13 Best Thin Cases For iPhone XR Which You Can Buy Right Now

Though iPhone 11 has taken the crown of most sold iPhone models, it doesn’t mean that iPhone XR is not a capable phone. It can still work as a primary phone for most people. I am also currently using it as my primary driver for my daily use.

With iPhone XR matching the expensive iPhone XS in every aspect expect to screen and camera, it’s a good choice for many people. You will still get the full power of the iPhone and better battery life with the iPhone XR.

Best Thin Cases for iPhone XR

Best Thin Cases For iPhone XR

Cases are one of the first accessories which you look to buy but if you are not a big fan of added bulk, here are some of the best thin cases for iPhone XR.

You can buy chic and classy cases or economical budget cases depending on your purpose. Thin cases for iPhone XR offer little protection from accidental drops but they protect the screen from scratches and chips.

If you want to show the sleek design of your iPhone, you must be on the lookout for thin cases.

Spigen Thin Fit Case

Spigen Thin Fir Designed Case For Apple iPhone XR

With a 0.3 mm thickness, the Spigen Thin Fit iPhone case is one of the thinnest cases in the market. You can get the case in most of the iPhone XR colors to make it part of the phone.

With a sleek black or graphite grey finish, it has a slot for an embedded magnetic plate. This makes car mounts possible giving users a hassle-free and safe driving experience. Though it will interfere with Wireless Charging, so only use that slot in case you are not planning to use Wireless Charging.

The soft matte finish will make it easy to hold and operate the phone. The open buttons on this case make the buttons and camera accessible, making it one of the best thin cases for iPhone XR.

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TORRAS Clear Silicone case

TORRAS iPhone XR Clear Case

TORRAS has launched its own range of cases to fit the iPhone XR, available in three attractive colors. This silicone case fits snugly over the new model.

It is super light and offers great flexibility. It also supports wireless charging! This case is perfect for those people who want to protect their iPhone XR from light damage.

The clear case shows all the vibrant colors of the iPhone XR and the design. The case covers the sides and back of your phone and would provide good protection. You can also use wireless charging along with the case.

It also comes with a lifetime warranty to offer worry-free ownership of the case.

AINOPE Slim iPhone XR Case

AINOPE Slim Case For iPhone XR

If you want a little bit more protection while keeping the slim profile, this case will be for you. This case comes with extra corner protection which can be useful in case of any unfortunate incident.

The iPhone XR colors pop out from this clear case. the cutouts for buttons are perfect so you won’t miss any functionality.

You can use the wireless charging functionality with this case and easily charge your iPhone XR. The case is made of lightweight material and does not add bulk to your phone. It is easy to carry in your pocket or in hand while walking because of non-slippery material.

You can get this color in 3 different colors but if you have any of the vibrant iPhone XR colors, I would suggest going for clear case.

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InUnion Protective Case

InUnion Thin Protective Case for iPhone XR

It is one of the thin hybrid cases for your iPhone XR which is made of polycarbonate plastic. Back is hard and made with polycarbonate while the sides are soft and made with TPU.

You can get this cover in 12 different color combinations which should be good enough options for you. Since the sides are soft TPU, its easy to slim on or off this case. You can keep different color combinations and easily use the one which goes with your clothing.

The case is lightweight, protects your phone, and can be used with wireless charging. All your buttons and port are easily accessible. It also comes with 12 months of the standard warranty.

Lopie Slim Card Case

Lopie Slim Card Case For iPhone XR

This case comes with a leather fabric case with a single card slot at its backside. Now you can ditch your wallet altogether!

It has a slim design and visible stitching that makes it look classy. The soft cotton lining will protect your iPhone’s back from scratches and its shock-absorbing technology will keep your screen from chipping.

You can get this case in 8 different color combinations to make it look distinct. It also supports wireless charging as most of the thin cases.

It was successful in protecting the iPhone’s fragile screen from shattering during drop tests. This is undoubtedly one of the best thin cases for iPhone XR.

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Silk iPhone XR Grip Case

Silk iPhone XR Grip Case

If you are clumsy and prone to accidental drops, this case is for you. With a grippy exterior, this case fits comfortably in your palms offering protection from drops.

And if you do end up dropping your iPhone XR, the case’s air-cushioned corners absorb shocks and safeguard the iPhone from scratches, cracks, and chips. It is thin, light, and stylish.

The icing on the cake is the screen protector that comes with the case. You can get this cover in four different colors or use a customize option to create your own flavor.

Though this doesn’t directly comes under thin cases but still a lightweight case which doesn’t add much bulk. All the functions including wireless charging work normally.

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Totallee Thin Case

Totallee Super Thin Case For iPhone XR

This case is totally thin in a literal way. Totallee’s cases are just 0.2mm thin, air light and soft to touch.

A lack of detailing and branding on the case will ensure that all the attention stays on the sleek design of your iPhone. A chic clear case is a great option for showing off your iPhone XR colors.

You can still get in 8 different colors if you want to match the case colors with your iPhone. This case is available in a matte or glossy finish. This is snuggly fit to your new iPhone XR which will protect it from scratches.

Raised camera, good quality, and 30 days money-back guarantee makes this one of the best cases for your iPhone XR.

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GIEJEE TPU Case for iPhone XR

GIEJEE Thin Case For iPhone XR

This economic, black TPU case is for those who do not want to spend a fortune on their phone case.

The case is made of premium TPU material and has precise cuts for all the buttons. It has a circular cut-out to show the Apple Logo.

It’s lightweight but not ultra-thin. However, it isn’t bulky either, so it cannot offer protection against drops and falls.

Considering it’s in our list of thin cases, it will support wireless charging. The inner shock absorption corners will protect your phone in case of a fall.

The only issue with this case is that it only comes in black color, so if you are looking for any other color, you won’t find it. So if that’s not the issue, go ahead and buy this one.

Humixx Glass Series iPhone XR Case

Humixx Glass Series iPhone XR Case

The Humixx Glass Series is affordable, ultra-thin, and stylish. This is one of the best thin cases for iPhone XR with a thickness of only 0.5 millimeters.

It also has precise cutouts for easy access to ports, cameras, and microphones. Being transparent it lets users showcase the stylish iPhone XR bodies.

It is made of Glass board, soft TPU, and PC board to provide maximum protection in a thin shell. This case is the perfect choice for fashion-conscious users who do not want to hide the true colors of their iPhone XR at a low cost.

The only downside is that this case doesn’t offer flawless protection. Being a thin profile, your phone will be prone to damage in the case of a fall. Go ahead and show the flawless style of your new iPhone XR with this case.

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RAXFLY iPhone XR Case

RAXFLY iPhone XR Clear Case

For the fashion enthusiasts out there, this case has both flair and style. Being exceptionally thin, it feels as light as air.

The shiny violet color will pair perfectly if you have a blue iPhone XR. It comes with an Electroplating back which will provide shine and reflective screen to your case.

The accurate cutouts and smooth buttons increase accessibility to buttons, ports, and the camera by several folds.

It comes in two different styles named as Style A and Style B. Both offer little different shine pattern on the back, so you can choose the case accordingly.

Although its USP is the gaudy look, it successfully offers minor defense against scratches and drops.

Soke iPhone XR Slim Fit Case

Soke iPhone XR Thin Fit Case

This case is a combination of an eye-catching design with complete protection for your iPhone XR. Soke has been known to produce the best quality cases for iPhones and this is another example of its legacy.

The case is very slim, light, and adorns a molded texture. The best feature of this cover is the protection it offers your iPhone XR despite being slim.

It boasts a distinct speaker grill design which not only makes the speaker louder but also protects from dust. For all the color enthusiasts out there, the case comes in four colorful variants. With so many pros and zero cons, this case emerges as one of the best thin cases for iPhone XR.

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DTTO Romance Series Case for iPhone XR

DTTO Romance Series Silicone Case

As indicated in the name, this chic leather case barely has any weight. It will protect your iPhone XR without adding too much bulk to it.

This is one of the best silicone cases which carry the slimmest profile to protect your iPhone XR. You can get this case in seven different colors to compliment your phone.

It has a microfiber interior that protects against scratches and dust. The cutouts and raised edges around the camera and screen protect them from scratches.

You can easily clean the case with a wet tissue. This will give a feel of Apple’s Silicone case without spending that much on the case. It’s definitely worth every penny you spend on this case.

Caseology Wavelength Series Case

Caseology Wavelength Series Case For iPhone XR

This range of cases are very popular for iPhone XR because of the 3D textured design and gold outline. It is wireless charging friendly and offers a great grip.

The color may peel off over time but this case will continue to offer protection to your iPhone. You can get this case in four different color combinations.

Though this does not come directly into the ultra-thin case category, Caseology is able to manage a thin profile. If you are looking for a good thin case with maximum protection, go for it. It is one of the thin profile cases which provides a dual layer of protection to your phone.

The thinner the case, the lesser protection it will offer. However, if you are a careful user and don’t drop your phone every now and then, you can choose from a range of these thin cases.

The Speck cases are the thickest from amongst these and give the most protection. Some of these cases are so stylish that they can help you make a fashion statement!

With such a wide range of options, you can choose a case suiting both your needs and your personality.

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