Top 25 Best Action Adventure Games for Android

A gaming fan understands well the addictiveness of action-adventure games. These games provide the entire elements essential to keeping one hooked with the gamer for a long while. In a hectic lifestyle, one needs something sensational that can overcome stress in mind.+

25 Best Action-Adventure Games for Android

It’s only this genre of the game that holds the ability to energize life energy. The good news is that several such games of good quality are surfacing aplenty in modern times. Specifically, Android users can undoubtedly find some incredible options. Android users in search of some fantastic action adventure games for Android should try the following ones.

1. 80 Days

80 Days

Indeed, 80 Days is among the best action-adventure games at present for android users. Here the gamer has to take part as an assistant of Phileas Fogg. He/she has to cover the entire world in only 80 days. One may opt for air, aquatic, and also may take help of camels. The best part about the game is its pace. It moves at a breakneck pace, and the quest is about covering the globe. 

Alongside, here one has to compete against other competitors as well. In short, the aim is to reach the destination first. Undoubtedly, it is explicit of its kind games. The best part, one can have it for free through Google Play Pass. The game feels equally enchanting for all age groups. Also, the gameplay is quite exciting that can keep the player intact with the game for a long while.

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2. Crashlands


Crashland is another exciting game having a huge fan base. The prime contender taking part in the game is Flux, basically a space trucker. Interestingly, the game begins with a bang as the player crashes with an alien planet. So, the prime aim remains is about the retrieval of the cargo and developing a base for the self. There are enough action elements in it, ranging from fighting against the evils and protecting the world. 

Various elements are making the game exciting, ranging from crafting to the RPG pattern character set. Also, it enables one in mold creatures to confront for their own. The game is exciting and quite intense as well. Specifically, it has gathered a lot of appreciation from the perspective of content. The best part is that there is no device constraint; one can play on smartphones and PCs. The game is available for playing on Google Play Pass.

3. Evoland 2

Evoland 2

Evoland 2 is among the finest action-adventure games in modern times. Many elements are making the gameplay incredible. For example, ranging from 2D RPGs to Trading cards, there are many aspects associated with it. However, the structure of the game makes it more interesting. Primarily, it moves through numerous phases of gaming. Also, every new mechanic comes up with a fresh style of graphics. In terms of gameplay, Evoland 2 is incredible. 

The best part, it keeps the player remain indulged with the guesswork. The player won’t feel like a single moment uninteresting. Overall, the game is thoroughly enjoyable. It can be even more exciting if played through a physical controller. Available at less than 8 dollars for such a game is indeed quite exciting. Though it seems a great game for teens mostly, anyone irrespective of the age group can find it equally useful.

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4. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of the most refreshing of its kind action-adventure games one can bank on with. Those having experience in Zelda can find it very much relatable. The best part is that the players have an enormous era for exploration. `It’s not just about exploration; it keeps players indulged with a vast range of expeditions and missions. The speed of the game is quite exciting. Interestingly, the players have a glider for covering extra miles. 

Besides, there remains a gacha RPG element for this. Interestingly, here a player keeps on exploring the players through the course of the game. This keeps the interest of the user intact all along with the game. The game packs exciting elements to provide complete control for the user. In terms of adventure, it gives a specific aspect of the content for keeping things interesting.

5. Downwell


Downwell is thoroughly exciting as here; the purpose of shooting is not just about ending the evil. Instead, the process of shooting also takes one forward in the game. There are lots of twists and turns. The game brings all elements for the young players to remain thoroughly indulged in it. As the quest remains about the secret treasures, things get exciting. Through the process of movement of the game, it takes the player into more and more within the darkness. 

Moreover, the phase discovers many bad creatures. Also, various suspicious mysteries unfold. The game has many dimensions in it, providing enough elements of freshness. It’s only a fantastic game in terms of the control it gives. Though the game is quite simplistic, the level of control it provides is simply incredible. The game is quite intuitive as well in its way. It’s a matter of only three keys through which the entire game can be controlled. 

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6. Grand Mountain Adventure

Grand Mountain Adventure

This is a perfect example of how a new action-adventure game is supposed to be. The game is packed with fantastical elements of exploration and racing factors as well. Here the players remain indulged in riding through the course of lifting to different paths. Through the course, the player invades the track and overcomes the challenge of time constraints. But, a player can simply ski through and enjoy the sights as well. There remain various coveted zones as well. In the premium edition, there remain five gigantic mountains as well. 

Apart from this, there remains the scope for the player to play strategies while hitting big air. It’s merely phenomenal in terms of the level of control it provides. In terms of the look as well, it is quite exciting. Graphically, it looks thoroughly enchanting. One can’t merely complain about the gameplay; it is relatively smooth. The best part is that a user always has the initial mountain available for free; the rest, the premium edition, can be bought to explore the rest. 

7. BackFire


The game packs thorough elements of twists and turns in it, keeping the player thoroughly hooked in with it. However, the prime aim of the player remains about evading through the game and eradicating them. The game is fantastic in terms of control. It is about having control over an exorcist on an expedition for clearing an old curse. However, the only tool that remains is a ship that keeps firing from the rear end.

Most importantly, the game demands constant attention. Until the complete win is achieved, the game doesn’t just end. There is no scarcity of evils on the way. Well, they make the process exciting. It needs incredible skill and contentment for purifying the curse. It provides an easy tap for making turns, which offers excellent control. The eight explicit weapons make things highly exciting. There remain four incredible bosses as well. One can upgrade the ship in numerous ways. All in all, the game provides every element one needs in an action-adventure game. 

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8. Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales

First of all, the game is available absolutely for free. This retro pattern game is thoroughly engaging in nature. The level of control it provides for the user is quite phenomenal as well. Players keep moving across the globe through the course of finding solutions to the puzzles. Also, the process unearths the whole range of secrets of the game. The storyline is incredible; specifically, the boss fights make it thoroughly engaging in nature. 

There remains a thorough quotient of fun and amusement elements as well. Specifically, the city developing model makes it more exciting than ever. Also, there remain guilds as well, enabling players to indulge in chats with their friends. This game is dependent to much extent upon various gacha mechanics as well. It’s a game that people of all age groups can find equally exciting.

9. Oddmar


Oddmar is a visually beautiful game providing specific elements of intuitiveness for the player. Here the prime contender plays as a struggle. His prime aim remains to get his honor back. The player does all the adventure stuff worldwide, intending to achieve the main target through the process. The gameplay of it is simply phenomenal. The level of control it provides is simply incredible. Similarly, the game is just flawless in terms of its design. 

Additionally, it provides the needful extra elements along with proper hardware support. One can have a cloud saves option as well. There is an offline mode available after the entire data is consumed through the process of downloads. However, it’s comparatively a short game; there remain only 24 stages in this game. The exciting aspect is that every level comes with a three-star ranking pattern for making replaying incredible.  

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10. OPUS series

OPUS series

The most exciting part about the Opus series is, indeed, its storyline. It portrays a compelling dark story. In the initial part, the player takes part as a robot working to protect mankind upon keeping mankind safe upon coming back to planet earth. In the next, it leads the player within the Opus. Coming to the ultimate game, it is a tale of a couple of people managing to get over a disease keen about developing a rocket to conduct a space expedition. 

The entire series is thoroughly exciting. The best part, however, is its execution. Indeed, it showcases the best class execution for an adventure game in modern times. Making things interesting for all those interested provides the option of starting with a demo edition, which is available absolutely for free. Before delving for the complete title, this demo edition can be thoroughly exciting.

11. Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go probably needs no introduction. The interesting part is that the game is available absolutely for free. Here, the player goes into the actual world and grabs Pokemon. You have to tussle in the gymnasium as well, along with doing the loots at the Poke Stops. In comparison, the adventure quotient is undoubtedly a little higher in comparison to other games.

However, here the player has to move through the game of their own. Here the players keep wandering in the big world and collect a range of items. They also remain indulged in a whole range of additional stuff. The gameplay is pretty exciting, and the game provides excellent control in the hands of the player. There is a range of other similar games available as well. But, Pokemon Go is indeed the most exciting of its kind.

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12. Guns of Boom

Guns of Boom

Many aspects are making the game called Guns of Boom such exciting. First of all, it provides excellent control for the player and is intuitive. The gameplay is relatively simple and can be interesting for all levels of the users. It is quite colorful and enchanting from graphical perspectives as well. Most importantly, the game thoroughly supports older devices. One can’t just complain from visual perspectives. The PvP clash makes the game highly engaging in nature. It provides the perfect elements of fun that one can expect in a team game. There remains the scope of customizing the character as well. 

One can make a fresh hero with incredible qualities and a range of advantages. Through the course of playing, a player can get various kinds of updates as well. Starting from content integration to a range of features, the game provides it with all for making the experience of gameplay enchanting. Those who are genuinely enthusiastic about the adventure action genre can easily find it interesting; there is absolutely no age constraint. 

13. The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old Sins is one of the most distinguishing of its kind. The prime reason behind this is that generally, the room games don’t fall into the action-adventure category. However, this is an exception. The best part, the game brings a massive range of explorative elements, in addition to its regular puzzle pattern. This puzzling pattern makes the game stand-out compared to all others of the previous games in this category. 

The Room: Old Sin is a complete pack of games with striking graphical elements and tricky puzzles for those who are not used to it. The game is enriched with enchanting arcane themes. The most recent one comes with cloud saving support and much more. It’s due to the twists and puzzles associated; the game is moreover loved among adults’ pros. However, teens interested in checking their IQ level can also find it incredible.

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14. Rusty Lake (Cube Escape) series

Rusty Lake (Cube Escape) series

The Cube Escape series of Rusty Lake is available absolutely for free. There is no in-app purchase for the buyer as well. The best part about the game is the mystery element that it provides and the needful quotient of adventure. Here, one needs to solve puzzles to figure out precisely what is happening. The game is also quite popular with the name ‘Rusty Lake Story.’ One can play it over us as an online game as well. 

The structure of the game is quite simplistic. Also, every game makes the player solve a range of puzzles, which is essential for moving ahead in the game. Moreover, it is like an escape game, though the puzzle element makes it even more enjoyable. The puzzle-solving aspect makes the game thoroughly engaging altogether. Also, one can find various premium games as part of it that are equally enchanting as well.

15. Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light

Here comes another exciting, freely available game for the action-adventure freaks. The game too is available absolutely for free. It is quite an exciting game in terms of its exciting graphics. However, it’s the storyline’s incredibility or content that makes players hooked in on it for a longer time. Through the course of the game, one gets the opportunity of exploring seven eras. In concurrence, it provides a social element that enables the player to communicate with other game participants. 

Various other exciting features are making it significant. For example, it comes with cooperative play, with a range of customization options for the characters. Also, it provides numerous trials to maintain things fresh. The soundtrack is merely incredibly uplifting the mood of the player. However, the prime aspect that keeps the interest intact is the social element it provides.    

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16. Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile

Those searching for an excellent multiplayer shooter game for the android platform can find it a perfect option. The best part, the game is available absolutely for free for the player. Its high definition gaming experience for mobile users makes it immensely popular. Additionally, the game comes with incredible control features that can be customized well. There are both voice chat and text chat options available. Alongside, there remains 3D graphic elements and sound element, making the game altogether exciting. 

The game explores various interesting characters, armors, exciting outfits, etc., thus taking the experience to the next level. Those who claim that the action-adventure games are lame can be proved wrong through this. After all, it provides incredible competition among the players. Be it about the gameplay, significant control, or depth. The game offers all elements for keeping things interesting.  

17. Neon Shadow

Neon Shadow

Those in search of an incredible action game in 3D should opt for it. Specifically, those in search of an action shooter game can find it an excellent option. The aspect that makes the game such enchanting is it being enriched with an incredible set of weapons. One can procure any amount of these weapons from the site straight away. Even the very basic rifles can do the job of machine guns. However, one needs high-end explosives for more significant challenges.

The game provides scope for expanding the arena through the course of racing through different parts. Through the process, it keeps the player engaged with the game altogether. There is a scope of taking a breath as well; here, it provides the option of clashing against the bots in different modes of the game. Upon sharpening the skill and trimming down the machine, a straightforward move to online mode confronts the other player.

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18. Square Enix

Square Enix

Square Enix is one of the interesting action-adventure games available for free. The best part about the game is its exciting storytelling. Most importantly, the game’s storyline is the perfect example of how an action-adventure story should be. The game provides excellent control for the user, and it keeps them hooked in on it thoroughly. There is no element of puzzle or unwanted twists, though, in the game.

It is that type of game that keeps things straightforward and simplistic but focussed more on the action part. In short, those who are ardent action fans should consider this. There are issues related to age; be it about a teen or an adult, the game is suitable for all. It provides a perfect graphic and fun element to keep a careful balance between action and fun. All in all, anyone interested in an action game with the due quotient of entertainment can be a perfect recommendation.

19. WitchSpring4


WitchSpring4 is an incredible action-adventure game with immense popularity. The storyline is quite simple; here, the main contender plays a witch who also rules the entire continent. Through the game process, the player has to explore the entire globe, come across different characters, and perform different games. The game is hugely popular globally, though, in Korea, it holds an immense fan base. There are four games in this entire series. 

The initial two portray the same concept from different angles. However, the last two games are explicit in their ways. These two can play without needing any other. The gameplay is easy, thus making things suitable for teens. At the same time, it can be interesting enough for the adults as well. It’s an excellent control that the game provides makes it even more enjoyable.

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The game provides an incredible joy of killing the foes using powerful weapons. It provides an explicit game system that makes it a stand-out among others. Also, it is quite striking from a graphic point of view. There are various options like point scaling for enhancing the score and keeping the player thoroughly motivated. There is also an exciting mode called the mission mode that lets the player opt for the specific level he wants to be a part of. One may train his/her as per the particular level to compete well. 

The game provides various spaceships, as well as different characteristics. On the whole, there remain six spaceships that come with different levels of strength. One simply can’t complain about the intuitiveness of the game. It is regarded as one of the finest multiplayer games at present. The game’s intuitiveness enables the player to overcome even the most challenging phase at ease.

21. The Bug Butcher

The Bug Butcher

Here comes another fantastic game for android users with incredible graphics. Those looking for an exciting action-adventure game with incredible graphics and a storyline can find it a great option. The best part, there is a specific element of humor in it as well. Interestingly, the gameplay is quite simple that even a beginner can get used to quickly. But, when it comes to gaining mastery over the upper levels, it might seem challenging. 

The best part that makes the game exciting is the level of weaponry it provides. It is among those games providing military-grade weaponries even at the initial level. Even at the very beginning level, the control that one can obtain through the game makes it interesting. The ultimate aim is to protect the scientists only in any way. It might seem unbelievable for many in terms of the way it combines the action, adventure, and humor quotient in equal proportion.

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22. Fruit Ninja 2

Fruit Ninja 2

This is an altogether different kind of action-adventure. Those who are not interested in blood-based adventure can find it an incredible option. After all, here, the action is against the fruits. One might have played other fruit-cutting adventures, but one can experience the incident through this is simply incomparable. Interestingly, by exploring different ways of boosting the power level, the game gets more exciting. 

Upon collecting the powerful blades, one can easily defeat the rivals. The game provides an exciting world that makes the game look like a perfect show. It provides the perfect combination of gameplay and control for keeping the player’s interest intact throughout the game. However, it’s not just about raw action and adventure; the game has enough elements to offer in terms of strategy building as well.

23. Shadowgun War Games

Shadowgun War Games

Those in search of a multiplayer action-adventure game providing exciting technicalities can find it the best pick. The storyline of the game is simply epic. It is thoroughly competitive and creative as well in terms of gameplay. Here the prime aim is to keep humanity safe from the invading of aliens. There remain more than 2000 missions in the game, and it covers four different planets. Through the course of the game, it enables the players to join the force and strategically defeat the enemy. 

The best part about the game is the real-time experience it provides to the player regarding the team clash. There are enough elements it provides in terms of customization as well. All in all, the game gives significant control to the user. There remains above 600 straight sets of weapons for the player, ranging from handguns to extensive machine guns.

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24. Pascal’s Wager

Pascal's Wager

The best part about the game is its incredible storyline. It’s unbelievably interesting, providing 20 hours or more content of astonishing quality. There remain four functional characters along with various modes of combating and skill sets. There remains a massive range of enemies to be confronted, providing the incredible experience of challenging clashes. It gets even more intuitive with 3D map and different layers of gameplay. 

The game is quite cinematic; in fact, the game provides full voice dialogues for making things even more realistic. As far as the soundtrack is concerned, it is very much up to the mark. The globally reckoned orchestra plays the soundtrack. One can claim that the game provides a specific amusement element that can keep anyone hooked for a prolonged period. Now needless to say that the game offers excellent control and user-friendly characteristics.    

25. Door Kickers: Action Squad

Door Kickers: Action Squad

The most exciting part about the game is its graphic. One can experience the incredible retro graphic with utmost accuracy. There remain six most prominent characters in the game, each of which has its explicit gameplay mode and the leveling option. Another distinguishing aspect of the game is its strategy-building process. 

There remains unending tower mode, making things even more exciting. There is no scarcity in terms of weapons as it provides 60 varieties, along with gear elements. Also, there remain more than 20 enemy kinds along with four objections of missions. Significantly, the zombie invasion process makes it incredibly interesting.


So, there are the 25 best options at present for all those looking forward to exciting action-adventure games. Each of the list’s games has its uniqueness and element to keep the player thoroughly hooked in with. The best part, each of the games comes with elements meeting the interest of the contemporary player. 

One may not need to look beyond these options, at least in this genre, considering the regular update it provides. Each of the games is simple, feature enriched, and comes with exciting graphics elements. Above all, the games can be played with almost every android device.

In short, you can have some pleasant hours of amusement upon taking any of the above games into account as a game freak in the action-adventure genre. We hope this article about the best action-adventure games for Android is helpful for you. If you found this article helpful for you in any manner, then share it on social media. Please stay connected with us for future updates.

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