10 Best iPhone 7 Plus Cases Available in the Market

I have always tried to avoid putting cases on my iPhone 7 Plus as I have felt that they destroy the aesthetics of a beautiful phone. But sometimes you can’t avoid it and if the phone is like iPhone 7 Plus which is so slippery in the hand.

Maybe for a long road-trip or for an off-road adventure, if you want to add something on the phone, here is a list of 10 best cases that you can get for iPhone 7 Plus.

1. Dodo Air from Casedodo

This is one of my preferred cases for iPhone 7 Plus. It’s kind of a snap-on case, which you won’t even notice.

This is also a minimalistic case, no extra branding and a plain back in many different colors give an extra oomph factor to your phone.

iPhone 7 Plus CaseDodo Case

There are many colors to choose from and each will give a distinct look to your phone like Red Metal, Honeysuckle, Mimosa, Aqua Sky, etc.

I wanted the Red Edition iPhone when Apple launched it last March. I just bought the Metal Red case and snapped it on my black iPhone 7 Plus to get the Red edition looks.

Their Dodo Air case is so thin that it doesn’t add any bulk on the phone, you can still feel the shape of the phone. Many people might not even realize that they have a case.

Buy It From CaseDodo

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2. Spigen Thin Fit Case for iPhone 7 Plus

It’s not possible to create the best cases list and not mention Spigen. They make some of the best cases for smartphones.

As you would have noticed, I am a fan of thin cases. So my second preferred case is Thin Fit Case lineup from Spigen.

Spigen Cases For iPhone 7 Plus

This case is also minimalistic with only a logo on the side. It comes in all the iPhone colors, which makes it easy to match it with your iPhone.

This case is not as thin as CaseDodo, so you would feel that there is a case on the phone. I have used it on many of the past iPhone and got an excellent quality for all those years.

I love their transparent color as it shows the iPhone design and protects it at the same time. They are the hard case and their transparent color doesn’t have a problem of a yellow tint.

Buy It From Amazon

3. Poetic Affinity Series

If you want more protection and think that these thin cases won’t be able to do it, this is the case for you.

The Poetic Affinity series is a mix of solid protection and beauty. It shows your iPhone like no other case by providing a unique design.

Poetic Affinity Series

Affinity premium design protects the sensitive points, the rugged side provides more grip and inner ridges provide shock dissipation.

It also has raised bezel for front face protection. It is almost like a rugged case for full protection with the thinnest design in that class.

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4. UAG Composite Case For iPhone 7 Plus

If you are not a fan of the slim profile and want a rugged case to protect your iPhone 7 Plus, UAG case is for you.

UAG Composite Case

UAG Composite Cases are made of the hard outer shell and soft impact resistant core with a feather-light material. They are also compatible with Apple Pay, so even with a rugged case, you will keep all the functionality.

It comes in almost 12 colors to provide a unique look to your iPhone. They also provide Soft raised rubber screen-lip, Tactile Buttons and rear skid pads for complete 360-degree protection.

UAG composite case is one of the best-rugged cases in the market which you can get for your iPhone.

Buy It From Amazon

5. Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 7 Plus Case

Spigen not only make thin layer cases, but they also have another one as Tough Armor case to provide have duty protection. This case comes with dual-layer build to provide shock dispersing in case of fall.

Spigen Tough Armor Case

This case has a cut on the back to show your apple logo in style and provides all-around protection to your iPhone 7 Plus. You can get this case in 6 different shades.

This case comes with Air cushion technology to protect the corners from impact. It also provides a kickstand at the back so you can rest your device for long term usage.

Like other Spigen covers, it also has raised lips to protect the screen and camera.

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6. Dreem iPhone 7 PLUS Wallet Case

If you are looking for a case with a cardholder, Dreem Wallet Case with Detachable SlimCase is the best. This case brings the best of both worlds with the detachable slim case.

If you want to carry only the iPhone, use the detachable slim case or carry it with the wallet. It comes in 8 different shades and provides high-quality faux leather with beautiful stitching.

Dream Wallet Case

The wallet comes with RFID theft protection in three pockets, a unique clasp that allows you to open the folio without touching it.

It also provides Horizontal and Vertical stands to use your phone for media or FaceTime. The phone looks beautiful in the detachable case or in wallet folio.

You can carry up to 6 cards and few bills in the folio along with the phone.

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7. OtterBox STRADA SERIES Folio Case

This is another wallet folio case for iPhone 7 Plus. OtterBox provides a genuine leather folio case with a cardholder to keep 3-4 cards in place.

You can get this case in 3 different shades like Teal, Black, and Burnt Leather. I personally like the black case, it goes really well with Black and Jet Black color of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Otterbox Strada Case

It’s one of the slimmest folio case, built with dual material to provide protection. It also provides a vertical stand, so that you can use your phone for watching movies.

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8. Silk iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Case

This case is a mix of wallet and slim design, as it provides a wallet on the back of a slim case. You can carry up to 3 cards in the wallet along with some cash.

The high grip textured sides provide an enhanced grip with dual-layer protection for unwanted falls.

Silk Wallet Case

The back ballet makes the case a little thin but you will hardly notice it. The extra thickness will be hidden inside the palm when you will hold the case.

It also includes the premium scratch-resistant screen protector along with it and comes in 4 different shades.

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9. Apple Leather Case for iPhone 7 Plus

Apple makes the iPhone and also keeps some of the best cases for it. This Leather case is one of those, which provides soft leather texture on the outside.

It covers the iPhone from all sides except the bottom and has matched aluminum buttons.

Apple leather Case

The inside has a soft microfibre lining which helps to protect the iPhone from scratches. This will be one of the leather cases where the color will stay constant and will shade evenly.

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10. Caseology [Waterfall Series] Transparent Case

Caseology Transparent Case from Waterfall series is also one of the slim profile cases. It shows the iPhone 7 Plus in its full glory and protects it at the same time.

Caseology Transparent Case

The case is transparent from the back so that you can show the iPhone color, while sides are protected by the durable, scratch-resistant acrylic.

it also includes responsive button covers, precise cutouts, and raised lip protection.

Buy It From Amazon

As I mentioned at the start, I always go for a slim design and CaseDodo Air case is my favorite case. It helps in maintaining the aesthetics of the iPhone and does not temper with the slimness of it.

But what about you? Which of these iPhone 7 Plus cases is your favorite and why?

Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!

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