How To Use Mobile Apps To Control The World Around You

Your home is your world, and you don’t want to miss a single opportunity to ensure you have total control over it. Regardless of where you are, you must ensure the efficiency of your home-related tasks without compromising on its security.

So what can you do to keep an eye on your home and make sure everything is carried out adequately?

Here’s the answer: home automation apps!

Some time back, Google took over Nest, a company that makes smart smoke alarms and thermostats, for $3.2 billion. This was a significant step taken by Google to revolutionize the idea behind home automation and the industry. The companies have played their part and have finalized multi-million dollar deals to ensure you – as a consumer – can make the most out of the opportunities of AI (artificial intelligence).

Fortunately, the emergence of Wi-Fi and smartphones have taken this technology to the next level so that you can control the world around you more conveniently.

Mobile Apps for Home Automation

Use Your Mobile For Home Automation

Yes, an app is all you need. From guaranteeing the security of your home to controlling the appliances, you can access everything from the comfort of your smartphones regardless of where you are.

Read on and find out about all the top apps that will change the world you live in.


Since we have already mentioned it, let’s start with Nest. The Nest application can be integrated with a number of devices including Nest Protect, Dropcam, Nest Cam, and Nest Learning Thermostat.

Even when you are away, you can adjust the environment of your home at a specific temperature and know it is well protected. Think about a chilly winter evening outside, when you are at peace knowing you will be welcomed by a warm home.

You receive notifications from the app so you can control and monitor any changes you need to make through the devices.

Pros: All the members of your family can set up their own account with the same devices, without having to share passwords from the same account.

Cons: The notification sound for every device is same.

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This is a must-have app because of its award-winning features. Notoriously easy to use, the application has a user-friendly interface. This smart app helps you control temperature, lights, locks, and a lot more efficiently so you can feel safe and relaxed in your living space.

How many times have you gotten up from the bed because you didn’t switch off the kitchen’s light? Does the thought of not locking the door disturb you when you are trying to work away from home? All of this can be taken care of without any hassle with Stringify.

The simple app can give you more control over your house than you think.

Pros: Can be used with more than 500 devices.

Cons: Available for iOS only.

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Work with your appliances the way you like whether you are at home or on vacation in Italy. The app can be integrated with all the TP-link devices so you can easily control your appliances as per your schedule without a break.

A great feature of Kasa is that it turns off the lights as per the countdown method. It works like a charm and easily puts children to sleep.

Pros: User-friendly, works perfectly with ‘away mode.’

Cons: Can only take a few commands at a time.

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Another cool, spam-free app that is enough to ensure the security of your house. Control alarm systems, locks, cameras, and much more with this one application that works like magic.

MyCiTy LiTE is also a popular choice for movie lovers. Instead of handling all the work yourself, you just need to adjust in a comfortable position and use your app to draw curtains, put on your favorite film, adjust the sound of the surround sound system, and dim the lights.

Once the movie is over, the blinds will automatically go back to their initial state, and the lights will turn on gradually. The perfect theatre experience!

Pros: A useful official app for MyCiTY Smart Home

Cons: Limited users

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Ring Video Doorbell

Don’t want anyone to find out that you are not home? Don’t worry, because Video Doorbell allows you to answer your door even if you are in another corner of the world. Just make sure you are ready with a good excuse for not opening the door when you have a visitor.

The application integrated with the device allows you to answer the doorbell and even see who is visiting. You can have a video chat with the visitor through your smart device.

Do you usually miss packages because you are not home at the time of delivery? You don’t have to experience that again. Now, you can answer the door virtually and ask the delivery man to leave the package at your door.

You can buy the Ring Doorbell hardware from Amazon and link it with the app on your smartphone.

Pros: highly effective with ‘away mode.’

Cons: Only serves one purpose

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Spruce Irrigation App

And right when you thought you were leaving behind your plants unattended, Spruce has them covered. Your plants are still going to be pretty much in your own hands as far as watering them is concerned.

If you travel frequently and don’t have anyone to take care of your plants, you can simply get the device installed around your garden and use your smartphone from anywhere in the world to water your plants timely.

The app does not only follow your commands but also sends you a notification to water the plants in case you forget. The smart device analyzes your watering pattern to send you reminders.

You can buy the hardware from Amazon and connects it to your smartphone for always-on sprinklers.

Pros: Adjust the watering device as per your garden needs

Cons: You need to create a watering schedule by forming a pattern for watering history to receive reminders

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Final Word

You’re just some steps away from turning your living space into a smart home. These apps and high-tech devices have made life so easy, that you can have full control over your home regardless of where you are.

So the next time you leave for a vacation, you can keep a check on what’s going on at home!

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