10 Best Accessories To Buy From Market For Moto Z4 Smartphone

Looking for an affordable Smartphone with appealing features? Motorola Z4 is the brand-new addition to Moto Z series that provides customers unique user experience.

With a great battery backup, 6.4-inch OLED display, and 4 GB RAM, this is one of the best budget phones today. Moreover, with Corning Gorilla Glass, and waterproof body, safeguard against liquid damages are easy.

However, what makes Motorola Z4 phones favorite, is their compatibility with the modular accessories. These magnetically attachable Moto Mods can transform a Smartphone into a larger-than-life device. Furthermore, these modular accessories improve the performance of the phone instantly.

Best Accessories For Motorola Z4

Who doesn’t love to upgrade their smartphone’s look? With innovative accessories now, the market is full of screen guards, chargers, and modular add-ons.

But choosing the most reliable among all is indeed challenging. Here is the list of the best accessories for Motorola Z4 you must not miss.

Smart speaker with Alexa

motorola z4 alexa smart speaker

With the added Alexa capabilities in the Moto smart speaker, customers can now interact with their phone. Let’s find out how Smart speaker with Alexa works.

When the smart mod is on, customers can ask questions, listen to audiobooks, and play music with the hands-free voice control. Customers can use this smart speaker while charging the phone and ask for on-screen updates effortlessly.

With a built-in battery, this smart speaker can function without affecting the phone’s battery. They can also charge their mobile and Alexa at the same time comfortably. With the dockable design, customers can dock their phone anywhere as no further settings are required.

Other than these features, dual speakers and four powerful microphones make this great mobile accessory worth buying.

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Sucnakp Rugged Armor Case

Sucnakp Heave Duty Motorola Z4 Case

One of the other accessories which you should be looking to buy is a good, protective case for your new smartphone. Sucnakp rugged armor case for Motorola Z4 is a case which protects the phone without adding too much bulk on the phone.

Like other cases, this does not expose the Moto Mods connectors. You can’t use most of the Moto Mods without removing the case from the phone. So a case which exposes those connectors will only allow dirt to accumulate around that area. I prefer using a case which does not exposes and keep it clean.

The build and cutout are precise which allow all the other functions of the phone to behave normally. The case is available in 4 different colors which can give a different look to your phone.

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The JBL Xtreme 2 Wireless Speakers

JBM Xtreme 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers For Motorola Z4

Audio quality is one of the most crucial things that customers look for while buying a mobile phone. With JBL Xtreme 2, customers can get the sound quality they dream of.

With a built-in stand and battery backup for 15 hours, this smart device can keep your party going all night. It comes with a waterproof design and with the integration of voice assistant. The high-quality stereo sound makes music loud and clear.

Moreover, once paired, you can use it anywhere without any trouble. The best thing is, this device is also pocket-friendly than other Bluetooth speakers in the market. You can easily carry it with the added straps.

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Power Pack Moto Mod

Motorola Z4 Power Pack Mod

You may think that an extra battery add-on to your mobile will make it look bulky, right? As one of the best accessories for Motorola Z4, Power Pack comes with a sleek design and has a sturdy 2200 mAh battery.

It can help when you need to charge your phone quickly​ and can give an extra day battery life. It doesn’t make your phone look heavy and comes in both plastic and glass-backed designs.

Once you plug-in the charger of the power pack, it charges up to 50% in just 20 minutes. Hence, it unquestionably a good companion of your Motorola Z4.

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Anker Powerdrive PD-2

Anker Car Charger For Motorola Z4

Car chargers are really helpful and can make the travel easy by charging your phone on the go. Anker USB-C car charger comes with fast charging capability with 18W and 12W power delivery.

It also comes with USB port along with USB-C port to support the charging for all kind of devices. So you can charge two devices simultaneously.

The charger is well built and provides easy detection while driving with the help of glowing LED. So if you are on move a lot and would like a good car charger, then you can go fo this charger.

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Moto 360° camera

Moto 360 Camera For Motorola Z Family

The camera quality of a mobile phone is the first thing that customers look at when buying a new mobile. Moto 360° Camera offers 4k video capture facilities and dual 13MP sensors to improve picture quality.

Once connected to the phone, it doesn’t require any additional settings and makes a 360° picture or video recording flawless. Therefore, it is for sure a premium camera add-on that makes every photo drool-worthy.

The camera also comes with one-click social share feature where you can easily share your photos with Google Maps or Facebook. It can also be a lot of fun in the parties to click some good pics.

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Moto gamepad

Motorola Gamepad For Motorola Z Family Smartphones

For a genuine and vivid gaming experience, Moto gamepad is one of the most popular mobile accessories in the stores today. With features like four action buttons, D-pad, and dual control sticks, customers can get an ​intense gaming experience.

Moreover, the built-in battery can sustain up to 8 hours and gives customers added game time. It might still not work correctly with some of the heavy-duty games who needs different button configurations like PUBG. For those games, it’s​ better to buy the external Bluetooth controllers but for all other purposes, this one should be fine.

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Yootech 10W Wireless Charger

Yootech 10W Wireless Charger For Motorola Phone

Moto Z4 does not come with wireless charging capability but you can enhance it with a Moto Style Shell W/ wireless charging to add the capability. If you have done that, a good 10W wireless charger is something you should look from the market.

Yootech has some of the best wireless chargers in the market which can help you change your phone easily. It’s standing wireless charger 2-pack is a good deal as you can keep one at home and other at the office.

Just leave the phone on the stand and watch it getting charged without any interruption. You can put the phone in vertical or horizontal position and it will still charge. The stand can also be used to watch video or check notification while the phone is charging.

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Moto Insta-Share Projector

Motorola Insta-Projector For Motorola Z4

Today, it is possible to transform your Motorola Z4 mobile into a movie projector with Moto Insta-Share Projector. This is one of the unique Moto Mods for Motorola Z4 smartphone.

How? Insta-Share Projector can project on any flat surface at any angle. With up to 70 inches projection ability, Insta-share projector also comes with a battery backup of one hour.

With the integrated kickstand, customers can stream movies, photos, and images anywhere effortlessly. Though you might have to dim the lights in the room to see the projected image correctly as the brightness is little less but still it can impress anyone with its capabilities. Now play Netflix or share your photos easily with Insta-Projector.

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Moto Style Shell

Motorola Style Shell For Z Smartphone Family

With striking phone covers available in the market, Moto style shell is for sure a unique one. As one of the most durable mobile accessory, these back covers also come in artistic designs.

Apart from being stylish, their wireless charging feature makes them exceptional. Customers can pick up gorilla glass, or nylon made Style Shells according to their choice.

If you are looking for flashy design, Moto style shell covers are available in Floral Print, Ebony Burl Wood, and Grey Herringbone Nylon designs.

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Lastly, best accessories for Motorola Z4 are available for everyone and comes with a variety of price range. Therefore, you can pick one that suits your budget, and upgrade your mobile phone in minutes.

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