Best Tech Gifts To Buy For Your Valentine This Year

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and in this season of love with all things constant, the worry to get the perfect gift for your valentine is there as well. After all, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and affection towards your partner.

So, it’s quite natural to be your best and give the best gift to please your partner. But what if you are not sure what to buy for your Valentine?

Best Tech Gifts For Your Valentine

Best Tech Gifts For Your Valentine

Well, the good news is that your job just got easier especially if your partner is a technology lover. To make things easy and quick, we have compiled a list of the Best Tech Gifts for your Valentine.

The Best Tech Gifts for your Valentine which are instant mood lifters include some of the items mentioned below. So go ahead and check the list, make your selection to surprise your Valentine.

Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini as Valentine Day Gift

The Oh-So-Awesome! Google just got cooler and is now available in the form of Google Home Mini in strikingly beautiful colors as well which includes- Coral, Chalk and Charcoal. Help your partner in elevating his/her home into a smart home with the help of Google Home Mini.

You can also place more than devices in different rooms and create a bundle of devices as per your need and usage. It’s compact, sleek and affordable. 

The entire device is Voice Controlled and it makes your life much easier. You only need to say “Ok Google” before any command to enable the assistant to listen to you. Google will update you regarding your meetings, the weather; play your favorite songs, make calls, set alarms, plays movies and TV shows and much more. For Example- ‘Ok Google, Play some Techno Music’.  

If you have smart lights and other gadgets around the house, you can connect them with Google Mini to help them function better. It’s your very own personal Google.

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2 Pixel LoveBoxes

2 Pixel LoveBoxes for Your Valentine

This has to be amongst one of the most romantic gifts you can ever gift or receive. The concept of this product is quiet unique and innovative.

This love box contains a screen which can receive messages which you want your beloved to read. The messages can be sent with the help of the mobile application and they will be flashed on the screen installed inside the box.

But, that’s not all. The pixel heart spins until the message is read so that the person knows that there is a message for him/ her.

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Hidrate Smart 2.0 Spark Water Bottle

Hidrate Smart 2.0 Spark Water Bottle

If your partner is also a fitness freak, this would be the perfect gift for him/ her. This is not an ordinary bottle but a smart bottle which reminds you to stay hydrated.

It also keeps a record of your drinking water habits and helps you tick off the planned water intake off your list. It easily syncs with your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth.

This bottle glows and reminds you to drink water at timely intervals set by you. It can also be easily integrated with Apple Watch, Fit Bit and other fitness trackers to help you set your daily water goals.

The best part is that it also fits in any cup holder and you can wash the bottle and its cap with the help of a dishwasher. However, make sure to hand wash the sensor stick.

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Fizzics WayTap Beer Dispenser

Fizzics WayTap Beer Dispenser

If after a long day of work, beer is what you and your partner need, you know there’s nothing better than this. This beer dispenser smartly converts any can or bottle beer into draught beer within minutes.

You can enjoy an amazing beer at the comfort of your own home. Besides, it’s perfect to flaunt at parties as well. You can also carry the device at outdoor events.

The sound waves in the machine convert the ordinary beer into micro-bubbles that create the rich and creamy froth on your beer. It works perfectly with all beer styles- pilsners, stouts, porters etc.

The device is easy to use and tap can be removed to have the perfect wash as well. It can accommodate up to 12 to 25oz cans and 12oz bottles at one go.

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Polaroid POP Instant Print Digital Camera

Polaroid POP Instant Print Digital Camera

This has to be every girl’s personal favorite. It includes a 20 MP camera lens along with a touch screen enabled device which helps you get the perfect click instantly along with an Instant Polaroid Print.  

It does not require any printer, ink or a connection with the computer to process the photographs and prints. The fun part here is that it also includes filters, quirky borders, emoticons, stickers, captions, and flair to customize your photographs.

The device is also equipped with 1080p and 720 p digital video, built-in microphone and speaker and functions just like a digital camera.

Also, while taking the print, it comes out instantly and does not require any shaking or waiting for the image to appear all thanks to its Zero Ink Technology.

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Shoebox Tape Recorder and USB Player

Shoebox Tape Recorder and USB Player

How do you like an awesome Spotify playlist being streamed on our very own old school tape recorder cum speaker?

But, that’s not all. You can also record in the classic style using a cassette. It has an in-built microphone , Line-in and USB slot. There is a provision to record from USB as well.

It also has a slot for a headphone jack and a handle. This gift is cheap, looks expensive and works like a charm.

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My Cinema Lightbox

My Cinema Lightbox For Your Valentine

This is a unique way to describe how much you love your better half with style. Basically this gift is a LED-equipped mini marquee light-box wherein you can create your very own DIY messages in a quirky way packed with cinema box style lights.

It is sleek, lightweight and portable and can be used on various occasions. You can do that with the help of 100 letters, numbers and character tiles to customize your font with expressions as well. You can slide these into the box easily. It has two options to operate on- Batteries and USB which is included in the packaging.

You can set it up on the wall, on your bookshelf or just adore it on your work or study table. This is the perfect affordable gift if you’re running out of cash.

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Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader For Your Valentine

Amazon Kindle is every book lover’s paradise! And the paper-white edition is Amazon’s latest release which flaunts its 6’’ High-resolution display (300 PPI) with twice as many pixels.

It also has in-built Bluetooth and adjustable light which automatically increases or decreases the backlight as per the surroundings you are into. It can work for a week or weeks depending on your usage with a single charge.

You can download and read a lot of books without any hassle. Prime members get an advantage of unlimited access to the books and other privileges as well.

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VicTsing Shower Speaker

VicTsing Shower Speaker As A Valentine Day Gift

Who doesn’t loves Bluetooth speakers? This one is slightly above the edge as compared to others. Firstly, it is waterproof in nature which can be used while you take a shower or for your outdoor activities as well.

It comes with a detachable suction and an alloy hook which enables you to attach it anywhere. It is shockproof, dustproof and durable. This speaker has a built-in 5w speaker.

Also, it includes a built-in mic and hands free speakerphone which makes your tasks easy while you’re on the go. A single charge provides you with 6 hours of battery life. The sound qulaity is HD and crystal clear.

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Samsung Gear Smart watch

Samsung Gear Smart Watch As a Gift

Ladies, this is the best selling watch of the year and there is no man on the earth who would not fall in love with this gadget! It is rich, stylish and fashionable which can be used in office, at a party or with you on a date.

You just have to connect the smartwatch to your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth. This will enable them to receive calls, notifications and important alerts right on the watch screen. You can also make payments with the help of Samsung Pay.

It is compatible with all the smartphones and Apple devices. It has passed the Military Grade Drop test and has a longer durability. You can also text, check the weather, access Maps , track your calories etc along with keeping a track on the time.

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So, these were some of the best and unique gifts ideas which can be some of the best Tech gifts for your Valentine. Happy shopping! 

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