Top 10 Best Accessories for OnePlus 9R

Looking for the best accessories for your OnePlus 9R? If yes, you are at the right place.

Undoubtedly, the OnePlus 9 series devices are already quite popular. For more significant usage and endurance of the device, the users prefer having various accessories for it, ranging from protective cases to car mounts.

However, indeed, the buyer often gets confused while buying accessories for the OnePlus 9R series devices. One of the prime reasons behind this is that there is a huge range of accessories available over online and offline stores. It sometimes gets confusing for the buyers to pick the best one among these.

Review of 10 Best Accessories for OnePlus 9R

Best Accessories for OnePlus 9R

To simplify things for you, here are the best accessories for OnePlus 9R. This should be a comprehensive buying guide to help buyers find the best accessories for the OnePlus 9R.

TOCOL Screen Protector For OnePlus 9R

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The screen protector and camera lens protector are perfectly compatible with Oneplus 9R. It is completely optically transparent, having a 99% HD Clear screen protector coming with a perfectly smooth glass surface offering a ‘True Touch’ feel. Through the process, it assures us about the brightest and highly colorful image.

Enriched with advanced laser cutting technology, it provides users with the highest possible display coverage and incredible clarity. TOCOL Oneplus 9R Tempered Glass Screen Protector is thoroughly shatterproof. Its 9H hardness provides complete screen protection from threats of scratches, accidental drops, bumps, etc.

HD clarity and touch screen sensitivity assure users of superior performance. It comes with an explicit oleophobic coating that safeguards the display from fingerprints and oily touches. Cut perfectly to fit well with the display, and having cut for the front camera, speaker, and home button provides perfect convenience for the user.

Enriched with superior adhesive technology, the protector remains perfectly safe on the phone screen without any bubbles or any watermark. Upon breaking, the tempered glass splits into tiny pieces that are not too sharp, thus turning it comparatively safer over another glass alternative.

The process of installation is straightforward, and you can install it on your phone by yourself. With a light transmittance of 99.99%, it delivers the best quality of pictures. Sturdy construction and is made up of high-end materials make it completely reliable.

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Beukei Screen Protector for OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9R

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The screen protector is explicitly meant for the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9R. It assures the best possible protection for the display of both the mentioned devices. The screen protector comes with both hydrophobic and oleophobic coats to lower sweat and thus reduce fingerprints on display.

The best part, the screen protector is extremely responsive and sensitive as well. It provides significant clarity to the user on the phone screen, maintaining the authentic 3D touch experience without any disturbance. Enriched with 2.5D rounded edges, the screen protector offers excellent smoothness to the hand that one can feel at the edges.

Moreover, it involves zero interference with the case. Made up of tempered glass, the screen protector is highly reliable for the user. With 9H hardness, it is currently one of the toughest of its kind screen protectors. One can stay assured about safety with it even falling from several feet.

The screen protector is highly responsive, delivering 99.99% touch accuracy. With 9H hardness, the screen protector is entirely anti-scratch. This level of hardness enriches it with anti-screen breakage characteristics as well as excellent impact-resistance characteristics.

With proper anti-fingerprint coating, it ensures no fingerprint and thus maintains the screen’s cleanliness. This screen protector ensures bubbles disappearing in a matter of just 24 hours.   

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Cup Holder Cell Phone Car Mount for OnePlus 9R

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This car cup holder provides optimal flexibility for the user through its stretched neck and rotatable phone mount that can rotate completely 360 degrees. The driving assistance allows the user to make most of the safe and most satisfying viewing angles through the process.

With superior flexibility and 360-degree rotation, it will enable users to enjoy the perfect viewing angle, even while talking, listening to music, navigating, or charging. Moreover, the holder meets well with a busy modern lifestyle. With this car mount, one doesn’t need to fix anything with the dash or the window.

All that one needs is to keep it within the car cup and fix the same thoroughly. The product fits well with a whole range of devices of around 3.5″ width. The user needs to press the release button at the right of the phone mount, open the clamp, and easily adjust the width and press the holder arms at both sides.

The mobile holder is quite user-friendly with quick and straightforward installation. With one-button release sidearms and proper holder legs, it provides greater safety assurance. The holder is solid and durable, made up of highly enduring best quality plastic.

Additionally, the holder comes with a strong and expandable base that provides smooth tightening and releasing. Not just the car, it can be suitable for trucks and all other four-wheelers as well.  

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Car Phone Holder for OnePlus 9R

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If you are looking for something that could provide you the best experience of using the OnePlus 9R while being inside the car, this car phone holder mount can be the best recommendation. Its anti-slip characteristic provides the utmost stability to the device.

A huge silica gel base is perfectly encircled through sticky silicone to ensure that the holder strongly remains fixed with dashboards, even when the car makes sharp turns or sudden stops or accelerates suddenly. The Car Phone Holder Mount is not just thoroughly removable but washable as well.

Users can easily remove the silicone material with no trace, and there is no need to fix the dashboard permanently. It adheres directly with the car dashboard but leaves no mark on it (dashboard). It makes driving easier and safer as the car phone mount provides scope for single-hand operating.

At the same time, it maintains the best angle while driving for having an optimal view. The specific part about the car phone mount is its triangle design that provides incredible stability. Not just the car, one can use it inside the office for conducting meetings, watching movies, enjoying music, and even using chargers.

The car phone mount works fine with Protruding parts from the phone, like Rings, Pop Grips, etc. It works well with thicker cases and can groove well for different angles. Not just the OnePlus 9 and 9R, it works well with a whole range of other devices as well.

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Cell Phone Ring Holder Finger Kickstand

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This is an excellent recommendation for the OnePlus 9R users, specifically those looking for an accomplishing smartphone ring holder. It is available in three enchanting colors, ranging from elegant black, pure ivory white blue, and deep-sea blue.

The top-notch polished texture of the ring holder provides simplicity and elegance at the same time. It is quite user-friendly, providing due comfort. Made up of high-quality material, the cell phone ring holder finger kickstand is one of the most enduring ring holders at present.

With significant stickiness and superior adhesive, it enables the user to use it even while on a walk and while running. The ring holder can enhance the safety standard and assures the threats of drops. It is one of the most reliable ring holders giving assurance from theft. With it, a user can use the phone with a single hand at any instance.

With enhanced design providing both 180 degrees and 360 degrees rotation, it provides superior flexibility for the user. One can keep the phone on the kitchen counter, on the work table; it can be used while cooking while playing games. Similarly, it allows the user to take photos, videos, deliver text messages, chatting, etc.

Moreover, it will enable the user to adjust the angle of use as per the need. All these can make things way much easier for the user.     

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SanDisk 64GB Ultra MicroSDXC UHS-I Memory Card with Adapter

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The SanDisk 64GB Ultra MicroSDXC UHS-I Memory Card with Adapter is a must for the OnePlus 9R users. With an immense 64 GB capacity, it can store long hours of full High Definition videos. It performs at 100MB/s transfer speed. It means the memory card with an adapter can facilitate the delivery of 1000 pictures in a matter of only one minute.

Enriched with an A1-rated performance, it is capable of faster loading of applications. The memory card provides the flexibility of shooting, saving, and sharing videos in a much more proficient way than ever. There is a SanDisk memory zone app that enables the user in smooth file management.

This is a tough product meant to be used during tough conditions. It is thoroughly shockproof, at the same time being waterproof. With Class 10 rating for Full HD video recording, it assures about the best class performance. The product is thoroughly X-ray-proof. It has got A1 rating for superior application performance.

It has a Class 10 rating for playback as well, which means the user can expect faster playback of the contents in the best quality. With 64 GB capacity, this is perfect for those OnePlus 9R users who often have to deal with huge data.

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VELOGK Warp Car Charger 30W [5V/6A]

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30W High-Power OnePlus Warp Car Charger enriched with advanced 30T technology can be a fantastic recommendation for OnePlus 9R users with the ability to enhance charging speed to 38 percent more in comparison to its earlier generations.

Its Standard Blue USB port delivers 12W with a total power generation of around 42W. With Gift Wrap Type-C Charging Cable, the charger ensures super-fast charging. It means one can expect the phone is getting 70 percent charged in just 35 minutes. With FCC/CE/ROHS certification, it assures users about superior safety.

There is no worry regarding safety aspects for this charger as its Metal Case has a MultiProtect safety system built-in. Specifically, this safety arrangement protects the device against issues of over current, device getting overheat, or issues of overcharging. There is a soft glowing LED indicator to ensure that the user can find it easily during the night hours.

Specifically, it helps the user in finding the device in case it gets missed at night. The charger enables the user to enjoy super-fast WARP charging from anywhere while traveling. Made up of high-end Real WARP flash charge technology, the charger stands out as one of the most developed segments.

Its compact size and aluminum-alloy finish makes it thoroughly user-friendly and prevents scratches in a great fashion. 

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Oneplus 9R Leather Wallet Case

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Those OnePlus 9R users looking for a superior wallet case are highly recommended to go with this Leather Wallet Case. It is a qualitatively top-notch case made up of the best quality PU leather, which makes it highly enduring and super soft. The leather case can provide the utmost protection for the device while making it look supremely stylish and catchy.

Through the leather wallet case, a OnePlus 9R user can expect complete full-body protection for their device. If you want to protect your phone from dust, scratches, and abrasions, this can be a highly recommended product. It is made up of a soft TPU Inner Shell. Noteworthy here is that TPU is much softer with incredible elasticity characteristics.

As the TPU shell is not easy to break, it is capable of lowering the damage to the phone from sudden drops. It has a powerful magnetic clasp that thoroughly closes cases and restricts the valuable from falling accidentally. Its card slots with RFID technology support can significantly restrict signals and safeguard the user’s data.

At the same time, it assures utmost safety regarding the sensitive credit card detail getting in the hands of criminals. There is a perfect cutout available to ensure that the user thoroughly accesses the features. The process provides convenience for the user to answer the phone call and enables the user to keep on a conversation while the case remains closed.

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Sfmn Military Grade Case for Oneplus 9R

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This Sfmn Military Grade Case is an explicit case for Oneplus 9R users who are serious about the superior safety of their device. It fits perfectly with the OnePlus 9R and provides smooth access to all the ports of the devices and the speakers and snappers. It has double layer protection for the utmost safety of the device for the user.

There is an impact-resistant polycarbonate outer shell, which prevents scratches on the device. In addition, there is an inner TPU for superior protection. Explicit back design along the cooling grid groove helps release heat perfectly. The case has an incredible design providing incredible protection to the device’s side and corner portions. It provides sufficient rubber padding to bulk the phone enough for superior safety.

Users can easily access the volume rocker or lock button and have access to the USB port. Its anti-stretch TPU rubber provides utmost endurance to the device and provides superior flexibility. Made up of carbon fiber, the case assures users about qualitative aspects. At the same time, it helps in maintaining the original slim design of the phone.

Additionally, it has a display protector combined for more excellent protection of the device. With added security features, it is considered a fine option for teens.

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QiongNi Case for OnePlus 9R

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QiongNi Case is another explicit case for OnePlus 9R users. The best part about this case is its rear end, which is made up of a soft TPU interior that provides greater safety assurance. Its exquisite embossed texture feels good to the hand.

With a hard PC and TPU, it is thoroughly shocking. The same makes it highly scratch resistant as well. Hard PC and TPU provide maximum safety to the device from tiny droplets. It has an elevated lip that provides greater security to the front camera and the screen.

Its 360-degree rotating ring kickstand design offers the utmost flexibility to the user. As through the 360-degree rotating ring kickstand, a user can rotate to 360 degrees; it enables them in perfect viewing of contents. The design provides the utmost comfort for the user in all aspects.

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Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Accessories for OnePlus 9R

OnePlus 9R is a highly popular device. Keeping the popularity of the device in mind, one can explore a range of accessories for it over the web, as well as through online stores. However, one can’t just go with any random product for their OnePlus 9R. In this context, it is suggested to keep the following points in mind for expecting the best product.

1. Remember, the OnePlus 9R and OnePlus 8T are not same:

Most people commit the mistake of buying the accessories of the OnePlus 8T for their OnePlus 9R and regret it. The OnePlus 9R is indeed an enhanced edition of the OnePlus 8T, which means one can’t always expect the same accessories to fit well with them both.

Specifically, it is essential to be careful while buying the cases. It would be even better if the store provides the scope of having a hands-on test before buy.

2. Compare the prices well:

This is an important point one must keep in mind. It is a good idea to buy only the accessories that are meant explicitly for the OnePlus 9R. However, there are both cheaper and expensive options available for every segment of accessories meant for the OnePlus 9R, starting from phone cases to chargers.

Hence, don’t buy paying higher thinking that the price is same everywhere. Enquire well at different platforms and then buy.

3. Make sure there is a warranty:

There are many online and offline platforms where one can find accessories for the OnePlus 9R. Each of these stores claims to provide the best quality product. How to know whether the product is good?

The simple way for this is that irrespective of the store you buy from, ensure that there is a warranty for the product. No matter how renowned the store is, make sure that there is a warranty for the product.

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These are the most popular accessories at present for the OnePlus 9R users. Each of these products is thoroughly tested and can be availed through top-ranked online platforms. However, it is important to ensure the authenticity of the product while buying. It is suggested to buy only from the top-ranked sites that can offer a warranty on their products in this context. 

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