11 Best Wallet Folio Or Thin Leather Cases For iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 Pro is one of the most expensive smartphones available today. The flagship phone was launched in October 2020 and had been creating a buzz since then.

Now that you have planned to purchase this premium gadget, you must also keep in mind to protect it with an excellent quality cover. For those who like to keep their gadgets in a sophisticated look, shopping for a leather cover can add the charm.

Best Leather Cases For iPhone 12 Pro

Best Leather Cases For iPhone 12 Pro

The leather cases will not only keep your phone in good condition but will also protect it from bumps, dents, and falls. They provide a unique look, design to your phone and makes it more stylish.

The only thing which you need to keep in mind that all of them might not be MegSafe Compatible. If you are planning to use MegSafe accessories, then pick the MegSafe compatible cases.

Let us have a look at some of the best leather cases for iPhone 12.

ESR Premium Quality Leather Cover

ESR Premium Leather Cases For iPhone 12 Pro

This cover has been designed especially for those who love to keep their iPhone 12 Pro in a perfect look. The cover has been designed using premium quality leather and offers the best protection along with stylish look.

This cover for iPhone 12 will be your best companion to save it from dust and scratches. It also has a precise cut-out for the lens protection to offer you excellent quality pictures. You can get it in black color which will show nice patina with time.

If you are a fan of slim cases for your phone, you will love this case. It is one of the slimmest leather cases which you can get for your phone. It is compatible with Wireless Chargers but will not hold MegSafe accessories. So, don’t get it in case you are planning to use MegSafe accessories.

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Myriann Wallet Leather Case

Myriann Leather Wallet Case For iPhone 12

Now that you have planned your purchase for the iPhone 12 Pro, you must shop for this elegant looking cover. It is made up of premium leather and offers excellent looks to your device. The sewn on the cover are perfectly stitched with keeping every minute detail in mind. This also comes along with a clasp to close your phone inside.

The bezels and lips of the cover are designed to offer perfect utility of device to the user. No matter whether you want to charge your phone or looking out to plug in the earplugs, the cut- outs on the cover will help you enjoy the best performance.

The cover comes from a well-known brand and has multiple pockets. This cover is a wallet folio where you can store your money and cards easily. You have an option to remove the phone with a wallet case and use it as a slim leather case. The only problem will be wireless charging as this is a thick wallet case.

Alto Wallet Slim Leather Case

Alto Wallet Slim Leather Cases For iPhone 12 Pro

If you love Italian leather cases, you will enjoy this dual color leather case for iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro. This is a slim wallet case with a back pocket to carry few cards with your iPhone.

It comes in multiple dual color tones and does not add bulk to your phone. Slim profile means you can easily carry the case in your jean’s front pockets. Slighter raised lips and sides means it can protect your screen from scratches.

This is a good case which can not only provide slim case advantage but also add a functionality of wallet cases.

You can easily charge your phone with wireless chargers while keeping the case on. MegSafe wallet cases also adds slim pockets at the back but they are attached using magnets, this case provides the similar functionality with better stability for the cards.

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Casemate iPhone12 Pro Flip Leather Folio

Casemate Folio Leather Wallet Case

This one of the best leather cases for iPhone 12 Pro is going to offer optimum protection to your mobile. It will not only protect the device from scratches and bumps but will also help you keep your iPhone safe from dust. 

The cover acts as a wallet and a case at the same time. It grips your phone tightly and helps you store money and cards in the dedicated pockets. The case will add up to the elegant looks and make your gadget look stylish. 

The cover from Casemate is the best thing you can look for your gadget that comes with a strong bumper and will protect your iPhone 12 from all corners. The case is compatible with Wireless charging and works with most of the wireless chargers. No MegSafe support for this case though.

Shieldon Leather Cases For iPhone 12 Pro

Shieldon Leather Wallet Case For iPhone 12

The cover has been designed to keep the iPhone 12 Pro in proper condition. This case will grip your phone tightly. The cover is made to keep the phone’s stylish looks in mind so that you can enjoy the best comfort without compromising on the sleek design of your gadget. 

Shieldon leather case has solid magnets that stay intact and offer safety and peace of mind. Your device will stay safe inside and not get a scratch also. No matter if you, by chance, drop your phone as it will keep it safe and intact. Now no more worries about shattered screens and broken corners as this case will help you enjoy using your phone to the core.

You can get this case in eight assorted colors which can complement the colors of your iPhone. The inside wallet pockets can easily carry four cards and some money. It also offers RFID blocking for protecting your cards for identity theft. No MegSafe support but wireless charging will work fine with this case.

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Youzihan Holster Leather Cases For iPhone 12

Youzihan Leather Holster Case

This is not a proper case to protect your phone all the time but if you like to carry your iPhone in belt holster, you can get this case. It will give you peace of mind from scratches and give a stylish look to your device. iPhone 12 is a premium phone and needs protection to a great extent. You must cover it up with an excellent quality cover so that it remains new for a long time. 

One of the best highlights of the cover is that it comes with a hook on the belt. This can help you hang the cover on your belt and enjoy carrying your phone wherever you go. Also, the cover has an anti-scratch coating. The cover corners are made up of extra cushions so that your phone is safe from dents and bumps.

The cover comes with a strong magnetic flip that keeps your phone inside the pouch like a baby. You can use this cover with any rugged or full body protection case for iPhone 12. Just easily carry your phone when you are in need. It is comfortable and durable and offers full value for money.

TUCCH Leather Case For iPhone 12

TUCCH Leather Case For iPhone 12

This cover for iPhone 12 is made up of high-quality leather and offers utility to the best level. It is available in distinct colors and looks great on your phone. As compared to other covers, this one offers a long and strong life.

This cover also acts as a wallet for you. It has multiple pockets and helps to store money in it. Your cards will not get scanned without your permission in this wallet folio. It has a strong magnet that keeps the phone intact in one place. The lightweight of the cover is one of the best things. It does not add any extra bulk to your gadget.

It also has a TPU case inside that holds your phone tightly. The micro dotted pattern on the back offers you a good grip. They are specially designed micro dotted pattern that will not let it slip at all. The cover also comes with an anti-sweat coating so that you do not have sweaty hands.

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Snugg iPhone 12 Leather Cover

Snugg Leather Cases For iPhone 12

When you want to shop for the best cover for iPhone 12, you must grab your hands on this beautiful cover. This cover comes in seven distinct colors. It is made up of high-quality leather and is easy to clean and dry. 

The perfectly crafted cover offers a great blend of functions and style to the user. Availability of unusual colors makes it look great. It also has an excellent quality TPU case inside that holds the phone tight. This cover is a perfect example of luxury and style together. 

This is a strong cover and will offer you peace of mind by taking complete care of your device. It protects the phone from top to bottom and from back to front. If you are a movie freak or love to watch videos on YouTube, you must shop for this cover. It comes with a side stand and offers you the privilege of watching them handsfree.

Mujjo Slim Leather Case

Mujjo Slim Leather Case

If you do not want a wallet folio but looking for slim leather case for you your iPhone 12, this case is for you. For those who love to keep their things perfectly, this cover is going to be your best companion. The cover looks beautiful and is available in many colors.

There are perfectly defined cut-outs and holes to help you access all the features. When you are looking for a cover that will keep your phone safe from all dents and bumps, this phone will be your savior. One of the slimmest leather cases for your new iPhone 12 Pro.

The case is compatible to wireless charging, just remove the card from the back pocket. Interiors are made of soft microfibers which will not put scratches on your phone. You can easily put this case on your new iPhone and enjoy a leather wrapped feeling.

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ULAK Cover for iPhone 12

ULAK Leather Wallet Folio Case

It is a cover that has been designed for the females to enjoy a great look on their phone. The cover comes in two different shades. The baby pink color of the phone perfectly blends with the floral design and makes it look cute and graceful. The cover has been designed to offer the best protection to your phone.

This cover is made with high-quality leather. It goes under several tests before reaching your hands. It has a decent design and has multiple pockets to keep your money and cards safe. You will not feel the need to carry a wallet along when you have this cover in your hands. 

One of the best positives about this cover is its accessibility to all the buttons without the hassles of removing it again. It is easy to put and remove. You can clean it with a wet cloth, and it will stay in the best condition for a long time.

SUTENI iPhone 12 Pro Slim Wallet Case

SUTENI Slim Wallet Case For iPhone 12 Pro

This is one of the best leather cases for iPhone 12 that comes in a perfect leather finish. The leather used in the making is of great PU quality. The cover has perfect sewn and has been finished without any rough edges.

You can enjoy using all the features without any hassles. The built-in storage of the cover helps you enjoy keeping the money and cards in the same. The case gives a slim profile to your iPhone 12 while keeping some cards with the stretchable pocket.

Though the sides are made of TPU material along with internal side of the case, it makes it easy to hold the phone without slipping it away. PU soft leather back ensures that you will get leather feeling while holding the phone. This is another one of the slim profile cases with added functionality. No MegSafe support but wireless charging will work fine with this case.

These are some of the best covers that have been designed keeping the premium looks of your iPhone 12 in mind. All of them have been crafted for giving 100% customer satisfaction to the users. They undergo several tests and makes you enjoy using your device with a peace of mind.

The covers are also offered with a special warranty from the manufacturer’s side so that you get optimum protection. All you need to do is to shop for the most preferred one and flaunt your purchase in full style.

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