Top 10 Best Cases And Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

There is no doubt that smartphones are the most valuable devices these days. These portable devices help you achieve all your requirements on a single screen. All thanks to technology as well, you can now access advanced technologies at your fingertip.

Some of these smartphones come with the best camera features, while others focus on processing faster. In such cases, Samsung S21 Ultra is one such device that helps you achieve all your modern-day needs at once. The S21 Ultra is a high-end phone that has exceptional features as well.

Best Cases and Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Best Cases For Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Smartphone

To make the best use of the new smartphone, you also need to take your smartphone’s proper care. There is no better alternative when it gets to protection than using the back case covers for your Samsung S21 Ultra.

If you own Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, this article is for you. Here, in this post, you will examine ten best cases and screen protectors for Samsung S21 Ultra.

Profer Clear Case For Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Profer Clear Case For Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g

This is a silicone case that comes in blue color. It is a perfect fit for your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with a tailor-made design that suits your smartphone precisely. This back case is a robust cover from Profer. The Silicon material in this back case protects your smartphone as it absorbs all the external shock.

The design of this back case suits Samsung S21 ultra precisely. It holds your smartphone tight to protect it from all the shocks. This shock-proof cover also supports wireless charging. That implies; you can keep it on the wireless charging adapter, and the charger will start charging despite having the cover.

This cover also has a ring design on its back. This allows your Samsung S21 Ultra to stand on the flat surface. The Kickstand in the ring design holds your phone to the flat surface firmly so that you can watch videos without even holding your device. Further, this is also a magnetic case.

This magnetic case enables you to mount your smartphone in your car’s magnetic mount. Besides, the most preeminent feature about this cover is its raised edges. The raised lips around the display protect your S21 Ultra display from any shock/collision.


  • Precisely fits the Samsung S21Ultra
  • It comes with a crystal clear case
  • Shock-proof
  • Magnetic case
  • Rugged back surface
  • Military-grade protection


  • Kick stand case doesn’t support wireless charging
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Spigen Thin Fit Case – Black

Spigen Thin Case For Galaxy S21 Ultra

This is a thin-fit back case cover for your Samsung S21 Ultra. The cover comes with a black color outer surface that enhances the look of your Samsung S21 Ultra. This outstanding cover is from Spigen, which is a reliable brand when it comes to back case cover. The cover is an exceptional cover absorber that keeps your phone secure.

Besides the unique black design, this cover comes with a hybrid component. The combination of PC and TPU enables your smartphone to get the best protection. However, there is one more quality that influences every buyer. It is the Air cushion technology used in the cover. The air cushion technology in the cover repels all the shock and helps you achieve durability.

This outstanding back case cover from Spigen is also popular for its lightweight. The slim profile of the back case cover decreases the weight of your cover. You will also get a matte finish coating that matches your Samsung S21 Ultra. On the other hand, this back case also offers you tactile buttons for your lock key and volume keys.

The best part about this back case is it offers you a scratch-resistant PC. This scratch resistance PC enables you to protect your S21 Ultra from any internal and external scratch. The lightweight and slim design are also pocket-friendly. You can easily carry it anywhere by carrying it in your pocket.


  • Shock absorbent
  • Lightweight
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Tactile buttons
  • Tailored-fit


  • Slimmer in design
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amFilm 3D Curved Tempered Glass Screen Protector

amFilm 3D Curved Tempered Glass Screen Protector

AmFilm is a screen-protecting accessory for your Samsung S21 Ultra. This screen protector is a highly-durable tempered glass that resists all the shock to keep your screen protected. This screen protector offers you a screen size of 6.8 inches. That implies; it precisely fits your smartphone’s display. This screen protector also offers you an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.

The ultrasonic fingerprint scanner enables you to match your fingerprint despite having a moist finger. In the package, you get the entire accessory to integrate your screen protector into the smartphone perfectly. The best element about this screen protector is it comes with 3D curves. It completely covers your screen without leaving any part of it.

So, as you get the round-edge protection of your S21 Ultra, this screen protector is one of the best accessories for your Samsung S21 ultra. Besides its durability, this screen protector glass is popular for its extremely transparent glasses. You will never get any sort of dot matrix on the surface of the protector.

The screen protectors come tried and tested by the experts. They check its durability with standard checks. When you buy this tempered glass, you assure the maximum protection of your Samsung S21 Ultra. AmFilm also offers you customer support to achieve the best outcome in using this screen protector.


  • Highly durable
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Fingerprint scanning compatible
  • Precise fitting
  • No dots found


  • High-price
No products found.

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TORRAS Diamonds Clear Case

TORRAS Diamonds Case Designed For Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

This is a transparent back case cover from TORRAS. The case comes manufactured with highly-durable components imported from Germany. The precise fitting enables you to get the best look at your smartphone. As the case is completely transparent, you can easily view the back end of the smartphone. The materials used in this cover are long-lasting.

This back case cover from Samsung S21 Ultra is popular for its military-grade protection. You can use it roughly, but the case will protect your Samsung S21 Ultra from any sort of scratches. Along with the scratch-resistance, the case also offers you shock –resistivity. The air locking design allows the cover to absorb any shock with the help of the air.

The case comes with a minimum design. This allows you to easily carry it in your pocket. The four corners of the case have raised-end. This allows you to get maximum protection from your screen. The case also offers you 1.2 mm lips to protect your phone’s camera from any impact.

The best part about these back covers are precise cutouts for headphone and charging jack. It allows you to get all the additional operations easily. Buttons, in this case, also are easier to push. You can easily use the case to use all the buttons at the edge. If you want reliable cover, this is one of the tested cases that offer maximum protection.


  • 4k Ultra HD clear
  • Slim and protective
  • Military level protection
  • Eco-care components
  • Precise fitting


  • Thin cases
  • Transparent back
No products found.

5. Arae Case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Wallet Case Flip Cover with Card Holder

Arae Leather Wallet Case For Samsung Galaxy S21

This preeminent-looking cover is a flip cover case that offers surround protection to your device. It is a highly-durable cover from Arae. The covers come manufactured with faux leather and leather components. So, you get a premium look. Besides, the red wine color steals all the attention. If you love loud colors, you must have this flip cover case. The best part about this flip cover is its design. 

This flip cover design is especially like wallets that have pockets to hold your card and cash. Besides its design, the material of this leather flip cover is highly-reliable. It absorbs shock to keep your phone protected. You can also charge your phone without even removing your case. Further, this is a magnetic case. The upper part of the cover holds a magnet to keep your phone protected with a magnetic flip. 

As discussed, the flip case comes with four pockets. You can easily carry all your store ID, driving license, credit cards, and many more without caring wallets. This flip case comes after testing by the experts. With several drop tests, the experts declare it as a reliable flip case cover. The TPU inner part of the cover holds your phone and keeps it protected against all scratches.

The flip case cover’s kickstand feature also enables you to keep your standing while watching any movie in the landscape mode. Further, the inner TPU material firmly attaches to the outer flip case. This helps you ensure the maximum protection of your phone. Using this cover also offers you easy access to the camera, speaker, and any other button.


  • Convenient to use
  • Wallet like design
  • Standing feature
  • Maximum durability
  • Precise fitting


  • It takes too much space in the pocket
  • Bulky
No products found.

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6. ESR Camera Lens Protector Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

ESR Camera Lens Protection For Galaxy S21

This camera lens protector is an accessory from ESR. It enables you to protect your camera lens from any shock/damage. The material used in this camera protector is tempered glass. With the evolution of technology, you have to protect the cameras of high-end smartphones. When it is about camera protection, there is no better option than an ESR camera lens protector.

This camera lens protector is only compatible with Samsung S21 Ultra. Further, this camera lens protector is bubble-free. There are no bubbles when you install it on your camera. However, you will also get a full installation kit. This enables you to achieve a precise and bubble-free installation. This ultra-lens protector is also scratch-resistant.

This allows you to protect your back camera lens from any sort of scratch. When you put it in your pocket, it won’t get scratched with any sharp objects like keys. The lens protectors don’t affect the photos of your camera in any way. It offers you HD clarity photos without any hassle.

This camera lens protector comes after a rigid test. That means; you get military-level protection of your camera lens. Besides, the lens protectors also passed many drop tests on recording their durability. If you want rigid camera lens protectors, you must install this lens guard. It helps you protect every pixel on your images.


  • HD clarity
  • High-durable
  • Scratch resistance


  • Weak adhesive
No products found.

7. VRS DESIGN Damda QuickStand Pro Case Compatible with Galaxy S21 Ultra 6.8 inch

VRS Design Quickstand Pro Case For Galaxy S21

This premium-looking cover is popular for its Kickstand feature. It is a product from VRS design that offers military-level protection to your Samsung S21 Ultra. This case is a back case that fits your Samsung S21 Ultra precisely. The cover comes with 6.8 inches screen size. This offers maximum protection to your screen as well.

Besides the compatibility, one more feature that keeps it in the limelight is the Kickstand feature. It is an enhancing and attractive feature of this back case cover. You can easily make your device stand in landscape mode while watching videos or using any other app. The kickstand feature is robust and keeps your phone secure.

Another great feature of this case is precise button cutouts. This allows you to use all the buttons and side keys on your phone without any hassle. The case delivers all-around protection to your device. The raised corners and edges keep your phone safe from any impact. You also get the raised lips around the camera to ensure the protection of the camera lens.

The case covers the front screen firmly. The precise cutting for the screen holds your screen protected. This case also comes with rigid tests from experts. After several drop tests, it is one of the best back case covers for your Samsung S21 Ultra. If you want to achieve your phone’s best protection, this case is also a great choice.


  • Slim design
  • Detailed standing angle
  • Wireless charger compatible
  • Precise button cutouts


  • Sturdy case
  • Not convenient to carry
No products found.

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8. YOUMAKER Designed for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case with Built-in Screen Protector

YOUMAKER Designed Case For Galaxy S21 Ultra Smartphone

This is a case cover that offers you all-around protection from any impact. It is a product from YOUMAKER. This case cover is precisely compatible with your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The case offers you 6.8 inches screen size. That allows you to protect your screen without any hassle.

The best part about this protective case is it comes with an in-built screen protector. You can easily install this screen protector to your screen to keep it robust. However, this cover doesn’t have any kick start feature. But this absence also makes it lighter in weight. The cover comes with drop test certifications.

After the 48 Ft drop test, this case comes with the certification of MIL-STD 48. The corners of these case cover also come with cushion techniques. This allows you to protect your Samsung S21 Ultra display and corners from any shock/ Impact. No matter if you get an accidental drop, this case cover will still protect your phone from all major impacts.

Another remarkable feature of this case cover is its metallic color. The color of the case cover suits the aesthetics of your phone. Besides, the manufacturer also offers you a warranty for a lifetime. That ensures maximum protection. If you want to get the best protection of your Samsung S21 Ultra, you need this cover.


  • Precise fitting
  • Built-in screen protector
  • Military level protection
  • Raised edges
  • Camera lens protection


  • Not instantly deliverable
  • Not convenient
No products found.

9. anccer Newborn Series Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case 5G 6.8 Inch – Brown

Anccer Newborn Series Leather Case

This is a basic case cover made of silicone, plastic, and leather. This reliable case is a product from Anccer. That implies; you get complete protection from all the components of the case. The outer part of the case comes with brown leather, and the edges of the cover are a combination of silicone and plastic.

This is a newborn leather case that offers strong protection; this is not the end yet! The case cover also offers advanced components such as a mixture of leather, TPU, and plastic. The combination of all the components not only helps you robustness, but it also offers you design.

The leather that you get in this cover is anti-slip. That implies; you won’t get any fingerprints on the surface of this cover. The case is great for everyday use. The cover is also shock resistant that protects your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra against any impact. The case also fits easily into your pockets.

Besides the fitting and design, the case also comes after several drop tests. It offers military-grade protection without any damage. The best element about this case is its wide mouth for the camera. It perfectly holds your camera along with raised edges to protect the camera lens. It is a reliable case to invest your trust in.


  • Leather, TPU, and PC
  • Precise fitting
  • Military-grade protection


  • Slim material
  • No raised edges
No products found.

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Otterbox Defender Series for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

This advanced back case comes with the most robust components. It is a product from Otterbox that uses components like a Polycarbonate shell, synthetic rubber slipcover, and Polycarbonate holster. Using this cover will offer you maximum assurance. Besides, the cover comes in a premium black color. This looks perfect on your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The case is popular for its multi-layer defense. This means; you will get a solid inner part and a soft outer covering. However, there is no built-in screen protector available with this case. The best part about this case is a wide kickstand. If you want to enjoy hands-free media, this is the best option for you.

The case offers you the best kickstand clips. It holds your phone firmly to the flat surface. You can use this case for rigid daily use. However, another preeminent feature of this cover is port covers. The case offers you a port cover that protects you from dust particles. The dust will never enter your ports.

The brand offers you a lifetime warranty. It implies that you will get the highest level of assurance along with the warranty. You can use this case for your daily use as it offers you military-grade protection. The case also comes after several drop tests to ensure better protection of the phone.


  • Rugged protection
  • Tough protective layers
  • Drop test certified
  • Wireless charging support
  • Raised edges
  • Kickstand/holster


  • Bulky
  • Not convenient in the pocket
No products found.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the best case for Samsung S21 Ultra?

All cases in the above are best for Samsung S21 ultra. However, if you want to get the maximum durability, you can get your covers from Profer and Spigen.

2. Does the S21 Ultra have an S Pen?

Yes! The S21 Ultra has an S-pen. Samsung launches a new S-pen that is bigger and better.

3. Is the Galaxy S21 Ultra waterproof?

The Galaxy S21 comes with IP68 certification. That implies; it can resist water immersion up to 1.5m deep for about 30 minutes.

4. Does a Galaxy S21 Ultra need a screen protector?

Yes! A galaxy S21 Ultra needs a screen protector.

5. Does the S21 Ultra need a case?

If you want your phone to stay safe from any impact, you will need a case for your Samsung S21 Ultra.


Keeping it compact, these are the ten best cases and accessories for your Samsung S21 Ultra. Now that you know about the top ten, you can find the best suitable product for your phone. However, you should also inquire about the drop test and other certifications. It will help you determine the best case for your Samsung S21 Ultra.  

We hope this article about Best Cases and Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is helpful to you. If you found this article helpful for you in any manner, then do share it on social media.

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