Will Google Succeed in its latest attempt to create a iMessage Competitor?

It is simply impossible to live in the 21st century without having heard of either (or both) of the technology giants Google and Apple, right? Yes, you are absolutely right because Google and Apple have entered our lives in such a manner that it is simply impossible to ignore their presence.

Google assistant, Google Chrome, YouTube, (under the aegis of Google) etc. are some of the noteworthy apps among the long list of apps Google provides to us to make our life easier. When it comes to Apple, we instantly think about the Apple iPhone, the Macbook, iMessages (the secure and instant messaging or IM app developed by Apple) etc.

As a result, inspired by the synthesis as well as the success of iMessages, Google has launched many apps till now. But none of it comes close to the success of iMessage. Who can forget Hangout and their latest failure – Allo (Chat App with inbuilt AI).

One of the key reason for the success of iMessage is that user doesn’t need to know if the other person has an app or not. You can text the other person and if they have iMessage, they will receive a text otherwise it will be converted into an SMS. Also, it’s available on each and every iPhone and you get it as soon as you start your new iPhone.

Now with the latest new attempt, it looks like Google is well prepared than any time before. This time, they are not planning to launch any new app but include the functionality in the default Android Messaging app. They call it Chat Service which is built on RCS (Rich Communication Services).

Google Latest Andoid App Chat Messanging Service

However, for users hoping for an Apple-like experience, we are sorry to inform you that the Chat app doesn’t come with exactly the same features, as for instance, it does not promise end-to-end-encryption; rather, it is more in tune with RCS or the Rich Communication, which has a rather open form of communication which allows for easier location tracking by the police in case of a crime etc.

However, if you are willing for a little lack of privacy and the issue of the occasional fluctuations caused in the carrier network (of the service provider), then you should definitely go ahead and try the Chat application on your mobile phones; it is expected to be released on the market sometime this year.

Also, you should expect a desktop or PC version of the application too, which works both for phones as well as desktops. It might not be the native app like iMessage but more in tune with Web version like WhatsApp.

The good thing about this is that they have already partnered with major US carriers and phone manufacturers to be on board with this idea. This means that most of the phone will support this service and users will be able to use it by default.

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