10 Best Cases For Your New Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy Note series has been one of the most appreciated series of Android devices in the international market. The Galaxy Note 9 is the new addition to this series and like always Samsung has taken a step forward in what they do best – innovation in technology.

If you are thinking of buying this new marvelous feature-packed tablet to add to your possession of advanced gadgets then you should also be ready to allocate a part of your budget for the accessories as well.

Though Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with a 3.5-inch headphone jack, you can still think of getting a Bluetooth headphone. As it makes it easy to carry and use those headphones without the tangling wires. Check our list of best Bluetooth headphones for Galaxy Series.

Best Cases For Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Best Cases For Samsung Galaxy Note 9

When it comes to accessories for your tablet or smartphone the most important one is a protective case.

If you want your Galaxy Note 9 to survive your occasional and random carelessness and mistreatment you need to choose the best case for your Galaxy Note 9.

So here is a list of best cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which you can get from the market.

Incipio DualPro Case

Incipio DualPro Case For Samsung Galaxy Note 9Incipio is probably the first manufacturer of tablet and smartphone gadgets that resorted to dual layer protective cases.

Although this design has become common right now Incipio still can give you one of the best cases for your Galaxy Note 9. If you have used this design on your earlier smartphones, you would know how durable this case it.

The case has a cushioned interior for better shock absorbance with a polycarbonate shell. The edges of the case are protruded to protect the screen. Although the weight of your device is increased to some extent the protection is full-proof. The cost is around 30 USD.

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Speck Presidio Grip Case

Speck Presidio Grip Case for Galaxy Note 9If you are looking for a case that adds style and full-proof protection then the Grip Case is your case for Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

It is flexible and has a polycarbonate shell that protects your device from an average fall of around 10 feet.

The lips of the case are raised to protect the screen and the back cover is textured to give an enhanced grip and add a stylish finish.

This is one of the best dual layer cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with a price tag of 45 USD.

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Spigen Liquid Crystal Case For Note 9

Spigen Liquid Crystal Galaxy Note 9 CaseIf you own the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 you are most likely not willing to hold back from showing off the stylish and sleek finish.

The Liquid Crystal Case is a transparent, lightweight case made exclusively to fit in with the Note 9.  It shows your new phone in its full glory with premium design and colors visible. The case gives an average protection and is not meant for heavy duty purposes.

However, attention has been given to adding raised lips and air cushions to safeguard the all-important touchscreen. The case costs merely 11 USD.

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Moment Photo Case

Moment Photo Case For Galaxy Note 9The moment photo case is not really known for the protection like those mentioned above. This case gives you the basic protection that you need for everyday use.

The standout feature is the ability that it gives its users to install Moment’s lenses to enhance the camera features. So if you are looking to take great photos by enhancing the camera functionality, try this one with Moment Camera Lens.

The back cover has a walnut brown finish with a matt black background. You can dig into the vaults of Moment’s series of lenses and choose what you need to master your photography skills. The cost is just 24 USD.

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Otterbox Symmetry Series Case for Galaxy Note 9

OtterBox Symmetry Series Case For Samsung Galaxy Note 9This case adds a sassy look and quite appreciable protection to your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

The material is flexible and a polycarbonate shell is added to help your device survive an average of 10 feet fall. The back cover has a trendy design.

Unlike most of the other polycarbonate cases, this one has a relatively lightweight. Smooth cutout edges and raised lips protect the touchscreen from damage. The cost is 50 USD.

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Samsung Protective Case for Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Protective Standing Cover for Note 9It is often recommended to use the appropriate brand accessories for smartphones. Samsung Protective Case is obviously, designed accurately in accordance to the port openings and the stylus of the Note 9.

It combines strength and enhanced grip with a polycarbonate flexible shell with a textured back cover. You can get this case in 2 colors – black and grey.

Normally you would have expected this original Samsung product to top the list of best cases for Galaxy Note 9. However, the other cases have certain standout features that allow them to be mentioned above the official Samsung Protective case.

Another reason is that most people usually choose the official product and hence it is an easy choice for those users who buy accessories without research. The cost is 38.50 USD

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Skech Polo Book Case

Skech Polo Book Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 9The Polo Book Case is one of the best cases for Galaxy Note 9 as it turns your device into a wallet that you can use to keep and carry money, cards, driver’s license, etc.

There is a slot added at the back for fingerprint sensor and lets you carry the most important things that you need every day in a single pocket.

The polycarbonate shell that holds the Note 9 is detachable in case you want to travel light. The cost is 45 USD.

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Tech21 Evo Check Case

Tech21 Evo Check Case for Note 9This is your standard transparent protective case that comes in a variety of colors. You can buy it in matching colors of your phone and textured back also shows the phone color.

The textured back cover gives you enhanced grip and the flexible strong and durable material gives your device a complete protection from an average drop of 10 feet.

Raised lips are provided to safeguard the screen. The cost is 45 USD.

Buy It From BestBuy

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Maxboost Folio Wallet Case

Maxboost Folio Wallet CaseMaxboost should be your choice if you are looking for a classic leather case for your Galaxy Note 9.

This case turns your device case into an attached wallet that you can use to keep and carry essential items that you need every day.

The case made of PU leather and has a hard outer shell with a magnetic clasp that is not flexible but gives the average level of protection that you usually need. The cost is 12 USD.

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LifeProof Next Case

LifeProof Next Case For Note 9If you are an adventurer and love spending time in the rugged parts of the world then you need to protect your device from the elements of nature.

For this purpose, LifeProof has made a thick hard-shelled case that protects all the ports and parts of the Note 9 from the entry of dust, dirt, snow, and water.

There is a significant increase in the weight of the device but that’s necessary for the protection that you need. The back cover is transparent that allows you to show off your Note 9.

Buy It From BestBuy

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been reviewed to be one of the best in the series and also in the overall category. So, if you own one or you are thinking to buy one then you better add a case so that your device remains secured and protected and lasts for a long time.

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