that select Image file in any application as a input for this service.

Automator Combine Multiple Images To PDF

3. You will see action menu on the left. Select PDF from the action menu and New PDF from Images from the sub menu. Drop this into the Service panel.

4. Select the Folder where you want the PDF to be saved and give it a name.

5. Select the Page Size. If you are looking for A4 size, you can use 595 x 842 in the option “Makes All Pages This Size”. If you select “Size Each Page to Fit”, each page will match the exact image size.

6. Save this service and give a name. I have saved it as “Convert To PDF”.

Now if you select multiple images and right click on them, you will get an additional service as “Convert to PDF”. Click on it and it will combine all the images and generate a PDF.

This way you do not need to go through too many panels, just select the images and click on the service to get the PDF.

You can add little more sophistication in terms of asking name and location for the PDF to be stored. If you need help in adding that logic, then let me know in the comments below.

Hopefully this post will help you to combine multiple images to PDF and use it.

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