13 Best Puzzle Games For Android To Play On Your Smartphone

Sherlock Holmes. Byomkesh Bakshi. Pradosh Mitter. Hercule Poirot. Miss Marple.

The names sound familiar, familiar?

Well, their personalities and style of crime solving notwithstanding, they all have one thing in common: they are detectives. Now, one might ask, what essentially is a detective and what does he/she do?

A detective is a person who solves mysteries, crimes (and prevents them!) and is a person who does not believe in going by the book if it means being able to solve a crime and catch the culprit (that, however, does not mean that they constantly break the rules, they do only whenever necessary).

Best Puzzle Games For Android

Best Puzzle Games For Android Smartphones

Now, most of us like solving puzzles isn’t it?

In the bygone days, solving puzzles meant going on mock ‘treasure hunts’ in a certain portion or area or place and being to locate the ‘treasure’ by following certain clues.

Other methods included solving crosswords (which are still a staple favorite for some), jumbled words (again still a staple favorite), solving anagrams and deciphering coded messages just for fun (though Enigma code breakers during WWII would not have agreed at all, given the gravity of those times).

So, therefore, catering to your love for puzzle-based games, here we bring you the 13 Best puzzle games for Android


Developed by Martin Magni and released on the 15th of May 2016 on the Nintendo Switch, Android, Nintendo 3DS platforms, it is also available for Android and iOS phones.

Now, what one essentially has to do with the game is that one must guide a droid shaped creature (for all practical purposes, we shall call him a robot) through 50 different levels of simulations of various real-life structures, such as in case of buildings, lifts, sewers, etc. and so on and so forth.

The robot is or can be controlled by tapping on the exact tile you want it to come to. However, movement wise, it is not all that flexible, that is, it has restrictions like it cannot jump over a particular tile or move through a path blocked by barriers etc.

The game is fun-filled and engaging; one can never get tired of it as the difficulty of the game increases with the progression in levels which ensures that the attention of the player never wanes.

Also, the endearing appearance of the robot (it almost appears to be like a droid baby) helps in increasing the popularity of the game.

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The Room Series

The Room is a revered Fireproof Games smartphone puzzle franchise. In each series, four games give a competitive jigsaw fun for hours. They remember classic adventure series such as Myst and Siberia that you could quickly sink into for hours, and so you were warned.

The most recent game in the series is The Room: Old Sins which we have connected with below, but if you want a good puzzle, the entire collection is worth testing. Each room game is a premium title without commercials or micro-purchases, and it is spooky enough to hold you awake.

This is an easy to download games. The game has been designed to give maximum satisfaction to the gamers who love to face challenges. Each level offers a problematic change that has to be overcome by the players. Just download the game and get going with your invasion.

This one is going to keep you hooked and entertained till the end; it is an exciting game and is loved by the players for the graphics it offers. Everything is maintained in the game and provides a great gaming session to all. Want to be a part of the game? Download it today and enjoy.


This game was developed by Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli and released in the year 2014 on the 9th of March.

In this puzzle game for Android, one has to slide single slides in rectilinear directions (front, back, left, right) and fuse them with other slides to keep on adding them and reach the number 2048, the reason behind the name of the game.

The game begins with a single slide whose numerical quantity is 2, and as one slides that slide in a direction, another appears bearing the same number and then, the game starts.

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Cut the Rope Series

Developed by Zepto Lab, this series of games is fun and engaging one with the players having to manipulate the obstacles or objects in such a way that the candy (the red, orange and yellow ball that can be seen above) reaches the green blobby creature, who one must admit, is quite cute.

One hast to slash ropes, squeeze the air-filled tubes etc. to manipulate the candy such that it falls in the blob’s mouth.

Mini Metro

This is a colourful game that is going to offer a treat to your eyes. It looks expressive and attractive. The interface is excellent, and the game does not take a lot of space in the memory. One of the best things about this game is that it is light and does not lag at all. If you are getting bored, this one is the best option to enjoy.

Mini Metro is an award-winning underground simulator, full of puzzle elements. You have to build metro lines linking multiple stations as your town develops. It would help if you made sure the travellers arrive in due time, which often involves a more effective re-drawing.

You will fall in love with Mini Metro with a genius minimalist aesthetic, a sensitive tone that is characterised by the metro lines you create and lots of multiple game modes to enjoy. Possibly the perfect game to enjoy while you’re on the underground. Download this game and enter the world of a crazy journey. It is easy to download and is readily available to be installed and get going with. Want to be a part of this colourful journey, download this game today and enjoy.

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Where’s my Water

Developed by Disney and released on the 22nd of September, 2011, this game has been a hit with its players since its inception owing to its good graphics and tactical gameplay.

Here players have to navigate the water in such a manner such that it ultimately reaches the crocodile which is sometimes there with its family. One has to swipe downwards to remove the tunnels of sand to navigate the water.

Flow Free

Developed by Free Flow games and released on the 7th of June, 2012, this game too has been a staple favorite for people wishing to utilize their brain as well as pass the time in an enjoyable manner.

In this game, there are several colorful dots, which the player must extend to join with the same colored dots creating a line of that color. Each level gets completed when all the dots of all colors have been joined with each other.

There are many levels to play and choose from to keep the players engaged for a long time.

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Brain it on!

Developed by Orbital Nine Games, this game is yet another smash hit with the players owing to its challenging levels which require at least a basic grasp of physics (never mind if you are a commerce or arts student) to get through them.

The level of difficulty is evident from the 2nd level thereafter, though, the increase in difficulty makes the game only more challenging for those willing to exercise their brain.

Wordbrain 2

Developed by MAG Interactive, this is yet another addictive game where the players have to form words by inserting the correct letter in the correct slot.

This is not as simple as it looks, however, for sometimes, one has to think carefully before placing the letters.

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Build A Bridge

Developed by BoomBit Technologies, this game is quite a popular one which involves building a bridge by joining the pieces of the bridge together to enable the Monster Truck to cross it. This game uses physics applications too.

NYTimes Crossword

NYTimes Crossword Puzzle App for Android Smartphones

This game has been designed for the ones who love to enjoy their coffee solving crosswords and puzzles. This is undoubtedly going to take your mind of a roller coaster ride. Download this puzzle game, and you will never feel bored again. The endless levels will keep you busy and indulged.

The Daily Crossword Puzzle of the New York Times is perhaps one of the most popular puzzle games ever With this free app, you can play all the games on your computer, without a pencil or pen. It would help if you were a subscriber for the Times to use the major puzzles every day, but regular Mini puzzles are accessible on a 5×5 board free of charge.

Every puzzle takes just a minute or two to complete, but the ways you start your day are very enjoyable and rewarding. Additional puzzle packs can also be bought in-app. The premium stuff is granted a free weekly trial, but as the experts said before, you must subscribe to the Times to get it all. Your coffee, waiting for the subway or sitting on the Metro, always makes this a perfect way to get a simple puzzle in the morning.

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Plumber 2

This game is similar to where’s my Water, except that here, one has to join the pipes to form a complete path for the water to flow and enrich the plant.

Roll the Ball

Developed by Mangobit Technologies, this is quite an engaging game which involves the players shifting and moving the blocks in such a manner so as to allow the ball to flow from the beginning to the end.

Therefore, we have provided you here with the best puzzle games for Android. We hope you like it.

All of the games that we have provided here are in essence, puzzle-based games and yet, they possess an individuality of their own. We hope you try out at least some, or all of them and have a great time ahead.

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