11 Products Which Can Make Your Home Office Desk Setup Easy

Your office desk is probably the first thing you see when you enter the office and also the last thing before leaving for home. This makes it’s important for you to maintain the clutter and keep it hassle-free. Whether it’s your home where you have an office desk setup or your actual office desk, you would still want it to be arranged properly.

After all, an aesthetically pleasing and clean yet quirky desk is the perfect motivation you need to work. And who wouldn’t want a picture-perfect desk in one’s own office?

Best Products For Office Desk Setup

best accessories for home office desk setup
Office Desk Setup

Therefore, we have listed some of the cool yet super-productive products which can help you manage your desk. Here are those Office Desk Products which are going to make your lives much easier.

Cable Management Sleeve

Cable management Sleeve for Office Desks

The cables form most of the clutter on your office desk. Many times, you might have also toppled over them or spent minutes sorting the tangled ones apart. This cable management sleeve is a must-have as a one-stop solution to your problem. It can be installed behind the TV or your computer unit as per the requirement.

This sleeve is made up of premium quality neoprene material which is tear-free and also dust resistant. It can accommodate multiple cables conveniently without any problem of overloading.

You can also have your own customized holes in the sleeves to access different points. The installation step is just Collect-Wrap-Attach. It is also useful when you have a baby or a pet at home.

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Cord Holder

Office Desk Cable Organizer for Clean look

We know how daunting it gets to search for the right cable especially it’s placed under the desk. This cord holder is the perfect accessory to always keep your cords in place. It weighs more than half pounds which makes it just right to stay in its place always rather than slipping. Moreover, it is eco-friendly in nature. 

It supports almost all kinds of cables right from Apple to HDMI ports. The holder is also compact and easy to install anywhere on your desk.

It is available in 7 color options namely- Black, Pink, White, Orange, Blue, Green, and Red. Also, it comes with attractive packing which can make it an office gift. In addition, if you are not satisfied, you can return the product and claim a full refund.

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Cable Clips Cord Organizer

Cable Clip Organizer for Your Home Office Desk Setup

Though we have just talked about Cord Holders, this product can be used either as a replacement for that or in conjunction with it.

These cable clips organizer not only makes it easy to set up wires on your table but can also let you easily stuck wires behind the back of your desk.

They are super cheap and can allow you to create a path for your wires. Cable Clip Organizer can be easily pasted on any kind of surface including glass, steel, or wood.

They are also a good accessory to be used on table corners. In our testing, we found that they make it easy to provide rigid turns to your wires and you will not have loose wires at your desk corners.

Another good use of this clip organizer is at the bottom of the table where they can clean up all the wire clutter. It makes it much easier to clean up under your home office desk after you stuck all the wires with the help of these organizers.

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Charging Station For Multiple Devices

Charging Station WIth USB Ports

This cool yet super useful holder can charge your phone and tablets and is also useful to keep your devices in the differently curated compartments when they are not in use.

It comes equipped with a 5 Port USB and can store up to 6 devices. Both Android and Apple devices are compatible with this charging cum storing cable. 

It also has a special iWatch stand with a magnetic base to prevent it from falling and it provides perfect charging. The station is made up of 100% Bamboo material which is stylish yet compact and elegant enough to accompany your office desk accessories. Say hello to no phone searches anymore!

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Simple Houseware Metal Desk Monitor Stand

Metal Desk Monitor Rising Stand

As per science, it is advisable to keep your monitor and a laptop at a convenient height to prevent timely neck and eye strains.

This Laptop and Monitor stand will stand tall on your desk projecting the right height for you to work with ease. It can be used in offices and even at home for your children to do their homework. 

The Metal stand also contains a storage drawer and 4 storage compartments at the side where you can store your stationery, books, and other immediate needs.

The drawer can be slide in and out for user convenience. The model is easy to store without occupying much of your desk space and it also allows easy passage of wires.

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Quirky USB Docking Station

Quirky Universal USB Docking Station

This is perhaps one of the best solutions that look like log free charging. This sleek and wonderful model is equipped with 4 USB ports with wire holders at the back where you can nestle your wires in place.

The chord can be left and connect at the dock with your smartphone. It is compatible with Apple, Android, iPad, tablets, and also side charged devices like digital cameras and Blackberries.

You just have to place the device on the dock and insert the charging cord. It acts as a stand cum charging device. The positive point here is that the device is always facing you at an elevated angle which keeps you updated with what’s happening.

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Floating Shelves

Office Wall Mount Desk Storage

This one of the best space utilization tool which will add a unique touch in your office space. It gives you the freedom to store anything from your telephone, keys, files, pads, wifi-router, and speakers, and so on. It can be easily mounted on the desk wall or even the room hall. 

These Shelves is made up of metal and has a highly attractive finish. It is also compatible with magnets and magnetic accessories.

The package also includes the mounting material needed to mount the board. It is a great extra storage option which can add much more space on your desk. You can also choose to install it at home.

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Drawer Compartments

Interlocking Drawer Organizers For Office Desk

This is a smart buy if you are a person who sees only clutter every time you open your drawer. This modular design which is made up of granite fits perfectly into your drawers and gives you enough space to fit in your stuff without any hassle.

Your stuff will be neatly organized and easily accessible in your drawer. You can get multiple sets based on the number of drawers you want to organize. Each set includes 8 bin with different sizes which can be interlocked in any way. So arrange them according to your needs.

After all, the drawer needs a step up the game too!

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Anti-Spill Drink Holder

Anti Spill Drink Holder For Office Desks Setup

How many times did you re-do entire paperwork just because you spilled coffee over it? We know that pain when your hours of hard work are washed down in sugar.

This Anti-Spill Drink Holder is a must-have accessory for your office desk.  This all size spill holder can accommodate glasses and can of all shapes and sizes without any hassle.

Don’t worry about the surface for you can use this in office, at your home, in your car, by the pool and almost everywhere you go. It has a strong micro-suction base at the bottom which sticks to any surface without any extra pressure and it leaves no trails or marks behind once lifted from the surface.

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Side Storage

Tree Shaped Side Storage For Home Office Setup

How elegant and stylish does this side storage look? This is a bold move to make your office look a bit trendy yet professional; the perfect corner to store and look up to your book, DVD and other collections you wish you showcase.

The versatile black color merges with all kinds of interiors. You can store this at home, office, café, garage, or apartment. 

It is built up of metal which is scratch and rust-free which makes it a long term storage option. The best part is that you get a vertical storage option here which allows you to store more things in less space.

The assembly is quite easy. It comes in 2 parts along with 8 tier shelves which are already pre-assembled. You just have to connect the two parts and you’re good to go. Don’t worry about the stability as it stands strong and tall even with loaded books.

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Fujitsu Scansnap

Fujitsu ScanSnap Color Desk Scanner

One of the other things which create a lot of mess on the office desk is papers. If you have a habit of keeping your bills or lots of documents on your office desk, this scanner can help you.

This one of the best and affordable scanners in the market which can make a huge difference in the paper number on your desk. You can easily scan documents and they are stored in the form of PDFs easily. It comes with a double-sided scanning option and can scan up to 50 documents at one go.

There will not be any issue with the color and grayscale and monochrome at the time of scanning. You can also scan it directly into integrated accounts such as DropBox, Google Drive, etc.

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So these are some of the products which can help you in organizing your home or office desk. This will make sure that your office desk setup is easy and you can efficiently utilize the space on your desk.

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