10 Best Accessories For iPhone 12 Pro To Buy From Market

In this tech-savvy generation having a cell phone has become a necessity for us. This creation of Steve Jobs has always been a trendsetter in the market. Having an iPhone is more of a status symbol, and everyone wants to have one of its latest technologies.

Apple’s latest version of iPhone is launched with iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. The product launched in different variants is expected to break the sales records even during the pandemic.

Best Accessories For iPhone 12 Pro

Best Accessories For iPhone 12 Pro

Accessories have always played a significant role in supporting your cell phone and enhancing their performance. iPhone 12 series not only supports the old lightning accessories but also have support for new MagSafe accessories.

So, if you are looking to buy some good accessories for your new iPhone 12, here is a list of essential iPhone 12 accessories that are sure to make a difference in your device’s productivity.

QHOHQ 3 Pack Screen Protector

QHOHQ 3-pack Screen Protector for iPhone 12

A screen guard acts as a guardian for your phone that protects it from dirt and dust particles. We often get our screen shattered, and a single replacement can charge you with a minimum of 100$. So, it is one of the best accessories for iPhone 12 to invest in that will save your time, cash, and headache. Glass screen protectors have proven themselves to be effective in protecting your screen from getting damaged; moreover, they are affordable.

QHOHQ 3 Pack Screen Protector is a set of three screen protectors for your iPhone 12 that comes with three pack of tempered glass film. Both these screen protection film and lens protection film are made up of high-quality tempered glass. Both the products in this package are easy to install.

They are a perfect combination of HD functions and Anti-Fingerprint. It has a Plasma oleophobic coating treatment that makes your screen effectively anti-greasy with high light transmittance along with optical level effects. It provides you with a smooth feeling to the fingers while using your iPhone 12. In addition to that, this protector package can block and filter ultraviolet rays with enhancement in the screen’s visibility.

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Belkin Car Mount

Belkin MagSafe Compatible Car Mount

The new Belkin car mount not only use the MagSafe technology to hold your phone in place but also provides wired charging to it. You can easily attach the mount to your air vent with the help of vent clip and connect the phone with the help of magnets. The build looks nice and compliment the premium looks of your new iPhone.

The mount can be rotated to keep your phone in horizontal or vertical position. You can also hide the wires on the back of the wireless charger mounting clip. While not using with the phone, wires can be hanged on the vent clip. This will keep the thing neat and tidy in your car.

The only downside is that since it uses MagSafe to hold the phone in place, it is not compatible to older generation iPhones. If you have someone using older iPhones, they would not be able to use the car mount. It is also compatible with MagSafe cases so that you can easily use the car mount without taking the case out. You can even use the car mount with thin iPhone 12 cases, in case you do not have MagSafe cases.

Insignia iPhone 12 or 12 Pro Case

Insignia iPhone 12 Pro Hard Shell Case

There are multiple changes in a day in which you drop your iPhone carelessly. Hence, it is better to protect your new iPhone 12 with a waterproof and shockproof hard-shell bumper.

This strong bumper with a strong and shell is one of the best accessories for the iPhone 12. It protects your cell phone from getting any scratch or impact. Moreover, this protective case for your cell phone is slim and lightweight. It has completed its drop protection test of up to 6 feet. It ensures you have a cell phone that looks as durable and stylish as it was on the first day of purchasing.

It is a transparent design that shows off the natural design and builds of your iPhone 12. It has protective bumpers that absorb shock from impact on the sides and corners of the case. The product has precise cuts that help it provide complete access to all the ports, camera, and buttons. This product can be easily carried with your phone. This is made up of polycarbonate at the back and TPU at the bumpers.

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3 in 1 Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Station

3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand

This product is a 3 in 1 charging station which comes with Qi wireless technology and supports the simultaneous charging of devices that are Qi-supported. This wireless charging accessory is one of the best charging accessories for your iPhone 12. This product allows the user to charge your iPhone, Airpods, and Apple Watch simultaneously and is a faster charger that can charge your devices faster than a normal charger.

This wireless charger has an adjustable and foldable design with an adjustable magnetic metal support plate by which you can place your phones vertically and horizontally according to your wish. You can also watch movies, listen to music, or even chat without removing your phone from charging. It is adjustable and acquires less space such that you can take it while traveling because of its small size one can also carry it in a bag.

This wireless charger uses an advanced chipset, which can increase the charging speed of your device. This built-in smart chip can easily connect your device to each USB port. Using the device will help you not worry about the trouble of charging wires, which are difficult to carry.

iPhone 12 Wall Charger

iPhone 12 Wall Charger With Lightning Cable

iPhone 12 is the first smartphone that has been launched without any accessories in the box. You need to purchase each one of them from online stores or from the apple store itself. One of the major things you need to purchase is the wall charger. If you have any old iPhone charger sitting at your home, you can use that with iPhone 12. Otherwise, spending your money to a new charger is a smart investment.

This wall charger is certified by Apple and comes with a USB to help you charge your iPhone 12. It is a simple yet strong lighting connector to offer your device with the best battery life in a brief time. Wall adaptor provides 12w charging and is capable of charging iPhone or iPad.

Though iPhone 12 is capable of charging with bigger charger like 20w chargers, this charger is still good enough and provide stable connection. The pins are strong and do not break or bend. It comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer’s side. The pocket-friendly price and the Apple certification gives you peace of mind when you shop for this product.

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Lightning to USB Charge Sync Cable

Lightning to USB cables for iPhone 12

Since iPhone 12 comes with USB-C to Lightning cable and no wall adaptor, if you have any old wall adaptor sitting at your home, you will need USB to Lightning charge cable. You can buy this MFi certified charging wire to use it with any device using USB-A ports. This wire will help you in using your device with full productivity. 

It is one of the best accessories for iPhone 12 that you can rely on to charge and transfer the data from your iPhone to a laptop. Apple approves this Lightning to USB charging cable for charging your iPhone. The cable is long-lasting and is among the best charging cables for iPhones available in the market. The cable is of 6 feet and comes in a pack of 4 cables. It is tangle-free and for easy storage and use.

This charging cable is made of a slim ABS plastic plug with enhanced strain relief. This nylon braided feeling material is very flexible and will not cripple and fringe. The cable connector is slim enough and durable also that it can be connected to your Apple iPhone 12 even if it is in a protective case.

Apple – MagSafe iPhone Charger

Apple iPhone 12 MagSafe Wireless Charger

A wireless charger has become a necessity for your cell phones nowadays as it is tough to carry cables and look for a shoe to charge, your gadget. For that, this MagSafe charger comes with perfectly aligned magnets attached to your iPhone 12 that provides you a faster and wireless charging up to 15w. 

The product has compatibility with Qi charging, which is why it can be used wirelessly in your iPhone 12. It makes wireless charging a snap. This product assures the user of the longevity of their iPhone 12 without compromising its situation. It also prevents the use of weak and fraying cables time over time and is easy to carry while traveling also.

If you are planning to use the wireless charging for your iPhone, you may want to look for this charger. Other wireless charger will provide only 7.5w charging, so this one will use double the power while providing easiness to charger your phone.

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Wireless Earbuds For iPhone 12

Wireless Earbuds For iPhone 12

Now that you have finally made up your mind about purchasing the iPhone 12, the next step is to look for the audio accessories. Shop for these earbuds from Apple and enjoy listening to music and talking on the calls without hindrances.

iPhone 12 doesn’t come with earbuds in the box, so either you need to buy a Bluetooth wireless headphones or look for wired earbuds. These earbuds are fully compatible with the iPhone 12 and have been certified and tested. The earbuds are lightweight, easy to wear, and extremely comfortable. One of the best things about these earbuds is that they come with a feather touch control for the best performance.

These earbuds offer a long-lasting performance with a quick charge and stable connection with Bluetooth 5.0. They deliver excellent sound quality and a high-fidelity bass. The economical price and a 12-month warranty make these earbuds a must buy. The waterproof earbuds are going to make it a cakewalk for you to use them to the core.

Speck Dual Pro Case

Speck Dual Layer CandyShell Case for iPhone 12 Pro

A case is required to protect your iPhone, as any accidental damage can cost you a lot of money. This case is made specially made for iPhone 12, which provides security to your iPhone. This Speck Dual Pro Case is one of the best accessories for the iPhone 12. Its outer shell is made of rigid plutonium polycarbonate designed to withstand every scratch and hard falls.

The case is lightweight and patented with extremely soft shell of high quality TPU for the best shock-absorbing protection. It has an enhanced technology of Air-Cushion for maximum protection of your iPhone from heavy bumps. The product is made up of durable material, and its shock-absorbent design can provide security to your device from all sides and angles.

Its raised design complements your device’s sleek profile and protects your iPhone screen, it’s the camera, and its back surface. Not only that, this product protects all the features of your iPhone without affecting its functionality. It has a laser-cut design that ensures the buttons are responsive and expanded with bottom openings, allowing maximum accessibility.

The only downside is since it’s a rugged case it won’t work with MagSafe accessories. So, if you are not planning to use MagSafe accessories, you can buy this protective case for iPhone 12.

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Novoo 10000mAh Portable Charger

Novoo Portable Charger For iPhone 12

One of the good accessories for any smartphone is portable power chargers which can help you travel with ease and comfort. This Novoo 10000mAh battery charger case is one of those accessories. This one will be a useful accessory in case you are not buying an iPhone 12 Pro Max model, since the battery life has been reduced this year due to 5G and smaller battery units.

You can charge your iPhone 12 up to four times with this portable charger. It comes with USB-C port which means the cable coming from iPhone 12 will work with this charger. It delivers up to 18w fast charging to your iPhone.

The charger is waterproof (IP67 rating) and can stay in the water for up to 30m without getting affected. It comes with a flashlight which can be useful in case you are taking it with you for camping. Make sure your iPhone will never run out of charge with this easy to carry portable charging battery.

Every accessory has a crucial role to play in enhancing the features of your iPhone 12 Pro. These accessories provide protection, convenience, safety to your iPhone. Furthermore, these accessories add charm and freshness to your iPhone 12 by changing its look and making it more durable to withstand any accidental damage.

The above-listed set of accessories of our list are some of the best accessories for iPhone 12, which are sure to provide you with a comfortable experience while using it. Undoubtedly, the new iPhone 12 does not come with any accessory, making it more important for you to know which one is the best in each category for your phone.

This strategic move of Apple has brought a boost to the mobile accessories market. Over and above, each accessory has the importance of its own to add to the value of the iPhone 12. Hence, it is important to buy the best for your phone while keeping in mind that it covers all your requirements that you want to be fulfilled by an accessory. Grab your hands on the best ones and enjoy your purchase to the core.

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