9 Best Bedside Alarm Clock To Wake Up On Time

You may have to confess it to yourself that use of your smartphone as a digital alarm clock doesn’t work properly, and that is why what you need is a perfect alarm clock. A bedside alarm clock not only can add to the decor of your bedroom but can be a proper companion to wake you up on time.

It can help you get out of sleep timely and start your schedule without any delay. An alarm clock holds a system where you can set the time to wake up on expected time.

Best Bedside Alarm Clocks

Best Bedside Alarm Clock To Wake Up On Time

Fortunately, we come up with some best bedside alarm clocks, which will help you to wake up in the morning. We are going to describe the considerable features which will help you to find out the best one.

Without wasting time, let’s explore some of the best alarm clocks and get to shop for the best one from the wide variety available online.

CubieBlue Bluetooth Speaker (Alarm Clock)

CubieBlue Charging Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock

This alarm clock looks like a Death Star droid out of Star Wars movie. But it helps you to get up with at the right time with a perfect alarm that can make you start your day timely.

It comes with two USB ports for coexisting phone and tablet charging. The clock also has a feature of surge protection to protect your devices from electrical spikes. You can charge your phone and tablet at the same time as it comes with two USB ports and two power outlets.

CubieBlue Charging Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock is still going to work when you plug it back in even if you threw it anywhere across your room. It comes with a Bluetooth music feature that can play your music to get up in the morning. The simple features such as Bluetooth music features, surge protector, no freaking lightning storm, etc. makes it one of the best bedside alarm clocks.

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Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen BedSide Speakers

Amazon’s latest smart speaker offering not only can act as an excellent bedside alarm clock but can work hands free with voice commands. You can set your alarm or check the next alarm easily with a simple voice instruction.

Though make sure that you speak the time correctly with PM/AM including to set the alarm correctly. The smart speaker is powered by Amazon Alexa which allows to add additional skills for added functionalities.

The modern design looks good and comes in two distinct colors. You can also get a Tiger / Panda design, if you are planning to use the clock in kids’ bedroom. Kids edition comes with a subscription of Kids+ service to provide huge amount of kids’ friendly content. It also has parental control to easily set up down time, filter content etc.

For adults also it can be a good smart clock to control all your smart devices. You can use it with any Alexa enabled smart devices and control your smart home.

Meofia Projection Alarm Clock

Meofia Projection Alarm Clock For Bedroom

This alarm clock comes with a sharp red LED projection display that will be hanging on the wall of your room, and you can easily see the time. You can even display the time on your ceiling so that you don’t have to turn for watching the time.

You can easily rotate the projector display with a click of a button. It consists of an Ultra-bright blue LCD, which will help you in waking up in a better way.

It also has an external wireless sensor which transmits weather information to the clock. You can connect it to three wireless sensors to the clock. This will make sure that clock will display the current weather and forecast correctly on the clock display.

Dual alarm system makes sure that you can set a regular alarm along with adhoc alarm requirements. This way you do not need to keep changing your existing alarms.

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Heimvision Alarm Clock Sunrise Simulation

Heimvision Sunrise Bedside Alarm Clock

You just need to know that not all the alarm clocks are made in the same way. This is noticeable in the Heimvision Sunlight Simulation Alarm Clock, which gives you the traditional alarms to rise from bed, mimics perfectly sunrise and sunset to lay you in the favorable mood wake up and comfort you to sleep.

Whether you require an alarm clock for large sleepers, that might be a projection alarm clock or a programmable alarm clock that depends upon your choice. Along with light simulation, it comes with seven different natural sounds to facilitate your wakeup mood.

You can duplicate sunset by means of selecting the brightness, period, sleep song, and volume all in progress. The lighting purposely fades with background song that incites complete relief and lays you shortly into the snoozing mode.

It also consists of a USB charging port situated behind the clock along with dual alarm clock mode to setup separate alarms. It is also Alexa certified so that you can easily control it with voice commands.

LittleHippo Mella Children’s Alarm Clock

LittleHippo Mella Alarm Clock For Kids

Analysis has disclosed that typically, time does not amount to something to children under age eight. But at the same time, adults know that every single action under the daylight is time-bound. That is why it is necessary to inculcate time values into the small ones at an exceedingly early age. And no device is required to accomplish that better than the Mella alarm clock constructed purposely with the kids in mind.

The kids clock comes with a quite easy to use interface and consists of a brilliant array of sound and light choices. It has been designed from the perspective of child-safe along with durable ABS and silicone material. It’s Facial expressions stately communicate timekeeping moralities to your kids at a noticeably early age.

Mella alarm clock comes with multiple soothing sounds and colors to provide easy engagement options for your kids. Give this alarm clock as a gift for young children and enable the good timekeeping habits in them.

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Loud Alarm Clock With Bed Shaker

Loud Beside Alarm Clock

One of the best bedside alarm clocks that you must look for is the loud alarm clock. The alert is strong and has a loud noise along with the latest technology of a shaker. The bed shaker comes with six fit wire which can easily be hidden under the pillow or bed mattress.

The alarm sound and bed shaker come with multiple adjustable levels which can help you wake up easily. If you are the only one who needs to wake up and don’t want to disturb your partner, you can only use the bed shaker as your alarm. This way you won’t disturb the sleep on anyone else with alarm sound.

The alarm clock in simple in features and provides big digital display for time. The display provides twenty levels of warm lighting to give proper visibility according to your comfort. It also provides an option of dual alarm system where you can setup two alarms to wake multiple people according to their routine.

hOmeLabs Alarm Clock

HomeLabs Color Switcher Alarm Clock

A simple and beautiful clock that comes in assorted colors to offer you the best-looking clock at your bedside. This is another LED light clock which can wake you up with natural light and soothing sounds.

This alarm clocks comes with 8 different light colors and can be used as a night lamp on your bedside. The clock also comes with FM radio which can be easily integrated in your morning routine. You can start the FM radio with one click and listen to morning news from your bed.

You can also use natural sounds as your alarm clock sound which can be a good and energized way to wake up in the morning. Digital display and easy alarm settings makes it one of the best bedside alarm clocks which can be used in any room of your house.

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Sonic Alert Alarm Clock

Sonic Viberating Alert Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is not constructed for any old sleeper. This is going to make sure that you wake up with every bit of strength in its small electronic body. Sonic Alert gives rise to an incredibly powerful alarm clock that shakes the bed to wake you out of it and arrives with a large red LCD screen.

It has an integrated influential 12 Volt bed shaker and comes with a dual alarm system to make sure that there are extensive timing controls.

The clock has a unique “heavy bomb” loud sound which can produce a vibrating alert light flashes invariably to convey you a reminder of perfect wakeup time. You’ll get red flashing in your eyes, the bed rumbling, and a loud tone as the light vibrates to wake you up.

AmazonBasics Alarm clock

AmazonBasics Digital Alarm Clock For BedSide

If you want to get up on time every day, this is the most reasonable digital alarm clock, which you must consider buying. The portable and vital nature of this specific alarm clock signifies it favorable for both, the nightstand at home or when you’re sleeping anywhere else.

The portable alarm clock consists of a 0.7-inch green LED display assures you can glance at the alarm clock and easily check the time, even if you’re yet a little sleepy. It comes with a very compact size; you can fit it into small cavities such as a backpack, pockets.

The small clock has an automatic brightness level adjustment and consists of a highly noticeable green alarm LED display for manageable read at a distance. Times and alarms remain unaffected at the point of a power outage, and a great thanks to battery backup. This clock can easily compliment any wall clocks in your room and provide distinct look.

Here, we discussed some of the best bedside alarm clocks along with their considerable features. You can consider these features to decide which one is best for you.

Having a digital alarm clock, you don’t need the help of another person to wake you up in the morning, so that you can never be late for your work, office, school, or anywhere.

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