13 Best RPG (Role Playing Games) Games For iPhone And iPad

Role-playing games, also known as RPG games have always been popular among the clan of gamers. With the perfect blend of strategy and thrilling story-line, these games allow you to immerse yourself in the life of a virtual character – which may be a gangster, superhero, mythical legends or a master assassin.

Best RPG Games for iPhone and iPad

Best RPG Games To Play On iOS or iPadOS

If you are an Android user then finding these games shouldn’t be much of a problem to you but if you are an Apple user then the job may turn out to be a little tedious for you.

Here is a list of some of the best RPG games for iPhone and iPad.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

This transfer of the Final Fantasy game from console RPG to the touch screen of the iPhone is as accurate and wholesome as possible. The graphics are almost similar and most of the combat complexities and the main story-line of the game remains as it was before.

All in all, Final Fantasy XV is the latest version of the episodic epic RPG game that is mobile-friendly and exciting at the same time. Obviously, like most iOS games you get to play the first chapter for free and then you have to pay in a bundle for multiple episodes or you can pay individually for each episode.

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Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

This series has been one of the most popular in the RPG genre which has survived till now after its release in the PS1 era. Being one of the best RPG games for iPhone, it has an intricate well-woven plot.

The protagonist character is one of Odin’s most trusted Valkyrie who is set to find and recruit other legendary warriors to fight in the battle of the Gods. The game requires a fine proportion of action, duel-combat, and strategy to excite the gamers’ cult.

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The Sims Mobile

This is one of the best RPG games which has started this genre for gamers. After a decade-long wait finally, you can play The Sims on your iPhone or iPad.

Though the game is not as good as the console because of limited features, you can still enjoy it on the go. It allows you to create your avatar and give it a personality according to you. Make friends, find love & job, get settled in life with The Sims.

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Galaxy of Pen and Paper

This one is mainly known as a parody RPG game with a great sense of humor. Behold studios developed this game without tampering with the pixelated graphics of the original Pen and Paper series.

The humor is mainly aimed towards the science fiction games, movies, and books. The roles available are huge – including most of the well-known Sci-Fi characters that you have come across.

This RPG game allows you to engage in duels, use cool gadgets and explore the space while being a star lord.

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Evoland 2

This is easily one of the best RPG games for iPhone that you will ever come across. The storyline is interesting – Kuro and Fina are 2 characters that travel through time passing through the various generations of games.

This version of the game has been made a bit longer than the original one with different sorts of battles, space travel, strategic gaming and several other genres of games combined together. If you love RPG games with an interesting storyline then you are bound to enjoy Evoland 2.

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Well for all the magic-lovers, this game gives you the perfect RPG experience and lets you step into the shoes of Harry Potter and his friends.

The game allows you to do anything that you have ever wanted – make potions, roam around Hogwarts, fly a broom, take part in events of the House Cup, dwell competitions and finally, fight You-Know-Who. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery also has several other secondary objectives other than the main objective which is also quite interesting.

The game is entirely dependent on the gamer. So, you can do whatever you want and create your own adventure at Hogwarts.

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Battleheart 2

After the success of the first part, Mika Mobile released this upgraded version, Battleheart 2 for iPhone. Both the versions are amongst the top RPG games with the second one being one of the best RPG games for iPhone too.

With simple controls and a great storyline, the game allows you to control a group of 4 heroes to fight off a wave of enemies. You are allowed to choose any combination of heroes you want and also upgrade and use cool gears for battle. The best thing comes next – the added multiplayer mode allows you to team up with friends and play the game.

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Jade Empire: Special Edition

You step into the role of one of the gifted students of Master Li, a martial arts trainer during the rule of the Jade Empire.

Set in the times of the Jade rule, Aspyr has made a perfect blend of action, monsters, and magic in this arcade and action game. The characters have to accomplish missions and protect the Jade common people by fighting the Lotus Assassins hired by the Emperor.

The touch controls are extremely easy and there are a number of exciting martial arts moves that your character masters eventually. The game also supports MiFi controllers.

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Planescape: Torment

This classic modern RPG game takes you to an extra-dimensional place called Sigil, also known as the City of Doors. In this game, you play characters that have forgotten about their identities and need to get their memories back piece by piece.

You can form a group of companions as you go along. The mobile version of the game leaves the original dialogues, plot, and gameplay untouched while keeping the controls smooth and simple.

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Demon’s Rise 2: Lords of Chaos

A game set in a mythical mystical world you have to lead the charge of Demon Prince Morkarn’s army to destroy the forces of Baron Aideen the Proud.

The mobile version has smooth controls and the same gameplay, graphics, and plots as the original one. With several difficulty levels, diverging plots within the game, submissions, combats, and duels and battle strategy this game gives a thrilling experience to all the RPG lovers out there.

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Ravensword : Shadowlands

Ravensword: Shadowlands is one of the most popular games on the app store. To start with, it has amazing graphics and tons of levels for you to explore in the Kingdom of Tyreas.

You will get numerous chances to enhance your skills, collects various items, equip your weapons and evolve yourself as you move forward in each environment. It does not require an internet connection to function, so it’s perfect for your traveling needs.

The most impressive features are the switching of the first person to 3D person and Mounted Combat.

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This is one of the fascinating games which can be found online for android and iOS. This game makes use of several mazes and is unique in its approach. The game makes the use of a bounty hunter, which is the most efficient actor of the entire game.

The game is all about killing the enemies and collecting the victory points. This game is essential to understand the basic rules of fighting. This game makes the other kinds of techniques known to the user in the best possible manner. Different elements are present in this game as well.

The game uses artificial and intelligent devices that can act as an individual player despite there being so many restrictions. Several services are taken care of, and at the same time, they are also brought into accord. The game makes use of exciting and fascinating themes. It makes use of virtual devices and allows people to multitask while playing this game.

Hero Wars – Fantasy World

This is the perfect war game, which might be prevalent around the players this year. This has been the most downloaded, which has been present in the surroundings. Also, this game makes the use of hero fantasies while designing its theme. At the same time, this game is inspired by the army’s functioning and the navy and accordingly functions based on rules and regulations upon which the army functions.

Also, additional tools are downloaded along with this game for the smooth functioning of the game itself. The game has many actors who are glorified. At the same time, it has certain enemies which are usually handled by the functioning of artificial intelligence. These foes are the people who have been attacking the mainland in the best manner. There are additional helpful elements which are present therein.

There are other RPG games that are available in the Apple App Store but those mentioned above are some of the best RPG games for iPhone.

Download, play and enjoy!!

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