12 Best Leather Cases For iPhone XR To Buy From Market

Apple has launched the new iPhone 11 which has, in turn, bring the pricing down for iPhone XR. This will be a good time to buy the phone which packs a good punch in its 6.1-inch body.

With a Liquid Retina HD display, an A12 bionic chip and next-gen neural engine, iOS 13 and many more features, the iPhone XR proves that it is one of the most robust mobiles in the market.

But, what the elegant aluminum body of the iPhone XR does not earn is cracks and scratches. So, your next investment definitely should be a leather case for iPhone XR.

Best Leather Cases For iPhone XR

Best Leather Cases For iPhone XR Which You Can Buy From Market

After investing in an iPhone XR, you can’t just invest in any case. The case should be not only tough enough to protect your device but also stylish enough to complement your iPhone.

And with leather, be it real or faux, you can never go wrong. Leather cases can cushion your device against impacts to a certain extent, while still giving it a voguish look that can make heads turn.

Below is a list of best leather cases, in no particular order, to buy for iPhone XR. You can check the product listed on this page here and read ahead to get more detail information.

Shieldon iPhone XR Case

Shieldon Genuine Leather Case

The Shieldon leather cases for iPhone XR is handcrafted from premium cowhide leather. This gives a stylish look while ensuring it is soft.

The inner cushions protect each corner of the device and the raised edges around the camera, and the screen protects the glass from dust and scratches.

The edges are stitched to ensure that they don’t fray over time. Also, the flip cover with magnetic clip makes it easily accessible. The comfortable kickstand makes every video experience convenient.

The case features just its logo on the front cover giving your mobile an elegant, minimalistic look. As a bonus, this case features three slots for your cards and an additional slot for card/money. The case can protect your cards from unauthorized scanners by its RFID blocking materials. What’s more, Shieldon offers a lifetime warranty for all its cases.

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Snakehive Luxury Leather iPhone XR Case

Shieldon Genuine Leather Case

The Snakehive leather cases for iPhone XR, made from the most beautiful European Nubuck leather, is a beauty to behold. The Nubuck leather gives a matt velvet finish to the case and an additional benefit of patina finish. But the latter is observed only when the case ages.

The case has a TPU holder, which is a snug fit for the iPhone XR. Once enveloped by the case, your iPhone is guaranteed protection against impacts and scratches.

The Snakehive leather case is a flip cover case with a convenient kickstand that makes viewing at different angles possible. The TPU case is beveled along the sides of the screen and the camera to give extra protection to the glass.

The Snakehive logo on the front cover gives an extra touch of dapper to the case. Similar to Shieldon, Snakehive provides three card slots and a note slot on the inside, making it multi-functional.

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LOHASIC Premium Leather Case for iPhone XR

LOHASIC Premium Leather Case

Premium soft PU leather material with gold color electroplated bumper trim is just the tip of the iceberg that is the LOHASIC leather case. This case is top-notch as far as appearances are concerned. The leather body gives it a classy texture that every iPhone user craves. 

The iPhone XR fits snugly into this ultra-thin case, which gives a sleek profile to your iPhone. But the lightweight case does not make it any less durable than the other cases out there. The case has its edges raised by 0.3mm around its body and the camera to protect them from scratches and dust. 

The leather body also features an anti-slip grip giving an extra layer of protection along with an excellent hand feel. Moreover, the LOHASIC case does not incorporate any stitches, eliminating the risk of them fraying over time.

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Alto Premium Leather Case

Alto Premium Italian Leather iPhone XR Case

Alto brings you its range of premium Italian leather cases for iPhone XR that not only gives you an assurance of protection but also a guarantee of class and elegance. The Alto leather case, made from the finest Italian full-grain leather, ensures a comfortable hand feel. This layer of leather conceals a hard PC case into which the iPhone XR fits perfectly.

The top three edges of the Alto leather case have extra cladding to give your device the additional protection it deserves. The layer of the leather is merely 0.5 mm thin, and the case weighs 32 g. Thus, adding almost no extra thickness. 

As a result of using premium aniline leather, the case darkens and develops a unique patina over time. This case is so thin that it enables wireless charging. Also, it features a back pocket that is suitable for a card or 2-3 banknotes.

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Bellroy Leather Case

Bellroy Leather Case for iPhone XR

Need a case that lets you change the sim card without removing the slot? Bellroy has got just the thing for you. A premium case made from environmentally certified leather and polymer, the Bellroy leather case is a hunk of a case.

The polymers of the case along with the microfibre linings and chamfered edges ensure that this case provides protection to your mobile, despite its lightweight. Besides, the dye on the leather ensures that the case ages with grace.  

The case has its edges raised around the body and the camera to protect them. The Bellroy case incorporates a card clot with magnetic closure that is a perfect fit for up to 3 cards. The magnetic cover of the card slot can also be used as a kickstand for a more exceptional viewing experience. Bellroy offers a warranty of 3 years on its leather case for iPhone XR.

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Vaja Grip Leather Cases for iPhone XR

Vaja Grip Leather Cases for iPhone XR

The Grip leather cases by Vaja for iPhone XR are exceptional. They are made from the finest of Argentine leather and provide comfort and hand-feel like no other. As far as protection is considered, the device is clothed in a hard polycarbonate backbone.

This backbone, coupled with the leather coat, protects your iPhone from scratches as well as impacts. Also, the body provides an excellent grip. Apart from protection and classy appearance, this case features a black-framed camera eyelet. This eyelet ensures better quality photos under low-light conditions.

Branding on just the back gives the case a chic appearance. As if all this wasn’t enough, the grip cases come in two variants – Veg-Tan Bridge leather or Grained Floater Leather.

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Mujjo Premium Leather Case

Mujjo Premium Leather Case for iPhone XR

Imagine a super-slim leather case made from premium leather praised in Forbes. Now go over to Mujjo and purchase what you just imagined. Mujjo brings you the perfect case for your iPhone.

Apart from the aforementioned features, the cases by Mujjo employs aniline-treated leather that ages over time, giving your device its unique look. These cases also incorporate satin-like padding for the iPhone XR. This padding is basically the finest microfiber from Japan which protects your iPhone XR. Now that we are on the topic of protection, the Mujjo case also has 1mm raised edges to protect the screen.

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Totallee Thin Leather Case

Totallee Thin Leather Case for iPhone XR

Totallee has come up with its own range of ultra-slim mobile cases for iPhone XR. These cases have no branding, giving the ultimate minimalistic look to your iPhone. The Totallee cases have an excellent grip to ensure your device’s protection. Besides, it also features a lip around the camera for extra protection.

The Totallee leather case provides protection against scratches to your iPhone apart from the sleek look. The mobile cases by Totallee offer two years warranty.

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Kulor Premium Leather Cases for iPhone XR

Kulor Premium Leather Cases for iPhone XR

Employing top-grain leather, Kulor Cases manufacture mobile cases for iPhone that have a minimalistic look and that offer protection to your device. These cases incorporate a thin but durable PC backbone, into which the device fits snugly.

The leather coating on the case is from the outside to the inside to ensure maximum durability. No stitches mean no fraying. Also, the leather gives a luxurious hand feels along with an exceptional grip. The aniline treatment to the leather ensures that the case will age with elegance.

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Case-Mate Leather Case for iPhone XR

Case-Mate Leather Case for iPhone XR

Manufactured from genuine leather, the mobile cases offered by Case-Mate have a premium look to them. These cases not only provide enhanced grip but also drop protection. These ultra-slim cases pack a punch like none other.

The Case-mate cases have struck the perfect balance between minimalism and class. These cases are 2mm thick, making them compatible with wireless charging. Moreover, Case-Mate cases have microfibers incorporated into their interiors.

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VRS Design Leather Case for iPhone XR

VRS Design Leather Case

TPU leather with a matte finish gives the cases by VRS Design not only an extra grip but also an elegant look. The TPU used is animal-friendly. Also, this faux leather does not wear out like real leather, enhancing its longevity.

The VRS design case offers a slim fit for your iPhone XR. Despite its thickness, this case provides protection against low-impacts and scratches. Even the case is resistant to fingerprints, scratches, and smudges.

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Fly Hawk Leather Cases for iPhone XR

Fly Hawk Leather Cases

Sleek and slim design with protection for your device and enhanced grip, the leather cases for iPhone XR by Fly Hawk have it all. The back cover protects the device from scratches and impacts. The back of the cover can ideally house one card, thus acting as a cardholder.

The advanced PU material of the case gives you the assurance of protection. Also, it enhances the grip on your device. The Fly Hawk case being slim supports wireless charging. From protection to classy appearance, the Fly Hawk case has it all.

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So here we are with some of the best leather cases for iPhone XR. Have you brought a leather case for your iPhone XR yet? Do let us know in the comments below!

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