Top 7 Best Leather Cases for iPhone XS Max Which You Can Buy Now

iPhone XS Max was launched recently and in no time, it is the buzz of the town and people cannot stop drooling over it! With power-packed features to ultra-thin model structure, it has a lot to offer to Apple lovers.

With the introduction of big screens, super retina, surgical grade stainless steel, and powered with the most powerful of iPhone chips, iPhone XS Max is the recent eye-candy. In addition, it has a smooth functioning and reliable configurations which make it a model not to miss out on.

Best Leather Cases For iPhone XS Max

Best Leather Cases for iPhone XS Max

Expectedly, iPhone Max costs a bomb and protection is something the buyer will surely invest in. And a classy phone like this deserves to be adorned with leather.

After all, we all are fond of the stylish yet royal patina it offers in the long run. We have compiled an exclusive list of some best Leather Cases for iPhone XS Max, check it out.

LOHASIC iPhone XS Max Leather Cover

LOHASIC Leather Case For iPhone XS MaxThe simple yet elegant and classy cover is made from soft PU leather which houses your iPhone perfectly without any hassle.

This is one of the thin leather cases which will not add too much bulk to your phone. A good combination of PU leather and TPU gives a complete flexibility and strength to this case.

It is non-slip, ultra-thin and gives an easy access to the ports. In addition, it gives a 360-degree protection to your phone via the edged round covers.

Considering it is a thin leather case, you will not have any issue in Wireless Charging. This vintage beauty is definitely not a miss!

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Apple Leather Thin Cases for iPhone XS Max

Apple Leather Case For iPhone XS MaxIf you are a fan of thin cases, you would love this case by Apple. It adds a good mix of leather feel and a thin structure to protect your iPhone XS Max.

The case comes in eight different colors which can complement the color of your iPhone. The leather will grow natural patina with time and will give a nice look to your phone.

The buttons are covered under steel finish cover which will give an elegant look to the case. This is one of the sturdy cases which you can buy for your iPhone XS Max.

This is also compatible with Wireless Charging, so you can use your wireless chargers without any issues. So go ahead and buy one of the Apple-provided cases with good life and durability for your iPhone XS Max.

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ProCase Wallet Case for iPhone XS Max

ProCase Genuine Leather Wallet CaseThis case is designed for the people who use their credit or debit cards on the go. It has two hidden card slots at the back of the cover to store your cards.

The case is made from PU leather and has a TPU framework to avoid your phone from any kind of damage. It is secure due to its strong magnetic lock which keeps your phone safe at all times.

The case has a built-in kickstand which will be useful while on the move. You can easily watch your media or videos with the help of this.

It also allows you to store two credit card and some money along with your phone. Another good thing which helps you leave your wallet behind while going for a quick shopping.

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NOMAD Rugged Tri-Folio Case for iPhone XS Max

NOMAD Tri-Folio Case For iPhone XS MaxIf you want to remove your wallet altogether and only want to carry your phone, this case is for you. This is one of the very few triple fold cases for iPhone.

Triple fold means you have much more space to store cards and money along with the phone. You can carry up to 4 credit or debit cards along with 2 slots for storing money.

Even after triple fold, you can still use your wireless chargers with the case. The case is built with pure leather which will gain elegant marks with time and give a distinct look to your phone.

Considering that it covers your phone completely and has a rugged design by NOMAD, it can protect your phone from up to 6-foot drops. So go ahead and buy one of the best leather wallet case for your new phone.

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OtterBox STRADA Series Leather Folio Case

Otterbox Symmetry Leather Folio CaseIf you are looking for Leather Folio which can protect your phone from any kind of damages, check the OtterBox STRADA series. It is one of the best-rugged leather folio cases for your iPhone XS Max.

It comes with 1 vertical card slot which can help you carry a debit or credit card. This case is towards a thin profile so you won’t get much space for anything else.

You can buy this case in 3 different color combination but my preferred combination is Dark Brown color. It shows the leather style in its full glory.

Like any other OtterBox case, this has been tested for drop protection and comes with limited lifetime warranty. The only drawback of this case is that it does not have build in kickstand and price. The quality of the case makes up for the price and you will not have any complaints about the durability of the case.

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Salawat iPhone XS Max Leather Case

Salawat iPhone XS Max Leather CaseThis is another one of the slim back cases with leather finish and soft TPU bumper. Available in three different colors, this case comes with a thin profile.

The leather gives a nice finish look and the case fits your iPhone without any worry. It is made from environment-friendly PU leather and is durable, sleek and comfortable in your purse as well as your pockets.

The inner is made of hard polycarbonate material with the soft leather outer shell. This will make sure that your phone is protected while you get a leather touch feeling.

The side has a layered hole where you can hang any accessories to add to the looks of the case. If you have a thing for pendants or slings attached to your phone, this case is for you.

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GazelleLeather Wallet Folio Case

GazelleLeather Wallet Folio Case for iPhone XS MaxThis is one of the cases which you can use as a thin case or wallet folio based on the occasion. It comes with a magnetic folio case over a thin leather back case.

So you can easily use it as a normal case with the slim leather back case and when you want a wallet, just stick it on to the folio. This is one of the rare dual function phone case which comes in 6 different colors.

It is compatible with wireless charging but you need to use the slim leather back case. You also get 4 card slots and a money pocket inside. Because the slim case is with magnets, you can even stick it on the metal surfaces across your house.

The high-quality leather is weather resistant and does not wear out with time. It has precise cuts which give you an easy access to your iPhone buttons.

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So these are some of the best leather cases for your new iPhone XS Max which you can buy from the market. Which one are you planning to buy?

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