14 Best Productivity Apps For Mac To Get More Work Done

Ever since Steve Jobs created and gave birth to the first ever Macintosh in 1984, our world has come quite a long way with respect to computers and the way we use them to connect with each other as well get our work done as and when required.

We can be sure that most of us will not believe us when we say that the first Macintoshes looked like vertically standing boxes which had screens and along with CPUs or Central Processing Units were embedded within the main frame with a mouse that looked like a cardboard cutout.

First Mac Computer

The image we have thus presented to you seems quite irreconcilable with how the Macintosh computer or the MacBook computers and laptops (As they are called now), doesn’t it? Well, that is how it is.

As with all mobile phones and other PCs or laptops, MacBooks to have some unique applications which are preinstalled on all the MacBook devices. Such as; the Safari Browser, Mac’s own music player iTunes, Pages, Numbers etc.

Best Productivity Apps for Mac

Best Productivity Apps For Mac

It’s pretty obvious, however, that, you require more than the number of normal applications which are pre-installed in the computer or laptop to be able to use the laptop or the personal computer for work, say, for example, office work etc.

However, office-work aside, you would obviously like to use your Macbook personal computer or laptop in a productive manner right?

Well, look no further and worry no more for here in this article we bring you 14 of the Best Productivity Apps for Mac.


Spectacle is quite a unique application as it allows Apple users (referring to all of you Mac Book users here) to create multiple screens, or, it allows the MacBook users to simply have multiple or many tabs open (similar to the Windows users).

It’s a free open source macOS app which allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts to your Window management. Though macOS has advanced a lot in recent years and allows many controls to manage your desktop but Spectacle is still holding a lead in easy management.

It is quite a nifty feature as it allows all of you to multi-task without any particular difficulties, or rather, with great ease.

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Ulysses (not Grant)

Ulysses Text Editor For MacBook

It does not matter whether some of you are authors who have penned bestselling novels or whether you just like to take notes digitally when you are attending a lecture, Ulysses is a perfect application.

It is a one of a kind text editor which has a very clean design and user-friendly interface. Also, as an added bonus, it also supports various kinds of files such as for example, Plaintext, HTML, DocX (Document Extension etc).

You can easily export the text to publish it on the website or as a book.

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Bartender 3

All of you must have heard about Lady Antebellum, right?

Well, this application, however, has nothing to do with the popular ‘Hey Bartender’ song by her. Neither does this application has anything to do with actual bartenders.

Rather, this application will help all of you to rearrange or even hide your icons present on your menu screen. Yes, you read that right, this application helps you hide or rearrange your icons.

You could also remove or completely reposition third party items from your menu if you choose to.

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flux mac app for better screen color management

No, we are not referring to the rather popular brand of soaps which are available in the market at present.

We are referring to an application that helps reduce the strain on your eyes while or if you are working late into the night by reducing the blueness of the screen.

Apple latest macOS comes with night shift feature which can change the color according to your time. f.lux takes it a step further and adds more controls and sophistication to your screen light management.

Rather than just day and night, it has other scenes which help you get a better control of the color warmness.

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Short Menu

Short Menu Mac App For Better Productivity

This application does what it clearly proclaims through its title: you guessed right, it shortens the URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) which you access or visit while you are browsing.

It shortens the links present with well-known prefixes such as bit.ly, goo.gl etc.

To shorten the URLs, all you need to do is simply copy the URLs and paste them into this application and voila! You are now done.

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This application helps you search for the other applications present on your laptop or computer with a bare minimum of fuss.

It lets you assign specific or clearly defined key combinations, which will help you to launch the application instantly.

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Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 Mac Calendar App

This application is an extension of the Calendar application and is quite useful with its advanced features like iCloud reminder sync, advanced parsing technique etc.

If you are not happy with the limited functionality of Apple’s default calendar, you can give a try to this app.

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If all of you prefer not to let stress dominate you and if you also enjoy and like moving ahead in life without remembering too much, then 1Password is for you.

It lets you store all the passwords you have ever created for any purpose whatsoever and thus, as we have mentioned above, prevents stress from ruling or dominating you.

And what is more, this application also lets you create different vaults or secure storage facilities for different types or kinds of passwords (such as say, passwords for your office, passwords for your home etc).

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Alfred Mac App as a replacement for Spotlight

No, we aren’t referring to The Batman’s butler here, but instead, an application which is several light years ahead of the Spotlight application which all of you must have been using.

However one of the things that truly differentiates Alfred from Spotlight is that unlike in case of Spotlight, you can directly issue commands such as ‘Empty the trash’ etc.

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OmniFocus 2

OmniFocus 2 Mac App From App Store

OmniFocus 2 is the one application you will definitely want by your side, for it is like the Robin to your Batman.

This application helps you prioritize your tasks; arrange them in order of precedence etc. Basically, it is simply one of the most reliable weapons in your arsenal of weapons (that is, applications).

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Pocket Mac App

It is not uncommon for all of us to come across certain links to certain websites, articles or links while we are browsing.

However, not all of us always have the time to instantly open those links and see what they contain.

It is in this scenario that the Pocket application proves to be useful as it saves those links for all of you to later be able to view them at your own leisure.

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Time forms quite an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Hence, it becomes necessary for us to keep a track on the time we spend doing a particular activity.

Toggl helps all of you to do just that, by acting as a time tracker and also, it has both mobile and smartphone versions as well (go top that).

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Helium Mac App for floating browser window

Similar in function to the Spectacle application, this application also helps you to keep several tabs on while you are working, such as say, a YouTube video etc.

It gives you a floating browser window so you can watch your media while working on other things.

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Hazel File Handling Mac App From Noodlesoft copy

If you belong to those groups of people who happen to download a whole lot of things from the Internet, then Hazel is for you.

This application helps you automate the function of regularly clearing the downloads list of your MacBook, thereby assisting in decluttering your laptop.

You can set folder based rules and it takes action based on the name or date of the file.

Get It From Noodlesoft

There you go, guys. We hope you do try all these applications out and have a seamless experience. We sincerely hope that all of you liked this list of the 14 Best Productivity Apps for Mac.

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