Best Unique Wall Clocks Which You Can Buy From Market

It is good to improve the aesthetics of your home every once in a while. Some people choose to change the exterior of their houses with a fresh coat of paint or redo their gardens. Others prefer to refurbish the interiors with new furniture or lights.

But did you know you could add a nice pop to your home by upgrading just one item? – Wall Clocks.

Unique Wall Clocks To Buy

Unique Wall Clocks For Your Home

With an interesting clock hanging on your wall, your room is bound to become that much more attractive. There are countless wall clocks available on the market. They come in all shapes and sizes, but your home deserves something unique and special.

Here is a list of elegant and stylish wall clocks that are sure to make your home more chic and decorative.

Dip into minimalism with this marble masterpiece

Norm Unique Wall Clocks

Smartphones today have been designed to help you with almost every task. That includes telling you the time. But you cannot hang a cellphone on your wall. What your house needs are this chic minimalistic Marble Wall Clock that will complement your interiors and boost your home’s aesthetics like nothing else.

If you are tired of looking at boring analog clock faces, this is the piece for you. The modern take on minimalism is exactly what every home needs today.

This Marble Wall Clock was designed by the renowned Norm Architects from Denmark and is available in three colors – black, gray, and white. Improve your home’s beauty with this Scandinavian piece of art.

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Turn back time with this modern cuckoo clock design

Lemnos Mens Pace Cuckoo Clock

Gone are the days when people buy traditional cuckoo clocks for their homes. But if you are the kind to enjoy old-fashioned things, you should get your hands on this modern take on the beloved cuckoo clock.

Created by skilled craftsmen, this beautiful clock sits in a walnut wooden frame and houses a dainty little cuckoo bird. The modern design makes it perfect for your home.

Besides the appearance, there are some other changes that you would love. The cuckoo bird has been designed to remain quiet at night thanks to a light sensor. So you can own a stylish cuckoo clock without being woken up every hour during the night.

Bedazzle your home with this gorgeous metal clock

Neotend Wall Clocks

If you are looking to jazz up your home with some bling, then look no further than the Neotend 3D Wall Clock. This large wall clock has a 9-inch dial diameter and spans up to more than 25 inches.

The Neotend clock is beautiful and eye-catching with 64 diamond pieces that adorn the exterior sun-like frame. The dial is made of pure glass and sits in an iron frame that houses the gems.

This clock is bound to be a conversation starter and is suitable for any home. If you are not keen on changing too much of your home’s interiors, this clock can work as a statement piece.

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Add a rustic theme to your room with this vintage clock

Infinity Weathered Plank Wooden Wall Clock

If vintage and rustic are your favorite themes, then your home definitely needs this wonderful time-telling instrument. Say hello to the Infinity Instruments Wood Wall Clock that boasts of a unique woodgrain design like no other.

This unique wall clock is best suited for people looking to add an extra rustic touch to their rooms. The numbers on the clock are multi-colored, so this piece gives your home an additional boost of color. It is great for children and adult rooms alike.

Brighten your room with this Ikea number

STOLPA Wall Clock With Unique Design

For energy conscious folks, Ikea has the perfect wall clock. The Stolpa is an energy-efficient wall clock that works with quartz precision.

It works with a UV sensor which causes the clock to illuminate itself during low-light settings. This means that the clock’s face is illuminated when it is dark.

The Stolpa clock also has a sound sensor that activates its lighting when it detects a sound. It has a minimalistic design with a bare face and no numbers. This clock is suitable for people who enjoy simple designs and are keen on energy efficiency.

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This nightlight wall clock is suitable for any home

Plumeet Night Light Function Wall Clock

The Nightlight Plumeet Wall Clock was designed with unique characteristics to make it a popular choice among homeowners. The clock comes with stereoscopic numerals on its face that absorb natural light and glows in the dark during the night.

The numerals are large, so it is easy to tell the time from anywhere in the room. It runs on quartz movement, so this clock is accurate and quiet, making it suitable for both kids and adults.

The Nightlight Plumeet wall clock is also designed to complement any type of room with its silver frame and a face that features a lovely honeycomb design.

This clock does more than tell time

Ameico Digital Wall Clock For Your Home

If telling time is not all you are looking for in a clock, consider purchasing the Braun Digital Wall Clock. This radio-controlled clock is 8.2 square inches in size and comes in two colors.

It boasts a cutting-edge reverse LCD screen that not only tells you the time but also gives you details on date, day, alarm time, indoor humidity, and indoor temperature.

The functions are easy to set and work in both 12- and 24-hour formats. This wall clock also has a folding stand in case you prefer to prop it on a table.

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Bring nature into your home with this spring-inspired wall clock

Decorative Wall Mount Flower Wall Clock

If you are a fan of nature and its beauty, the Lulu Décor Spring Blossoms Decorative Wall Clock is the one for you. This handmade masterpiece has a unique design that is a replica of the beautiful flowers of spring.

It is stylish and makes for an excellent decorative piece in living rooms and bedrooms. The clock’s total diameter spans over 23 inches and the white dial sits within a golden and black metal frame.

The frame is adorned with small flowers that make this piece perfect for weddings and house warming parties as well.

Add a pop of color with this ball clock

Nelson Ball Clock

Designed by the famous George Nelson Associates of the Howard Miller Clock Company, their Ball Clock is one of the unique wall clocks that is bound to make your home the envy of all your neighbors.

This clock features 12 balls fixed on brass stems that function as numerals. The Ball Clock is available in various colors so you can pick one that is best suited for the color tones of your living room or bedroom.

It has a simple design with colorful balls as its main focus. This artistic masterpiece is the perfect conversation starter for when you have people over.

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Create a statement with this floating wood clock

Nomon Sunset Wall Clock

The Nomon Sunset Clock is the perfect item for people who are looking for a statement clock for their home. Fans of minimalistic design will love this wooden floating clock.

The Nomon Sunset Clock is made from hand polished walnut wood and features wooden hour markers instead of numerals. It is silent and works with quartz precision. It is the ultimate item to piece together the interiors of your home.

Wall clocks are no longer simple devices to tell time. You can use unique wall clocks to greatly improve the aesthetics of your bedroom and living rooms. The age of bland and boring wall clocks has long passed.

Choose from any of the unique wall clocks mentioned above to dramatically boost your home’s interiors and add a touch of class and sophistication to otherwise uninteresting walls.

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